Food Network Eggs, Part Deux

Yesterday, my April 2012 issue of Food Network magazine came in. It was the classic Easter/Passover issue, with a few other recipes thrown in for good measure. The funny thing was, I opened up the magazine and what do you think I found? It was Alton Brown’s, not Ree Drummond( aka Pioneer Woman) egg recipes! The picture I took was of the Over-Easy eggs, because not even Alton Brown chose to show you how to ladle oil over the yolks of a sunny-side up egg. His recipes included over easy, scrambled, omelette and poached. It was a pleasure to see a minimal amount of oil, if any, being used. I am sorry, but as a non-stick girl, somehow using a 1/4 inch oil in a pan for a sunny-side up eggs is just a little too much….the saqa continues…



For Jimmy, where ever I can find him…

..just a parody on an old Simon and Garfunkel song.

We were coming back from Undisclosed location yesterday, with its’ clean air and bright sky, and with daylight savings time, we were coming up in the light.

We came to the Walt Whitman Bridge and Jim was egging me on,” Take a picture, take a picture…you can do a blog on it.” I said ” Why?”

As a lifelong resident of the city, I think Jim is constantly amused when I call “Undisclosed Location” home. He’ll say we’re going home~I say to him we ARE home. Call me disenchanted with a city that I used to love to be in, with the taxes and violence and general indifference to its’ citizens,but I will happily be a woman without a country until I get established in “Undisclosed” on a full-time basis. I hear the mayor talk to city council, and having the job that I do, seeing the paperwork that gets generated by the political dance that is done, I just shudder.The end result will end up in another end result because they won’t be happy with the first end result.Not that I am  not thankful for HAVING a job, but sometimes you just get tired of watching politicians dance.


Food network’s Pioneer Woman

Yesterday morning I caught the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching : she was making sunny side up eggs. It wasn’t so much what she was making but HOW she made them. She had them in a cast iron skillet with a quarter inch of canola oil! She kept spooning it over the egg white to cook it. I was like , ooh, oil on an egg? Now I will be the first to admit sunny side eggs aren’t my favorite, but there’s something about OIL on an egg….


A drama-less life

This week has been chock full of drama on the job. **. Shaking my head in amazement**…

It was enough to have me take a precious vacation day, kick back with my girls, forget about slackers and the office, and get ready for the “Undisclosed location.” Hopefully Jim will be feeling a little better, and I will get some walking in with friends and the girls.

Have a nice weekend!


Just one of those days..

…which wasn’t helped by my brother Bob and I going up to Mom’s after work yesterday to start going through some stuff. Past of you just wishes you could blink an eye and it would all be taken care of. Part of you feels like going in and yelling ” Mom, I’m home.” Part of you, after four years, looks for her laying or sitting up in the hospital bed and giving you a little smile or acknowledgement that she knows you are there. And them there’s the part that realizes she is physically gone but she will always be with you.

I don’t know what was more painful: watching her go through that terrible decline over four long years, or the pain that is coming now, that the memories have to surface when you go through belongings.It will be hard on Bob, I know. But as I spent all but the last nine years with Mom on a pretty much daily basis, I’ll be remembering what was worn for senior citizens, what was worn for church, what was worn to hang up clothes on the line…and so on. It’s kind of like you put a band-aid on when you bury a loved one, but then, to handle everything left behind, you have to rip the band-aid off to let the wound heal,

It just sucks. I hope to get down to Undisclosed with Jim and the girls this weekend, and catch a sunset as pictured above, and hopefully, the sting of going through Mom’s belongings won’t be so painful.


Green Acres

Please forgive the lousy shot that you above, as I took it with my Iphone and the devil dog,Kasia, pulling on the leash at the same time.

It’s a chicken and a rooster

Yup, you read right: a chicken and a rooster, albeit behind a Rubbermaid fence.

Our house is right next to the Wissahickon Valley, and one of our neighbors with a large single property has taken it on himself to have a few chickens and roosters, and he lets them roam free. He says he “loves the fresh eggs in the morning.” Uh, ok. Now, our house is not in the immediate vicinity of this guy’s house, so I don’t know about the noise or smell issue, but I know when I see them out, they are quiet. I should say, when the dogs see them out, because all of a sudden the leash tightens, Kasia pulls, and Zush just says it’s just the birds. I laughed as I walked my nephew Greg up to his house the other day, because I remember a time when I first discovered that the chickens lived in the neighborhood, and would walk across the road into the Wissahickon valley. It seems that either time, the neighbor, or something/one else would occasionally subtract a chicken from the bunch.

By the way, what would you call it? A flock of chickens, a herd of chickens?

Some people would call it one thing……. DINNER!

Do I LOOK like your mother? Seriously?…

I have had the good fortune to be employed steadily since I was 22. That makes me have 30 years under my belt of office work.

In this latest address of our office, we have two “kitchenettes”, where there are sinks and refrigerators to keep your lunch in, you know, and so on.

When I came in this morning to put my lunch away, the picture below is an accurate shot of what I stumbled across.


It’s a sink that is NOT at someone’s home, and yet there are dishes that have been sitting there soaking for a bit. Maybe they are waiting for their Mom or sister or better half to come in and wash them? There are close to 200 people in this office and they may think someone might have pity on them and WASH their dishes.


**holding my breath in anticipation**