Happy Birthday, Titanium Style!

 It was one year ago, on the 18th of March, that I had my two knees taken apart, and two new titanium knees put in their place.

It has been a long haul… LONG, long haul..I did my PT post-op , and  I can do steps , but not quite well enough to make me happy. I know it takes time, but you wish you can walk, er, should I say, ambulate, as a “regular” person. I can bend my knees and often do my exercises to keep them a little limber, but sometimes, you think it would be nice just to be able to jump out of a car. I am just biding my time, trying to get the weight down, and make the knees work.

It was hysterical to look at the picture that I have added to this post one year post-op. I remember the relief at actually having my knees done. The mere fact that when I’d be standing up, I would no longer hear the crunch crunch of bone on bone when I would walk-that was a thought that made my day. The bow-legged stance that I had adapted along the way would be a thing of the past, and I was so happy to say good-bye to it. My youngest dog daughter, Kasia, NEVER had a real walk with me. New knees would allow me to finally get her out with Zush on a real walk. Zush, who suffered with me as my knees went downhill, would be walking full-steam with me again. As my nephew Greg would say, “It’s a win-win” situation.

Thank you to all who have helped me, prayed for me, supported me and stayed by me during this year. I have another 29 years to go on the warranty, according to Dr. Bartolozzi…..here’ hoping!

 An actual post op shot of one of the two knees the hours after surgery.


Food network gets me….

The Food network has me scratching my head again and wonder…

Specifically, Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman, follows up her spooning of oil on egg white in the sunny-side up egg episode, with making a red velvet cake, with two other dishes for a church potluck dinner. She lets you know she got the traditional red velvet icing from a reader, and that is not the cream cheese frosting. I mean, why not delve a little deeper DURING the show? Not everyone has a working printer,or accessibility to a computer, or funds for your cookbook ….

“Just saying…”


Getting out of Dodge

The girls and I patiently are waiting for Daddy to get home. It has been a long week, and we all are in need of our good neighbors and the comfort of the Undisclosed location. The girls know that there’s a lot of walking coming, and I am getting set for St. Patricks’ day. Now if only Jim can relax, it’ ll all be good.

Have a good weekend!


Falling apart

By looking at the picture, you wouldn’t know that Jim is falling apart.He was trying to look pleasant for the camera.

His health is suffering, the shingle nerve pain is getting to him, he isn’t sleeping well at all:how he is actually functioning on 2 feet is beyond me. I try to tell him stress aggravates shingles, yet he continues daily life as best as he can.

Keep us all, but especially Jim in your prayers or whatever-we need all the good vibes we can get. Thanks, friends!

Thanks to the Travelocity Gnome….


…I have become a “fan” of them. I never thought that I was the type of person to get into them, yet once the Travelocity gnome was introduced in ads, well, every time I saw a gnome statue I would think of their commercials and think, yeah, a gnome for me.

The ones pictured in this post aren’t mine, but my friend Vida’s…she has these in front of her Mom’s house. Thanks to my friend, Rita, I have two Phillie gnomes, one of which is at our house, and one down at “Undisclosed”. I also have a gnome riding a turtle, in homage to Jim and Kathy’s love for turtles, and one with a pitchfork, as I love to garden. I know, there’s a point of being too much, but I think with the 5 or so I have now I am doing good.

Now if I just can get me a mirrored reflection ball……..LOL







Food Network Eggs, Part Deux

Yesterday, my April 2012 issue of Food Network magazine came in. It was the classic Easter/Passover issue, with a few other recipes thrown in for good measure. The funny thing was, I opened up the magazine and what do you think I found? It was Alton Brown’s, not Ree Drummond( aka Pioneer Woman) egg recipes! The picture I took was of the Over-Easy eggs, because not even Alton Brown chose to show you how to ladle oil over the yolks of a sunny-side up egg. His recipes included over easy, scrambled, omelette and poached. It was a pleasure to see a minimal amount of oil, if any, being used. I am sorry, but as a non-stick girl, somehow using a 1/4 inch oil in a pan for a sunny-side up eggs is just a little too much….the saqa continues…


For Jimmy, where ever I can find him…

..just a parody on an old Simon and Garfunkel song.

We were coming back from Undisclosed location yesterday, with its’ clean air and bright sky, and with daylight savings time, we were coming up in the light.

We came to the Walt Whitman Bridge and Jim was egging me on,” Take a picture, take a picture…you can do a blog on it.” I said ” Why?”

As a lifelong resident of the city, I think Jim is constantly amused when I call “Undisclosed Location” home. He’ll say we’re going home~I say to him we ARE home. Call me disenchanted with a city that I used to love to be in, with the taxes and violence and general indifference to its’ citizens,but I will happily be a woman without a country until I get established in “Undisclosed” on a full-time basis. I hear the mayor talk to city council, and having the job that I do, seeing the paperwork that gets generated by the political dance that is done, I just shudder.The end result will end up in another end result because they won’t be happy with the first end result.Not that I am  not thankful for HAVING a job, but sometimes you just get tired of watching politicians dance.