Bye Jamie!

One of my fondest childhood memories was my Dad and I going to Veterans’ Stadium in Philadelphia, and catching Philadelphia Phillies baseball games.

One pitcher I admired back then was Jim Lonburg, who was known as Gentleman Jim. Not very noisy, as some players are today with regard to the press. He got up there and did his job.

Another pitcher I admired on the 2008 team was Jamie Moyer- I often made the parallel of him with Jim Lonborg. A lot was made of Moyer’s age, but he certainly was on the mound against the Florida Marlins a lot- the Phillies referred to him as the fish whisperer.

Hard times hit Jamie-he had Tommy John surgery last year, and today it broke that the Colorado Rockies offered him a minor league contract.

I’ll miss you Jamie. You were my#50, and no one will ever take your spot, in my eyes.


Pretty Girl

The cold weather has been wrecking havoc with Zush and Kasia- their coats have been awfully dry-especially Zushers.

I had won a 50/50 so I treated Zush to what they call” a spa day”, or what I call a shampoo.They washed and conditioned her coat and actually massaged her coat with coconut oil. Kasia was spoiled before: her bath was a lavender one.

The shot is of Fluffernutter Zush… Clean, smelling pretty & content !


Cold and clear


I posted this winter shot of the Cape May Lighthouse, because it reflects a cold, crispness in the year, and also what’s going on

We are waiting on a week of medicine to determine if, indeed, her kidneys are shutting down. If there is no change in her urine output,then we have verification,as cold and clear as winter air, that we are starting Mom’s final chapter.

There are a lot of things going on,and to me, somehow, in this time of year,things are clearly out there in the cold world…no leaves on trees to distort your picture.

It is what it is.

Sock monkey-Part Deux

It was so funny.

This morning, after the morning walk,we came back in and had a family pass with Sock Monkey. Dad, Mom,Kasia,and Zush.

I really appreciated having my knees done, because Jim and I are the defense and Kasia runs like the wind.Nice to be able to bob and weave for the little girl to have a challenge.

Yay for sock monkey: even Zush is worn out!!!!20120114-104259.jpg

Sock Monkey



Here is a picture of my “good” girl, Zush, with Kasia’s sock monkey toy hanging in her collar.**thanks, Mom, for another humiliating picture..woof!**

My buddy Debbie Zinar was talking up sock monkeys before Christmas and when I saw one in a dog size, I got it for Kasia. She absolutely adores it, and it is good from the extent that Jim and I can throw it around the house without actually breaking anything.Once in a while, Zush gets the kind of bemused, yeah, go ahead, I don’t WANT it look but I have seen her sneak over to it-it’s so cute. It makes me appreciate having the knees done, because when Kasia and I play sock monkey in the house, I can actually chase her around the table and you can see the puppy in her scheming..too cute!

  Here is the Devil Dog, aka, Kasia girl resting, getting ready to dream of her sock monkey!


I wouldn’t trade either girl or sock monkey for ANYTHING!

And now for something completely different…


My godson, Frank and his sister Molly gave me a page a day Phillies calendar. Wonderful gift .I love it and turn the page religiously.

I came into work this morning for the trivia question of which Phillies pitcher is nicknamed Mad Dog?


The one that just signed a couple something million dollar contract with the Cincinnati Reds, of course, …Ryan Madson.

Timing is everything, eh?



My pal Mr. Moon


Taking comfort where ever I can get it from, I met up with my old pal, Mr. Moon, this morning, as I walked up to the SEPTA bus from Mom’s.

I thought about something that is always there, in one way, shape or form. I thought about when my Philadelphia nephews were small, and it would be told to them by my brother, Bob, that the last quarter moon was the north wind’s cookie. The full moon was the cookie, and as the lunar cycle went on, it was the north wind taking bites of the cookie. It warmed me momentarily to go mentally back to that simple time.

The Creator sure knows what he’s doing, doesn’t he?