QV- wait-and- C

I live within striking distance of the QVC mothership in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

I ordered the item pictured below back on Valentines’ Day.  I am a December birthday and absolutely adore my natural birthstone, which is turquoise. Green turquoise, blue turquoise.. I am a big blue-green gal.

Every time I order from QVC, I usually get something within 2-3 days. and that is stretching it. Usually I get it within 2 days. So when QVC promised delivery for February 22, I thought,” Oh, ok, no mail on President’s day so probably I’ll get it Tuesday.”…no…Wednesday…no….

I know, I know…when you really want something that you have ordered, it can’t come quick enough. Funny, though,that basic items, such as Denim and company, or Clarks’ shoes, come within two days. I mean, all of a sudden you would think I live in Alaska or something. But what’s funny is I really liked it, but then I was reading about it, and am anxious to see the quality of it. I have heard some people were less than happy with it, so it’s like, to return it? keep it?…

Like I said…

QV-wait and C


This Year”s Ash Wednesday birthday ? ZUSH!

It’s Ash Wednesday today, and as one of my co-workers wrote, giving stuff up for Lent to give you permission to act like a sphincter for the rest of the year.( roughly paraphrased)

I was thinking about that. Yes, I am Catholic, born and bred, but while thinking about what my buddy Anna said, I realized how true it is. I am not talking about people of other faiths, mind you, but people who I have known for 28+ years. Yes, I know I will go for ashes today, and like to think I am not THAT bad of a person BUT I know things I do the rest of the year, well, in retrospect, it’s like why bother with the ashes? I know a co-worker who religously gives up sweets for Lent. Well, not me. This year I am going to just try to start from within to try to clean up my act, and if I manage to find some happiness there, then I’ll try to pay it forward.

On a lighter note…

My Zush was born 11 years ago today.

We got her at six months and “my little human in a fur suit” has been the light of my life from day one.

Sto Lat, Zush!! ( that’s may you live 100 years in Polish)

Red Eye Special

Jim was convinced that he was tired enough to sleep last night, and he would have if the scratching from the shingles would have let him Fortunately, as we were at “Undisclosed location”, there is a second bedroom, complete with bed, so I managed, much to Jim’s chagrin, to get cozy and catch a couple straight hours sleep If that’s wasn’t happening, there’d be hell to pay!

We got up at 3 am and managed to finish packing to come up What I find so amusing is that neither of us wanted to come back up to the city-usually it’s me, but this time it was the both of us, oh,yes, and the girls included, as Kasia can run outside and get her ya-ya’s out, and Zush just loves the water.

Either way..we’re back!

Day off for us both

We are wrapping up a wonderful stretch of time here @Undisclosed, and hate to leave.

Jim had the morning off from his deli job, so with the rest of the day? It was awesome!

Pups were always walking, and I managed two days walking 4.2 miles a day with my neighbor friends. We saw friends and tried to relax and just hoped Jim’s pain gets better.

Hate to leave- can’t wait to be here full time!


Apple addict

My Jim accused me of being an addict this morning-an Apple addict,

I used to use a HP laptop, but was so frustrated by all the anti-virus stuff and basically was up to my window panes dealing with the Windows OS. Jim bought me an power Mac book for this birthday that passed. Using it for work and writing, it is a wonderful experience after dealing with Norton and the like. The IPhone, which I got to help me back in caregiving days, has been a Godsend. Back in the day, it saved my sanity many a night. After being a Droid user for a bit, I happily embraced the IPhone.

So yes, Jim, I do love my Apple phone & laptop… But love you above all!


If only

The increase of Jim’s medicine has not really kicked in yet. My morning was partially occupied with washing a load of towels, as hot showers seem to be the only relief he gets.

He did help me as I made chocolate covered pretzels this afternoon. I went with my buddies on our 4.2 mile walk this morning, and the girls are worn out from the walking we have done so far.

Now, if only Jim felt better…..


Greetings from an Undisclosed Location…

..Where, for the first time since Mom has left us, we’ll be down here for a three-day weekend.

It’s an odd feeling, knowing that we don’t have to rush back for the city on Sunday night, in anticipation of Monday. Don’t worry: there is plenty of sleep to catch up on, walking for the girls, wash to do, yarn to knit, and my walk with my neighbors to the ferry in back. There is actually anticipation of a snowfall on Sunday, which took me by surprise, as I saw the weather saying we were only due rain here at ” Undisclosed.” It just makes things interesting.

Here’s hoping you are lucky enough to have a three-day weekend and no matter what, you enjoy each day to the fullest.