The Iggles

…is how we in Eastern Pennsylvania call our football team, the Philadelphia

We came up early from the campground and oh my goodness what a game! It was as
if someone kidnapped the existing team and placed a different one in its’

The last few weeks the team has not been scoring, really. The old coach is
coaching Kansas City and is Undefeated. How bittersweet is that? Well,
yesterday’s game helped take a little of that away…



Work is never done…

Sunday morning at the ” Campground”,and we have plenty to do.

Jim is out taking the trash to the recycle yard. Once he comes back with
the rake, I get to go raking leaves, as we are fortunate enough to have
the township collect them curbside.We need a few walk-throughs in the
new house and walks with the girls.

It’ll be a busy Sunday. Enjoy yours!

It’s an Omen…..

We picked out colors for the house.

A plum color for the bathrooms, a green/tan mix( hard to actually describe)
for the guest bedrooms, a teal for our bedroom, and….golden retriever
for the kitchen and rest of the house.

We had rich colors in our last home; it was a Victorian and the colors
suited it. This being our, hopefully, last, easy house, well, we felt
the gold was a warm color to welcome folks in and keep our earthy colors.

Plus, the fact that it was “golden retriever”, well…it had me agreeing
with it-no problem!

November is here…

…and the weather outside, color on leaves not withstanding, is more reminiscent of

Go figure!

A busy morning on tap for us gals, both my four=legged and me, so we can do our
household chores and go down to Undisclosed Location II with Jim.

Uh, let me rephrase that…

We’ll, no doubt, spend time in the tile store, major box hardware stores, in’
addition to trying to kick back and relax over the weekend. We’ll see how
far things have hopefully progressed and what decisions need to be finalized
and put to bed.Jim,from the beginning, has said, once we make the decision
on x, y, or z, we have made it and that’s that.I have to keep that in my
mind constantly because it has been a seemingly long process.

Enjoy your Friday!

Exercise class

Every journey begins with a single step.

My friend, Kathy, talked me into going to Exercise class- my first in a long time.
It was wonderful! The personalities were great, the exercises got the blood moving and
I actually got up this morning with minimal discomfort.

I am going to make the committment to go and get back on track,for I feel with the
juicing and walking and the class, I am going to do and feel better!


Jim made juice from the power bullet last night and we had them for
dinner..they actually were rather tasty and pleasant.

We had enough that I brought one into work today for breakfast and guess
what?The kale,cucumber,carrot and apples make a great combination and
I really even don’t have the urge to go to the Keurig and make a tea.

We need to get back to where we were before the move, when we were
actively juicing. It made me feel more energetic,calmer, and my stomach
handled it well.It is hard because when everything is rush and you
are stressed, it’s the last thing you are looking for.

All I have to say is that it’s worth it!

Water, water…

if only electric would join the party.

Our neighbor from Undisclosed called to let us know they connected our water
to the house, and that the hardwood floor was being delivered today. If you
know anything about hardwood, it needs to get acclimated to a warm house before
it can get put down.Now if only the HVAC folks would join in.

Will keep you posted, that is if I have any mind left from dealing
with this….lol