I’ve had a lot of loss in my life, as I am sure most people do.
Maybe less than some, or more than others, I don’t know.
That’s how I have been feeling with moving like a nomad from
tent to tent.

The house I grew up in ended up sinking when an uncapped water
main,due to a strike, washed away the foundation.From what my parents
and I had experienced, I always said it took 10 years off all our lives.

So I had to move.

I moved on my own for four years, since I never had the dorm experience
my brothers had.My parents were dismayed, but I told them,er, promised
them when one of them got sick, I’d move back to take care of them.

My father got sick.

Dad passed away and I lived there taking care of Mom until I got
married in 2002.

I married Jim and we moved into a three-story Victorian house on the
edge of Fairmount Park.We were surrounded by trees on our walkway,
and Jim planted his trees over the years.

The house was sold a month ago.

Jim told me yesterday that they took a good deal of the trees in
the front of the house away.It was like someone stuck a knife in my heart,
because it will always be MY/OUR house, I know, I know-new folks
tweak the house the way they like it. It still hurts.

In the meantime, we are camping out in my parents deteriorating house,
which is owned by me and my 2 brothers.So we are living in one floor.
It’s the house that I saw both my parents pass away in.

Loss, again…..**sigh**

Sometimes I really hate my life.I just wish there’d be a gain in it
once in a while.




I ** heart** sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, but 6 hours is pretty good for me. I remember a time where I was a bear without 8.

It’s all about change, I guess- change and age.

Sure, babies are celebrated when they sleep through the night. Kids want to stay up all night on weekends and summer, but give them a school morning and most of them need a front loader to pick them out of bed and get their day started.

As the ” clubbing” years arrive, I have witnessed many people dragging themselves in on zero-2 hours sleep and try to convince folks they are great!

At my age, I am glad 5 hour energy is only a commercial to me, not a diet staple. Medications**legal prescription ones,’natch**also add to sack time. Then there are those of us who have to get up through the night, through one reason or another,and upon returning to bed, try to coax ourselves back to sleep.

I am not a fan of heat. The only **good** thing, IMHO , is that it wears on you and wipes you out, thus handing you sleep on a platter…lol…I am not proud: I’ll take comfort any way I can get it.

Here’s hoping you got a good night’s rest and have a good day.


That’s enough heat

We all are coming back up to the city, and we are listening to the baseball game.

The announcer is talking about heat:: don’t think too many people sitting in stadium open seats need to hear about it. Nor do they want to heat about heat index…I mean why and insult to injury?
The announcer,who is probably in an air conditioned booth, remarked about all the fans have to do is sit in their seats to sweat.

I am sure in the old days, pre-pollution, the heat was hot but not this lousy heat we get today.



Whale of a day

Our town at undisclosed location was founded in 1680 as a whaling village .
Traditionally they celebrate their history with a street festival they call Whale of a Day. It is traditionally celebrated the Saturday after the Fourth of July.

Jim and I cranked up the air and left the fur girls in it while we walked down to take in the street fair. The heat was tremendous, but we had lunch and listened to a couple local musicians perform. As we walked back, you could only fry in the heat, and savor the air conditioning you went back to.

How sad. It makes me wonder how man screwed up the atmosphere to have such heat. Then again, I am always one who wondered whatever happened to spring.

Screen house night two…

Well, here we are tonight, out in the screen house.

If you look at the picture of the Zush, she accurately reflects the amount of sweat we are dealing with. Kasia is outside the screen house, guarding us or protesting about or sweat- take your pick.

The humidity has returned with a vengeance and weather is threatening to go to three digits. Thus, we are out here letting the compressor rest while we listen to the Phillies on the transistor radio.I am reading, too, to try to take advantage of twilight. All is quiet right now at Undisclosed location.

Here’s hoping your Saturday night is a wee bit cooler.


Quality, not…

To continue with Daniel & Rebecca Boone, we bought a screen house.

We wasted $69 buying a Northwest Territory Brand house. It had a margin for ” mosquito protection”…uh, sure.

Granted, it was an accomplishment for Jim to get it together with my help. The fur girls are wondering what’s going on.

As Jim said, if only they did it right and made it so the net meet the ground, but I guess that was too much to hope for.

We are finished. Jim rigged it so we might have it actually with some support..

Daniel Boone would be proud- not of the craftsmanship but of the labor put into it.


Daniel Boone et al

So I mentioned that a new Undisclosed location is going to be put up soon?
Did I mention they have to shut utilities off in order to get rid of this house? Oh,and did I mention this is one of the rare times we both have 5 days off together ?

Hello Daniel and Rebecca Boone!

No, it’s not exactly that rough, but it truly lives up to the old chestnut about appreciating something /someone when it’s gone…in this case, electricity.

We aren’t really roughing it, after all, Zush is 12 and sweating isn’t my forte’ either, so we got a generator. We figured that eventually living down here, in the land of Nor’easters , tropical storms, and hurricanes, it’ll be of some use.

In the meantime, we are all squeezed into a little cottage; Zusher, Kasia, Jim and myself.

Ah, togetherness!

Happy Fourth of July!