Library Anyone?

We have been out of the city for 3 1/2 years. One thing I really missed from the old house were the bookshelves. I love to read, and yes, I have books on tape, Kindle, and all that jazz. At heart, though, I am a physical book girl. Books on subjects I like I prefer for them to be tangible.

So whenever we’d see a garage sale or estate sale, I kind of weighed in if I felt like looking for one. Jim would say to get a new one for the wall. I didn’t care for that idea either.

We went to breakfast this morning and coming out I saw a sign for an estate sale. Hmmm.

Meet my new baby. A maple Ethan Allen bookcase. My books now have a home, and for a mere $25, got solid maple to boot. My thanks to Jim for his help with getting this in the car and house, and coming up with the idea of putting it on a slant.

Looks right at home.



My mom always felt that Dr.Zhivago was her favorite movie. As I watch this now, as it is being shown on local Public Television, I can only wonder if she swept over the darker parts of the film and loved the romance.

For a film with rape, and the Russian revolution as a backdrop,crooked politicians, and the hardship of war, I guess it is rose colored glasses that let the prospect of love sneak through.

Of course, an all star cast of Sir Alec Guiness, Omar Shariff, Julie Christie, Rod Steiger, Geraldine Chaplin, just to name a few, definitely hold your interest. Oh wait, as a former history major, the historical background and the various relationships in the plot kept my interest.

It’s just hard putting my mind in my Mom’s place, and seeing only the romance. Funny what the passage of years does to your memory of a movie.

Anyhow Mom, this one is for you!💜I miss you!


We are back to medical land today because I felt like beating my self over the head.

Why not.

I left one dermatologist office and followed my favorite physician assistant to his new job two miles away.

Little did I know that regulation steps in and ,for now, I can only see the physician in the practice because, surprise! The physician assistant MAY be taking my insurance by the end of the year. Happy birthday to me, huh?

Another two hours I had absolutely NOTHING (not) to do with. How anyone over 80 deals with this is beyond me. Kasia, in the meanwhile, can think of a thousand things to do.

Looking for a Decent Movie? Try CHEF!

Found one!

Obviously not box office gold, I am watching it on Showtime.

If you had any food preparation background, fancied yourself a pretty decent chef thanks to Food Network, or just like to eat, well, you’ll like this movie.

Starring Jon Favreau, Scarlett Johansson, Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt and Sofia Vergara, John Leguizamo among others, “Chef” is a good family ( kind of) movie. It gives you food for thought.

The only problem with this film? The whole thing made me hungry.😁

Do yourself a favor: don’t miss this wherever you can catch it. It was awesome !

Feeling It

My neighbor is 96 years old, and pretty much blind due to macular degeneration. He still goes and gets shots for it, and sits on top of the television to see Eagles and Phillies games, so maybe partially blind is a better term.

Anyway, when I am home I usually get their mail for them and walk it across the street. Today, he asked me, since it is just you and me, why don’t you tell me what’s going on. He told me the last few times I had been over, I sound like I have a lot going on.

Incredible, is what I thought. No one else would listen to my voice to hear my angst. I had a good talk with him, and came back home with some sage advice. I can only hope I am wise enough to follow it.

Goodbye September

As I was getting ready to write this entry, PBS was playing a documentary-fundraiser featuring Lucianno Pavarotti. Talk about taking your mind into a mellow spot.

With this in mind, here are some of my favorite pictures from September, especially featuring my Gerber daisies ,Kasia and Pumpkins- not necessarily in that order. Again, I’d like to thank one of my BFF’s Denise for making me love the Gerber, and my buddy Isa’s dad, George, for all his sage advice in keeping them blooming.