Sock Monkey



Here is a picture of my “good” girl, Zush, with Kasia’s sock monkey toy hanging in her collar.**thanks, Mom, for another humiliating picture..woof!**

My buddy Debbie Zinar was talking up sock monkeys before Christmas and when I saw one in a dog size, I got it for Kasia. She absolutely adores it, and it is good from the extent that Jim and I can throw it around the house without actually breaking anything.Once in a while, Zush gets the kind of bemused, yeah, go ahead, I don’t WANT it look but I have seen her sneak over to it-it’s so cute. It makes me appreciate having the knees done, because when Kasia and I play sock monkey in the house, I can actually chase her around the table and you can see the puppy in her scheming..too cute!

  Here is the Devil Dog, aka, Kasia girl resting, getting ready to dream of her sock monkey!


I wouldn’t trade either girl or sock monkey for ANYTHING!

The Devil Dog Saga continues…


This is my Devil dog, aka Kasia. (That’s Polish for Catherine)

You see in the picture she’s sitting in a dog bed. No, it’s not hers. It belongs to the twelve-year-old golden retriever we stayed with, whose name is Brinley. Truth be told, Brinley occasionally gets a chance to stay in her bed: her papillion sister and live in cat brother spend a lot of time there.

What’s funny is that Kasia and Zush HAVE no beds. They normally sleep with us in the bedroom, but I have a flat berber-type bed that is supposed to be for Zush; nine out of ten times, Kasia gets there first. So I compensate and make them soft beds out of afghan and blankets. After seeing Kasia in this bed though, and I mean she seemed to snuggle in there a lot, I’m thinking that maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get the girl a bed. I know Murphy’s law then will be, if you buy it, she won’t come in it…

Stay tuned.

Hiking Boys and their fur children

The picture is of my Jim and our friend Tim- we were hiking at Boiling Springs, PA and the boys , along with our Zusher, age 10 and their Brinley, age 12, took a breather.

We are back after spending New Years with our friends in Carlisle,PA. Juls and Tim live on, what Jim and I affectionately call, March Mountain. Outside of a spectacular house and beautiful grounds, it was so heartwarming to see the pups having a wonderful time. Our Kasia girl was running with their papillion, Lily and smiling all the time. Their grounds are so expansive that the girls could just run and run without stopping. They were wiped out at night, so that was a good thing.

Now we’re back to reality, with my keurig just chugging along trying to keep me awake.

This will be a rough one: I’d sooner be home under the blankets…lol

Pawprints on my heart


My fur girls are my oxygen.

We finished Christmas shopping and went to walk the girls on Cape May Beach. It was right at the cusp where high tide switches over to low: there were a ton of shells left at the shore line, and between the baby, Kasia, running like a lunatic, and my Zosia staying by Mom while I scavenged for shells, it was the best head clearing time I have had in a long time. Although I have never given birth to kids, these fur babies give me so much love. It is hysterical to watch them run all about, and then, later, tell them to run to their Daddy(Jim), and there they went, speeding like lunatics.

It has been a wonderful birthday weekend so far, much in part to the girls and to Jim.

Love them all to pieces!

Devil Dog not made by Drake’s



Here is my “devil dog”, and I don’t mean the one from Drake’s cakes…this is my Kasia.

Kasia is a golden retriever/collie/chow mix. She’s a little over two years old and has been a member of our family since February 2010. It has been incredible to see her as she matures. Somehow, still the puppy in her remains, but she is accompanying her sister Zosia as one of our two humans in fur suits. When she wants your attention, she stands on her back two legs and taps you on the shoulder with her paw. Yet, for such a sweet girl, she still is pretty skittish around little children-they scare her a little yet. She has the job, or, rather, the chow in her has the job of being our alarm dog.We never had a barking girl-Zush was pretty much a devil-may-care type of gal. Once her sister came around, now we have barking in stereo.She will bark to keep you away from the house, but if you come up to her, she’ll wrap all around whoever has her leash, trying to get away from strangers. I get angry with her because she definitely wants to be the “a” dog, but that is the Zush girl’s title.When I try to get her out to go for a walk, she gets so excited that she’ll literally jump over Zush and try to push her quicker to the gate.

She has her own mind, our Kasia girl. She definitely takes her time to get comfortable with you.Once she does, though, she’s definitely yours for keeps. we are so glad she’d part of the family.




Not cold enough for them yet…

For my girls, Zosia and Kasia, I need it a wee bit colder…to kill the bugs!

A lot of dogs have been suffering because of the rainy August and September and the bugs that just won’t die. We have gone through courses of flea poison( i.e.,Frontline, advantage,etc) courses of steroid for itching, topical sprays to try to make them more comfortable. I even started them both this past week on Benadryl. Zush, as rule, turns puppy in the cooler weather. She is like me,in that we both hate to sweat. Kasia, at two, is still a puppy so it does tickle me to see them both enjoying the cooler weather. Now only if mother nature would cooperate and freeze the damn bugs out, we’d be a happy family!

the Girls- always together!