Missing our Outings

The girls and I are going through withdrawal.


Zush looks over to me and waits for me to say the magic words that aren’t coming. I think she hears it in my voice and figures, well, Mom is resting so I guess I should too. That’s alright.


Kasia is just as content to be in the yard, bark at everyone and every animal passing by and making her own version of snow angels.

Fortunately we are due for a warm up and even rain later this week, so the three of us will be chomping at the bit until we can get back out.

My Girl

Zush is a little over 14 years old.

We had a health scare last summer, so I make a large chunk of her meals with organic vegetables and the like. People, including family members, think it’s extreme. I don’t . I try to take good care of my girls. After all, when the witching hour comes….

She’s the only one with me.