The Beat Goes On…

We are still hanging in here.

Don’t tell anyone, but Kasia and I snuck out for a little walk. I felt bad for her, as she needed a good brushing. We took a short walk. The sunshine was somewhat cool. It still was nice to get fresh air in the lungs. The problem with that, though, is it made me cough more.

I am waiting for another diagnosis, as it seems that like the winter that wouldn’t leave, my hacking wants to plant roots and dig in.

God, I hope not!

Here’s Nurse Kasia ❤️

Lazy Sunday

Our company is gone, and we have a Lazy Sunday.

We have gone out for a few walks, and the rain forecasted for ocean-side translated into heavy drizzle,aka rain, for us.

Now that we are dried up, we are ready for an afternoon siesta.

Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday.