Well, It’s Tuesday…

And this time next week, I’ll be wrapping up a very long and exhausting day as a poll worker for the state of New Jersey.

I know a lot of people who have very strong opinions on this election, and that’s a good thing.Then there are people who I will not name but am ashamed to say aren’t registered to vote.Their excuses are quite feeble, so when they bitch and moan, I tell them, quite frankly, that not voting takes away your privilege to make me listen to the crap you have to say.

Regardless of your party, belief, or whatever, as long as you are registered, go out and vote.It’s your duty as an American and it is your chance to have a say in the system.Then look at the bright side.The next presidential election is only 4 years away!


Life in Amity, er, Mayberry, er…somewhere on the east coast

The pup who was having a hard time with meds and stuff, my Zusher, well…

She got some bones from Utah and I haven’t seen her attack anything with such vigor in a while.
I’m glad she has the vigor.


Up at 4am tomorrow morning for Election Day here in the Garden State.Now, I have to factor in making everyone get their medicine and a quick walk, as they will be with Dad for the bulk of the day. Not quite as easy as the primary elections: I’m due to work the polls in beautiful downtown Cape May, New Jersey, where somehow the phrase “vote early and often” is something I am sure I’ll hear in my head, being a former Philadelphia: obviously that isn’t muttered in Cape May.

Long day tomorrow…here’s hoping the best people win.