Happy St. Valentine’s Day

It’s St. Valentine’s day and I am hoping all of you had a wonderful day and great evening. Kasia and I are here and we are a little tired, as the weather was pretty good today, so we gals did over a mile walking today.

Jim has to work tonight but we will make up St.Valentine’s day on his day off.Technically,though, every day is St.Valentine’s day when you are married.


Valentine’s Week Part Deux

So here is a photo of the Oreo biscotti recipe that I posted in yesterday’s post. I had used regular Oreos, not double stuffed, not funky flavored, just plain regular Oreos.

In comparison to my go to recipe for vanilla biscotti, these came out good. My issue is I like vanilla. My other problem is I don’t go nuts over Oreos, so I had figured the chocolate would have been a nice touch for Valentine’s Day.

If you like Oreos, these are good. Will I make them again?Perhaps if someone asks for them. When I would do this again, I might put a hint of cinnamon or something in to give a little kick.

So here is the end result. Between us and neighbors, they’ll be gone soon.