Greetings from Undisclosed

It’s been a while since I wrote an Undisclosed update.

I think I wrote more about Undisclosed, I think, before I retired, but since I have been down here full-time, I haven’t really thought about it as” Undisclosed”, although it is still that.It’s weird,because it’s home to boot.

We are adjusting to full-time life here, and we are happy.The girls really are happy because, for now, I am here full-time, that is, not working, so they get a ton of attention.Jim likes to tease me about being a happy homemaker,but after 30 years of waiting on cold street corners and windy train platforms to go to town,there are plenty things to keep me happy.

We both are trying to figure out about working.It is weird,because it is something we know that can’t be full-time, because there basically NO full-time positions here.We’ll decide, somewhere along the way, if there is something we can do.As the weather gets warmer, it’s less of a thought because there are things to get done around here, and when it is nice out, who wants to be outside.

Life is good.



Undisclosed West

We decided to stretch the wheels that now reflect our new home state and head westward.We are out visiting our friends Juls and Tim.

When we relocated full-time to Undisclosed, we said good-be to city life, and I have jokingly referred to it as Mayberry, or at least that is how it feels, at times, to me.When we come out here to see our buddies,we are literally on the side of a mountain and an internet signal is indeed a luxury.The view, however, is more than compensating for your struggles.

The snow that wasn’t,last week at Undisclosed, was out here, and below is a shot of our pups enjoying the large front snowed yard.

Life is good.


Melancholy Overload

A buddy of mine had posted a picture on Facebook tonight and it showed a plate of pizzelle cookies and some wine.Gee, I thought, what a good idea, until I remembered that my pizzelle maker is down at Undisclosed.


I think of other things that I could be doing up here, or, over the weekend, reverse it to down there, and whatever I am looking for always seems to be in the opposite place.The girls and I have been doing our walks, and I look around at their favorite routes and wonder to myself if they’ll miss it.


I stop and think about the history of this house that I am in right now, and it is the last place that my entire family was together seventeen years ago. Yes, I know that you take the memories with you but,……


We are going through the holiday season right now and I am trying hard to keep in the spirit. It really isn’t easy, and as my buddies would say, when you are down there full time, things will be good and different and you will feel better.

I like to think that I am ready to move forward into a new chapter of life. I just wish I didn’t feel the need to think I am going to need an ativan chaser for it.

Flip side of the Day

Once again, the morning reminded me why I am retiring.

Suffice it to say I won’t be teary-eyed about leaving the local transportation systems and some of the riders on it.

Coming home was a different story.

While we were down at Undisclosed over the weekend, my neighborhood was busy.Below are a few new shots of Christmas light shots I took while coming home off the bus.



Packing it in without folding up shop

Getting everything together is a job.Anyone who has gone through the process of retirement and moving knows how it goes.You struggle to get things together while life goes on around you.

The problem is getting run down while trying to take the Undisclosed Location down to our new home.Our sleep is off, weather has been all over the board, and in the meanwhile, We are both running a little on the ragged side.It’s rough that our sleep is off and we are worrying about all other stuff, I have come down with classic “falling apart at the seams” health. Jim isn’t quite as sick as me.I am doing but a couple of ailments but the problem is they are all dancing around at the same time.Jim picked up a prescription for me today. Add to the equation that holidays are here.

Hopefully we all will get through this and I am praying next year will be better.

Rolling with the Organics

We got down to Undisclosed and one of the first things that we peeked at was our, er rather, Compostman’s, growth tower.

Thanks to the compost tea and the rain, our beans are really getting their legs, the kale is getting up there, as well as the tomatoes and cucumbers and the rest. Even the little garden box that he made with cucumbers and squash is rolling along.We are pleasantly surprised at what has been accomplished in our little stretch of time.

We are getting hopeful about what will actually become a crop for us this year and what we will learn in time for next year.I think that this is one door that we are both equally glad that we have opened!


Blog #1,000

“I was twenty-one years when I wrote this song.
I’m twenty-two now but I won’t be for long
Time hurries on.
And the leaves that are green turn to brown….”

Paul Simon wrote these lyrics for a Simon and Garfunkel hit circa 1966 called ” Leaves that are Green”.I thought this was an appropriate start for the blog numbered 1,000.

I started this blog in 2011, when I was 51 years old. I was sharing care-giving duties for my Mom with Dementia with my brother.I was married for 9 years back then. I had crappy knees and was waiting to get knee replacements.And yes, I was thinner,

So on the occasion of this blog #1000, so much has changed.

Mom is gone, I am happily married, next month, for 12 years. I have new knees and a belly because emotion still gets the best of me.I am working on that, though, and trying to get things together.

Jim and I have a new home and we’ll be occupying full-time in a few months.I, knock wood, am on the road to retirement.My girls are still with me: Zush is 12 and Kasia is 5. Jim and I are trying to set up housekeeping and farming down here at Undisclosed.The emotions are mixed at folding up our tent and leaving the big city, but more times than not, we are more than ready to leave it behind.

This blog has been therapy for me to vent and also to keep the memories of what has happened, be it good, bad or indifferent. It also has been a way for me to share my stories and experiences with you, dear reader.Thanks for reading and being here for me. I appreciate the fact that you check in with me and the family. For that you have my thanks and a giant hug.


And to quote the tag line from the Beverly Hillbillies…”You all come back now, hear?”


Missing my Pop


Tomorrow will be 16 years without my Pop on father’s day.

Sixteen birthdays, Zush, Kasia, marriage, passing of my mom, graduation of grandsons and Matthias’ wedding…all without Dad. When I got married there are pictures of me crying, and although my brother Bob was loving enough to stand in,there were no bones about it. I missed Pop.

I live to think he is here looking over my shoulder as I type this, and I find special peace in the fact that he would have loved Undisclosed, as he was a navy man and loved the water.

I miss you Daddy, every day, and will love you forever. eggs, bread or milk…

As we were down Undisclosed Deux this weekend, we were trying to unload the storage locker and get stuff out. Food shopping didn’t make the cut.

Last night, as Jim and I lay in bed, we listened to the rain…which became snow and up in the northwestern part of the city was around 6 inches deep.We managed to scrounge stuff for dinner, but I am definitely going to have to bring something home tomorrow for dinner.

Of course snow was melting today and will freeze back up again tonight.

Did I mention there’s an ice storm forecasted for Wednesday?



This is my eight hundredth post.

I can’t believe I have been doing this long.

Today(12/19)is my nephew Gregory’s birthday-he is 24 years old today.
I lost two of my buddies to heaven.
Zush was younger and Kasia was a wee one when I started.
Mom was sick and still around and Bob and I were care-givers.
Jim and I lived in a different house.
I wasn’t this close to finishing out my first career.
Undisclosed location wasn’t even around.

It has been a while, and I need to thank you, my reader.I appreciate the fact you find this blog and open and read it.I am thankful for those of you who like the blog, leave comments, and even express your opinion on the blog.

Here’s to 800 more.

BTW, Happy birthday Gregory. We love you lots!



Every have a weekend where you know work will be quieter than your weekend?

This is that weekend.

We are going down the house to drop things over for workmen so they can install them while they are working.The weather is due to sour on Saturday, which is why we are coming up for Jim’s Christmas party from work Saturday night.Sunday finds us off to Lancaster.


Is it Monday yet? it Friday yet?

As I sit here I can only laugh because I ended up taking tomorrow off.

I am tired of the stuff going on here and figure the time is better spent at home with Jim and the girls. We probably will go down to Undisclosed and give some stuff to the workmen so they can install it.Next to hanging out here, well,let’s just say that hanging out with Jim and the fur girls is always a treat.My age and waning intolerance for bull is making tomorrow off the thing to do.

Yay for old age! LOL


Ah, the noise….

There’s one thing I am quite looking forward to …. a decrease of the noise in my life.

Here in the city, it seems the term “fish mongers wife” never died because that’s all I seem
to be hearing here lately.Doesn’t anyone speak in an inside voice anymore?

I get on public transportation with school teens and my head is splitting before my day starts
and the headache just lingers and lingers.

The only peace my head gets is at Undisclosed location.

It’ll be nice not to where earphones and take medication for headaches and just be able to go out
and sit and listen to nature and the watch the stars.



Indian Summer not for me…I ABHOR IT!

We are down at Undisclosed and the only thing having me feel a little better
was some air conditioning and a quick shower from outside. I had a chance
to clean the campground dirt off me, and I feel like at least $1.25

I would hope that autumn would make up its’ mind and decide to stay!
**fingers crossed***

Have a good weekend!

From one spot to another

Jim keeps reminding me to enjoy what we are going through with Undisclosed Deux,
as we are only going through this once.To me it’s hectic, and of course,
if it isn’t the most busiest of times in the office, well, perhaps I could
appreciate what’s going on at Undisclosed.

I deal with taxpayers everyday. Most of them are unhappy, because my unit
is looking for, what eventually would be, more money out of their pockets.
Hell, I am not happy with my job, because it will cost us more money too!
People can be very nasty, as I am sure you know, but to deal with it all week,
and then go down full speed to putting a new home together, well, it
makes your head spin.

I am looking forward to when things can be done at my speed .I can think
about what I want and the key here is THINK- not slide by the seat of
my pants to a decision.

My head will do headstands that there will be some quiet time worked into
a daily basis.

Whoo hoo!

Back in the Saddle Again

Oh the glorious memories of a vacation…..sand, puppies, trees, sunshine.

Oh the reality!

Phone calls, phone calls with no return numbers, paperwork redux with the
department, feels like I am back on the proverbial snipe hunt.

Jim gets to go down to the house this afternoon, to meet with the builder,
plunber, electrician, contractor, etc. Lucky guy!

At least I got a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts because the Philly
football team, the Eagles, won their game.

It’s not all bad.


Back to bittersweet

My “vacation” is almost over.

I was here watching the workmen and what they do and how professionally they did it.
Although I won’t be here Tuesday, it appears that shingles on the roof are scheduled
to make an appearance on Tuesday. The cornfield is gone: it truly is looking like a
house in the making.

I need to go back to mom’s house and clean and pack things up. Things need to be
distributed, packed thrown away, but the nice part of being up there is we get it done a little at a time.The only hard part is that it truly emotionally exhausting.

My eye is on the prize though, and with God’s help, I will deal with whatever I need to
to get on down to my new home.



It’s Saturday and guys are working on putting the plywood on our roof.


We have to go get some breakfast, though;I have to get some medicine in me.
The post-nasal drip is turning into a hell of a smokers cough: it sounds like I’d walk a mile for a camel…lol. Not necessarily the sound I want to come from these lungs of mine.

We are off later to see my friend B, who currently is at a few Undisclosed places above ours.
I am looking forward to that because I haven’t seen her in a few years, and although Facebook is nice, in person is better.

Enjoy your Saturday!


Meanwhile down at the farm….lol

The girls and I made it down here yesterday, thanks to Daddy,who has to stay up and work for a day or two more.

We had a good night, and managed to stay tucked in until 4:30am, when we universally agreed it was time for an early morning walk. It was awesome. The quietness of the woods and shore, the crickets, and the brightness of the stars made it worth being alone with the girls in nature. It goes without saying that we had a flashlight just in case there were four-legged critters**read raccoons**coming out from the woods.

Now we are back tucked in again, until the workmen come in a few hours to start banging away on the rafters.

Outside of the fact we miss Daddy, life is good.


You say tomato…

At the milestone of almost 11 years being married, my husband and I have reached an agreement to disagree on one thing…TEMPERATURE.

It’s 90% humidity out and I am sweating like there is no tomorrow. My better half announces, once we are both in the car,that he feels a chill. As we come back into Undisclosed, he says jokingly, he is going to need a warm spot to sleep in.

I am ok with weather, as long as it is relatively low in humidity and maybe 85 degrees or below. I laugh as I type this, because when we were in our old house,we kept it cool and at night, we heated the bedroom and were BOTH comfortable.

I guess it’s just the price of getting older,huh?


Ah, August….

For all its heat spikes and the like, I love August, as it gives promise to the fall.

In prior postings you know I had many life changing events in August..a couple of good Phillies seasons…started a job 28, almost 29 years ago which I still have…went on childhood vacations every year with my family during the end of August..God sent my Dad on his final vacation August 24,sixteen years ago,which was fitting as our vacation week he always took was the last week in August…and Jim and I were married on August 31st, almost 11 years ago.

I am thankful for all I have experienced in August, for they have matured me in a way that nothing else would. I have come out of it realistic, albeit slightly hopeful.I have a light heart when windows are actually opened and I hear the crickets outside, and when I am at Undisclosed I and II, I look up at a beautiful summer sky filled with stars like promises,just waiting to come to me.

Enjoy the month, faithful reader, and may it be kind to us all.



So it’s Tuesday and a work day. It’s a beautiful day here, and it would be nice to be anywhere
but here.

Jim has to go down to Undisclosed to sign contracts with the builder, and meet with a few more folks.
so I am bachelorette Mom tonite. Hopefully we’ll get some wash done and the girls will go walking with
me and that will be great.Truth be told, I am hoping to get things done so I can shower and be in bed

Bring out more cool days like this.


Row, row, row your boat

We left Undisclosed yesterday around 3:45 PM.

The sky was pretty much like it was most of the day: it looked as though it would rain within 5 minutes no matter where you were.

We got on the road to get back to the city, and little did we know that we should have had a boat. It was record time coming home, and I don’t mean that in a good way. It took us FOUR hours to get back, on a trip that normally takes us ninety minutes tops.The monsoon that hit made us scratch our heads and realize one thing: with two dogs and two adults. we weren’t going to sit crawling to a toll bridge. Hey, if we did that, it probably would have taken SIX hours to get home.

Fortunately, Jim’s sister and her husband were a phone call away, and Tony knew the local back roads, for which I say thank God for that! We ended up going south to almost a third state, but didn’t go THAT far, but got on a different bridge and got to the house before the heavens opened up again.

The weather service said where we were had EIGHT inches of rain and it sure looked like that. It was an experience that, thank God, we got through. Sure hope we don’t have to go through it again.


Sing around the campfire…

We have returned…

Old Undisclosed is officially gone.

It is quite funny to pull up and look at a space that looks better suited for growing a field of corn or something. Our little cottage that was in the rear now stands forlornly in the corner of the lot, wondering what happened, no doubt.

The flip side is as the house is down, the corresponding amount of mud has increased.I didn’t have enough foresight to bring some larger old rug to take care of the messy shoes and dog prints.I am sure ,though, that we’ll be eyeballing the new house as it goes up, and I’ll be able to bring something else down.

The fur girls are somewhat content to be down, although they no longer can run around in reckless abandon, as the fence in the front is down.We have them out walking and they seem to be happy.

Jim will be meeting with the builder later, so it is quite nice to feel,albeit a pin hole,light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay tuned.

It’s almost over…

July, that is.

Undisclosed location(old) and hopefully the foundation will be starting on Undisclosed (new).

As I type this I look out the window and realize how badly I need to reestablish my own roots with Jim and the girls at the new spot. Losing Rochelle was like setting me free without an anchor and since then, I really feel lost. I can assure you that is not a good feeling.

August will be coming.

Colors of summer will be richer and moving toward fall. Hopefully the foundation will be laid and the frame will be up on Undisclosed(new).

My mother always talked about wishing your life away and perhaps she was right. I don’t look at it that way: I look at it as starting the next chapter of my life, for which I am full of hope.

By the way, below is a last look at the Old Undisclosed.


Stuck at the base camp …

…or should I say prison,because that is what my late mother’s house feels like. We have officially lost the undisclosed location that was for now.Demolition allegedly begins on Monday.
Jim can get more excited than I am, as this house is his baby.He deals with the builder, surveyor,etc. I am left sitting with the girls on the hot bleachers. Not very inspiring place to
be in.

Jim is taking advantage of being in the city by going to take the car for an oil change et al.The girls and I are going nuts pent-up in air struggling against the temperature and walking for potty breaks out in the blazing heat.Day number two of this is really not that fun.

The flip side is that I have been watching Yard Crashers on DIY network, and Jim and I are trying to get some ideas on somewhere down the line, landscaping the house, whenever it eventually gets done. Some of the ideas they show are a little much, but some might actually work for us.

It is very depressing for me right now, as I feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and I will be stuck here.I might even pass away in this prison.It is frustrating to see other people get there homes on the road and it seems that it is so-o-o drawn out.

Hard to keep the faith when you feel this bad, but we’ll see.

Lament for a house

Three and one half years ago, my husband bought us a house at an “Undisclosed location”.
Sure it was a weekend get away and I did manage to have an actual week off there last year, but it was cozy, it was comfortable and the back room was bright.It was a good spot to spend a third of our week at, which we seemed to do year round.

We had to get serious, as when my husband sold our house in Philly, we were turning our minds to retirement living, We decided we needed a rancher.Not that this old house isn’t, but, we wanted a house to live the rest of our days out in.

This weekend, the demolition crew comes in and knocks it down.Fortunately I will be up here with the fur girls, as we need the air and to be away from all of that. Plus, if I was there, I’d be a little teary-eyed, so better I keep the memories I have of the house with me.

In a previous blog post I wrote about loss in my life, well, here’s another chunk. People say “how exciting”…it’s not for me.I never asked for much and what I had I was always comfortable with. We’ll see what happens.This picture I have attached really doesn’t do the house justice, but at least it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

R.I.P to my cozy,sunny spot.


Endangered trees

In light of the new construction of Undisclosed II, I have found out that a lot of the insurance companies are pulling away from homeowners insurance if the is a tree too close to the house. If it is because of the location of the area, sometimes prone to nor’easter,storms,or hurricanes, well, you can kind of see where the insurance companies are coming from.

In the meanwhile,the trees in the area are starting to dwindle.We are in a somewhat forested area, and little by little, the trees seem to be disappearing.Granted,a lot of folks trim their trees, hoping that it would help.It does to a point.If you were to walk one mile in either direction of our house, you could see the beginning of the end of the trees.

A few people are actually trying to replant,albeit a way from their home. But it’s not quite not the same.The area is known for being in the migratory path of birds during spring and fall.Taking their tree homes away gives them nowhere to nest. If there are no trees, you might as well be in the city, surrounded by concrete.

That is why I am still mourning the trees the new owners of our old house took down.A green carpet of trees helps maintain the green cycle in an area. How sad to see no respect for the environment.

Here’s hoping folks wise up!


Screen house night two…

Well, here we are tonight, out in the screen house.

If you look at the picture of the Zush, she accurately reflects the amount of sweat we are dealing with. Kasia is outside the screen house, guarding us or protesting about or sweat- take your pick.

The humidity has returned with a vengeance and weather is threatening to go to three digits. Thus, we are out here letting the compressor rest while we listen to the Phillies on the transistor radio.I am reading, too, to try to take advantage of twilight. All is quiet right now at Undisclosed location.

Here’s hoping your Saturday night is a wee bit cooler.


Late afternoon sky

I have a habit of taking a lot of sunset shots. It could be that our Undisclosed location is on a coast known for its’ sunsets.

The fur girls are with us for a final fling in our old stomping grounds- new ones are coming. So rather than go up in crowds to watch the sunset, we are in the back yard relaxing. There is a bit of a breeze and this way we enjoy nature in our own way. An added plus is Zush hangs with me during fireworks! Less anxiety for my girl.

Enjoy the Fourth!



I don’t mean I have a lot of pull.

I used to get a lot of pull… from Kasia, my younger dog. Now that we are at domicile Deux , we have no fenced in yard, and laws at Undisclosed location make us have both girls on a leash.
Zush finds this law humiliating: she’s a person, or so she says…lol

I found this leash on the Internet
. It goes cushioned around Kasia’s groin , then a piece runs to her collar- you latch it on. Basically it allows control from torso, not neck.

She sure is happier, I am happier ….and the picture below is her modeling her girly pink leash for you.



We are back on the road from Undisclosed location-@12:30am , since we waited out weather and actually got a little sleep. It also played a factor in that we aren’t going ” home”- we WERE home. Now we are just off to domicile #2. Ugh… Amazing how nausea just sets in at the thought!

Jim has some hot tea and we have only gone about 20 miles so far. Fur girls are tucked safely in back seat, asleep.

Have a good week! Please keep prayers and good thoughts for us-we sure need them!


Dog days of June

We came down to Undisclosed location to… get away from city heat and humidity and down for a little breeze.The poor fur- kids pass out under the air conditioning, and we are right behind them. It is only a temporary respite, as we have to get back early to finish packing.

We also lost a good friend today, who fought hard against Parkinson’s ,but lost. Nothing like dealing with loss and heat for a two- fer.

Things have to get better, I hope!



So it’s the official start of summer this weekend.

Not for Shingleman and the family.

Sure would like to be down at Undisclosed with Jim and the fur girls, but, shucks,
we are stuck here in the city this weekend. There is plenty for us to do in the
city that needs to get done in a few weeks.

I’ll be drooling, thinking of walking the bay, hanging out in the yard, just
keeping back, but instead, things will be done.


Maybe next summer…..


The Pause that refreshes… least, my soul, is the Undisclosed Location.

We got down here a little later today and probably won’t stay quite as long as we
have to get back up to the house for some issues to take care of**read still worry
about** and of course, Mother’s Day.

Jim is out riding his bike with our friend and later, we’ll all walk up to
watch the sunset-truly one of God’s masterpieces.

Life is good..20130322-184512.jpg

Back again…

The weekend is over,and we’ll have to leave Undisclosed for a few weeks, in order to spend time in the city.

Mothers’ day is next Sunday, and we want to spend time with Shingleman’s Mom. In between all of that, there’s work, packing, trashing , and trying to take care of life as we know it.

Hope you have a good week, dear reader. Take time out for you!



So the past two weeks have finally come to an end, and mercifully, we all are at Undisclosed .

Shingleman is gently snoring away, and Zush , Kasia and I are enjoying the quiet. I don’t know when the next time we’ll be down, so the energy I’ll try to suck back while we are here is going to have tide me through for a bit. I know,as usual, I’ll savor every second.

Have a good Saturday!


Amazing.. being stuck in the big city just one weekend makes you love the fact that a weekend of Undisclosed location seem like Nirvana.

Just couldn’t stay in bed this morning, so it was to my advantage to get on up and get the day started.I made some cookies to take down because we are hosting game night tomorrow night. All I really have to do is finish laundry, pack on up, walk the girls and wait for Jim.

Enjoy your weekend …I know I will!


Rocking my world not…

I always try to be nice.

Nice guys finish last.

Gotta remember that.

I also try to remember that, as Helen Gurley Brown used to say, ” Only God and the working girl take care of the working girl.”

Days like today make me want to run home with Jim and get it ready to sell so I can get outta Dodge.
It’s just not the same as it used to be.
Or maybe I wised up and got tired of being the nice one.

Any way you slice it….it’s time!


Friday 5

I have never been so thankful for Friday!

I had to keep reminding myself it’s spring-we had snow flurries this morning . Facts are facts, though – Amen for the thought of spring.

Easter is almost here, thank God. I was never such a big fan of fish.

We have been getting into “Tanked” on the Animal Planet station. The guys make world class aquariums.

It’s a nice night tonight. Glad there is no snow that has to get shoveled .

We are all together and nice and cozy. Always good when the family is together.

Have a wonderful weekend .


Friday Five

I’m thankful that the guy Shingleman hired to cut down trees at Undisclosed worked while we all
were not down there. I’d probably have nightmares of limbs cracking drywall…

I’m thankful for low-fat vegetable cream cheese, as it does a bagel good!

I’m thankful that even though I have to work today, Undisclosed Location will always be there.

I am thankful I got a few hours of sleep last night, albeit not enough, since whatever I have been
typing ends up having to be corrected…my eyes are tired…**sigh**

I’m thankful for one of my BFF’s Denise…maid of honor, baby sister, fellow pet mom, Jack of all
trades…Happy Birthday( a little early!)kiddo!

Have a wonderful weekend



Jim is still hacking, I guess, to keep my tubercular lungs company: after all, that’s what marriage is for, no?
I am counting my mercies that the girls are well.

The city of Washington D.C., has shut down due to a storm that is hitting there. Wussies! It’s a little snow.
I shudder to think what they would do if they were in the northeast!

Work is busy…too busy…I never knew I was so popular…lol

Time to run for undisclosed: this week it will be deeply appreciated, despite the amount of cough medicine ingested!

Anything to escape the city….Even Queen Elizabeth II was at the train station, looking happy to be leaving..**see disclaimer below picture**


disclaimer ***this is a cut-out that the local transit system has in honor of the British themed flower show running currently in town.

It’s all gravy

As usual for a Saturday morning at Undisclosed , I have my coffee by my side and am watching Guy Fieri cooking on the Food network. He is making chicken fried steak complete with gravy. …yummo!

We have guests this weekend, so it’s kind of early and they are still sleeping as is Jim. I have to admit….quiet is such a rarity in my life anymore- I adore it.

My fur kids have their two fur cousins visit, too, so dog play has them exhausted. I laugh because as soon as I typed that, Zusher raised up her head as to say,”Sleeping? I’m not sleeping.. I’m keeping you company!”

Always good having friends visit.The cherry on the top? Having a little time to kick back and enjoy the weekend.


Time for a little R&R

…and yes, one of the R’s stand for ribs.

I am doing the doctor this afternoon to figure out the rib issue; i.e., sauce,or no sauce…lol.
Hopefully, I see an X-ray or two in my future and some medicine to quiet this cough.

All I have to do is get through work and hopefully, some Undisclosed air will be cleaning out our lungs
over the weekend, but we’ll see. We ALL have to feel a bit better for that.

Here’s hoping your day goes exactly how you want it!


Just not into it

One of the down sides of taking vacation time on a Friday is when you have to work a Friday, well, your heart just isn’t in it.

To add insult to injury, there is no Nor’easter due or hurricane. It figures. I am here and not an Undisclosed.The skies are a vibrant blue.

Somehow, though, it has to be turned around into a good thing. I need to get some things done that I have been putting off-ok, that’s a good thing. The girls would love to get some woods based walking for a change of pace-second good thing. A chance to go through some older things and make bags for Goodwill, ok-that works,too.

**pushing my sleeves up to get ready**
Have a wonderful weekend!





We decided to stay in the city this weekend.


We are long overdue for an ophthalmologist appointment, so we scheduled that for Saturday morning. We intend to work on the house over the weekend, trying to clean stuff up and get it into order.

It’s really weird when you spend three-quarters of your time in one spot and a quarter of your time in the other spot. Inevitably, you end up dumping belongings in transit between the two spots, and when you need something, nine times out of ten it is in the other spot. Needless to say, a little organization is also in the works.

It feels strange to “plan” a weekend for here. We’ve lived “here” all our lives and together we have been here ten years.

It’s just that we have gotten so comfortable at Undisclosed. We have taken like the duck to water while at Undisclosed. We look forward to when we leave for there. Shingleman would say to me in the car on a Sunday afternoon/night that we are going home to which I promptly retort,” We WERE home.” Shingleman always says, ” I know.”
In the meanwhile I have sick calls to make for Church tonite, and the girls need some attention.

Friday will be here before you know it!


How much can you bake?

Sandy has awakened the Betty Crocker in me yet again.

I made Snickerdoodles yesterday when we got home here and cinnamon cake at lunchtime. I guess it is indeed a subliminal answer to bread, eggs and milk.

The biggest thing now seems to be chance of a power outage,so the hatches are tied tight and we are concerned about our neighbors who decided to ride it out around Undisclosed….

Here’s hoping we ALL stay safe!


Hurricane Sandy

I only had one niece.

Her name was Alexandra, and she passed away in September of 1997.

My two nephews here, Matt and Greg, used to call her Sandy.

I don’t think Greg remembers her that much, but Matt and I chatted about her the other day, and about how we missed her.

I am hoping “Sandy” will cut us some slack and send her namesake further up the coast, leaving Undisclosed in one piece.

**Fingers crossed**

On the way

We are on are the road.

It’s evident by the picture I attached on the bottom. It’s raining. It’s ok, though, because a day away from the office beats any day of the week in the city.

I am still coughing,but hopefully it’ll be down to a dull hack. The challenge is to keep heartburn to a roar while keeping the mucinex down.

Weather notwithstanding , we will be happy to recharge our batteries

Have a wonderful weekend!


Take sominex tonite and sleep…

…is how the old commercial went.

Not Me..

I had too much weekend and after two cups of coffee, I am deeply desperate to keep my eyes open. The odd thing is I had straight hours of “good” sleep and still feel like I could use two more.

I know…**greedy witch**

Here’s hoping for a good week for all of us.

Betty strikes again

Took advantage of the day off to reawaken the Betty Crackpot, I mean Crocker in me.

Next weekend we are having company at Undisclosed. So all my ducks are in order, I baked today….pumpkin….pumpkin spice cookies…yum!

Will parchment paper and freeze the pumpkin bread, and tin up the cookies.
Here’s hoping they make the trip in one piece!


Say Cheese….

no, …no pictures, just say cheese.

A few of us are going to a wine festival on Sunday at the Undisclosed location. My “homework” for said event was to bring cheese.

Unfortunately, in conjunction with the homework, the National Weather Service is starting to make Sunday look iffy. If I buy cheese on the way home today, I have got to keep who will eat it in mind.

Shingleman is not a big devotee’ of cheese. In fact, it wasn’t until this year that he actually got around to enjjoying a grilled cheese and fresh tomato sandwich. Whatever I buy might have to be for me and one of my BFF’s,Denise, for lunch on Tuesday.

I guess I’ll just close my eyes and hope to pick something good-stay tuned!


Friday Five

This week….

I am thankful for my entertainment as I am working on this post-The Phillies vs. Mets game, where the Phillies are currently shellacking the Mets 16-1…enough said!I am grateful the Phils are on, making me want to stay up and listen-hopefully I’ll get a good night sleep.

I am thankful I have the opportunity to work and entire Friday and, as much as I’d like to leave early for Undisclosed, know that it’ll be worth my time.

I am thankful for the foresight to make a crock pot of chili this week, thus giving me something for lunch tomorrow.

Although I’ll work all tomorrow, I thank God Jim and the girls are picking me up to head for Undisclosed!

Have a wonderful Friday!


Working weekend

It was rough being” at home” instead of being down at Undisclosed.

One of my BFF’s,Kath, threw a surprise party for her husband, so we were up here. Trying to get ahead of the situation, we threw a lot of stuff out, a lot into recyclables, and donated a lot of clothes. After all, this house has got to sell before we can go full time to Undisclosed. I am glad we are doing things a little at a time, because leaving things until time to show/sell, well, it’d be a fiasco.

The hard part is having football on in the background : you want to sit and watch the game- not listening while you clean….There’s got to be a better way!


Hate coming up

I hate Sunday nights.

We’re coming up from Undisclosed, I want to see Food Network Star, it’s lightning out and my sciatica is being iced, but not too effectively.Jim is working the traffic pretty well, and the girls are sleeping in the back seat. I pause from blogging a minute to catch the lightning show. Quite impressive.

Nothing like the ride up to make me hate Sunday nights!


Date Night

It’s date night.

We are down at undisclosed , sitting next to each other on the love seat watching John Carpenter’s “Christine” on cable.

Before we dated, it’d be a cold day in hell before I would even read Stephen King. I am just not a scary type of gal. Somehow this movie I can handle.

It’s also nice being home kicking back together. It seems as though we don’t get the chance or make the time. Togetherness is a good thing!

Have a good weekend!


Waiting patiently

We are waiting to get our stuff together to head up to the city heat wave.**read the lack of enthusiasm in my voice**.

Folks are down at Undisclosed for vacation for 4th of July week. It’ll be interesting to see the effect, if any, on traffic.

At least it’ll be a short work week, and next weekend we head out to March mountain, so maybe that’ll count as vacation.



It was a little difficult, but I am fortunate enough to have this to complain about…I am beat.

We left Undisclosed location at 9pm, and even then got in shore traffic. I know: I am lucky to have the Undisclosed to come up from. As I get a wee bit older, crawling into bed at11:30 means it’s rough getting up in the morning! A double cup of coffee today was of little help. I think pollen and allergies had something to do with it, but when you have to take medicine ,well, it’s what you have to do.

Hopefully an early night tonight will help me play catch up.** fingers crossed**


Back to our spot

Finally made it back to the undisclosed location ,and the weekend went by too fast: don’t they all?

Shingleman just serenaded me through the screen on the accoustic guitar, the friends I have here had me back on the weekend walk, for which I am thankful , and Zush and Kasia got their walks and joined me in the peace and quiet. We dodged some of the heat, and all that’s left to conquer is traffic!

It’s good to be back!


We’re off( no wisecracks,please!)

We are on our way to “Undisclosed Location”. Thank God!

The girls are ready to swim and play and get some quality walks. Shingle man has some things on his “wanna-do” list in the house, and we have a ton of sunscreen.

Away from the office, from traffic, from juries, from city heat** rubbing hands in anticipation**….ah, almost home!


Be it ever so humble….

…After a two week jury hiatus, we’ll be heading off to “Undisclosed Location” tomorr0w: I can not wait.

The flowers I planted( yes, Shingleman, I know I shouldn’t have) are probably wilted, and the house hasn’t been open in two weeks, but right now, I am waiting for the “little piece of heaven.” Away from trials, the city, to where my girls can swim in the bay and probably Mommy too!

See you when we get back!

Clearing the deck

Actually going to work tomorrow….for one day!

If you remember, gentle reader, my prediction of working three days this week made in a prior post.

I was wrong.

I am clearing up the decks getting ready for my first day on the jury, which is Thursday. Little things like putting a message on office email, etc.

And then? Time to worry……

Stay tuned!!


Coming back up

Am writing this in the car on the way back from” Undisclosed Location”. We have driven up through a helluva thunderstorm, and are almost back to the city.

It’s funny that with the exception of Jury Duty, I have three days in the office this week. I really am laughing as I type this because two weeks ago, I wanted five days off …

Funny how times change!


Sunday again

Sitting after Mass with the Food Network, watching Paula Deen and Bobby Flay grilling bananas for s’mores and another recipe. It’s grilling week, but too early in the day to even think of attempting anything so ambitious.

At least it’s cooler here now that the front came through. We are savoring our Sunday before we have to head back up for a week that includes jury duty for me tomorrow.

Happy Sunday from the undisclosed location.


Thankful Friday, yet again

I am so thankful for this weekend.

I still am hacking, but am looking forward to resting this weekend and getting a ton of fluids in.

We are busy at the office, and I try to keep my tuberculosis/ hack to a minimum. I mean it would be nice if my ribs would stop hurting .

Sure, I’ll feel better by Wednesday ..,. The day of my doctor’s appointment…lol


Happy Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

My buddy Juls, is with us. This morning she went with me and we took her dog Ginger, and I took Kasia, much to Zush’s dismay. It was so warm, I wanted Zush to stay comfortable . My walking friends joined us as we all went down to the Cape May Lewis Ferry port and sat and rested before coming back.

Enjoy your holiday. As I did at the Ferry, if you see a Vet, thank them.



The picture below is the Schuykill expressway as seen from my street.

Tomorrow marks the Memorial Day weekend- the holiday marking the unofficial start of summer. As my Dad was a world war 2 vet, I was raised conscious of military service , and will be thinking of him, as I always do.

I am headed down to Undisclosed, with my friend Juls and her fur children , and Jim will catch up a little later with Zush and Kasia. Hopefully we can not be stuck in the thick of the traffic.** fingers crossed**

We are looking forward to some peace and quiet, some good times with friends, and calm. Here is hoping your weekend is a safe one, and you thoroughly enjoy it!


Drama? I ain’t your Mama….

Well, I figured I’d spare you the shot of me holding my head again, since I seem to be blogging about headaches/drama a lot.

Someone just saw me in passing and vented to me about  the workplace/ a current co-worker .**sigh**

My mistake was I wasn’t busy doing the current minutia mandated to be done by the office. Yup, I said it. I was taking a break, trying to abate my carpal tunnel symptoms.

People take a break sign as ” the doctor is in.”

Really? Do I look like I give a rat’s butt? Just let me alone, please?

There is no happy medium, it seems. Fortunately, Shingleman and I and the girls will be on the road to Undisclosed tomorrow.

Maybe I better put up a sign that says ” The doctor is out.”

Enough said.

Suffering through the week

So having left Undisclosed location last weekend, I knew that it was going to be a long week… Boy, did I call that!

I suffered through a clown college** read office here* meeting yesterday. My nephew Matt receives his Masters’ degree tomorrow night- I would not miss that for the world! Saturday will be hard, physically and mentally, as Jim and I will be working on cleaning up Mom’s house. Sunday I ‘ll be stopping at the cemetery on the way to my mother-in-law’s.

Did I mention I miss undisclosed?…….


A rainy 200

This is kind of a big deal for me.

Back in October, I started this blog as a therapeutic outlet for me while I watched my Mom on her downward slide with dementia.

Today, she is physically gone from me, I am still writing, and this is blog number 200. From Food network gripes, Mom, Shingleman, Undisclosed location, life working at a government agency , and, of course, my golden girls, you have been there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to the next 200!


This is just a bit much..

The week had some ups and downs. Doesn’t everybody’s? Mine were mostly downs.

I never had a greater appreciation of the house here @ Undisclosed. I realize that problems don’t escape, and you have to face them**thanks to Mother Superior from the Sound of Music**, but it’s kind of sad when people just seem to be drawing up material in order to  cause grief. I mean, just because people hate people doing a job and getting ready to leave, well, people feel they have the right to have a bird turd on your head.

I am going to keep on keeping on, and as of Monday, there will be a red X on my calendar, to start the countdown out.

You have to do what you need to do to be happy.

Some beautiful  flowers lightened up my mood-am sharing them with you in this post.

Just too damn beat

Trying to fall back to sleep, and oh, how I wish I could…

Sleep is the only escape from the drama of the office which currently is on the upswing …when we last left ” British Petroleum “, he had come to me to ask a question AND bitch and moan at the same time,regarding a current office request. I felt like reminding him that he wouldn’t be in the fix he is currently in if he wasn’t such a horses’ butt…** wondering how to tattoo I don’t give a rat’s ass on my forehead under my bangs for use on such occasions**

Fortunately, Shingleman and we gals are shipping out to Undisclosed, where the only drama will be figuring out the time of the sunset.

Thanking the Lord for small favors, let’s see what today will bring!


See ya, Duch!


My buddy, Duch, is wrapping up her illustrious government career on Friday.

Being Duch, she wanted no lunch-she wanted Dairy Queen. A true woman after my own heart, I was happy to oblige.

We have been through a ton together, and yet we still somehow end jelly side up, despite the ups and downs of heartbreak and joy. She is a wonderful woman who I am proud to call friend, even through I KNOW she thinks I am nuts**joking, Duch**and has put up with me for a long time.

I am blessed to have her as a friend, and ironically, hopefully, she will be retiring ” next door” to the ‘Undisclosed Location’. so we will have many happy years together down the line. As anyone who manages to walk away from the current drama zone of an office on two legs, I am more than happy for her. I will miss stopping at her cubicle to check in with her, but I am truly happy that she has lived to tell the tale and rock on out.

Giddy-up, Girlfriend….see you on the promenade.

Silent Night

All is quiet .

Pawn stars on the History channel is on tv, Kasia and Zush are dozing,as is Shingleman, who didn’t sleep well last night.

Anything so quiet is welcome because office drama gets weird, but thanks to pals like Denise,Lois and Rita, sanity still manages to hang in there with just a giggle over “White Wedding”….

“You gotta have friends.”


This Friday’s five

Thankful thoughts for this week….

1. Although my health has seemingly disappeared during the last year, I am thankful that I have the ability to pull myself up by the bootstraps and fix it!

2.My nephew,Matt, will be getting his masters’ degree in a month…so proud am I of this guy, who I used to carry on my shoulders!

3.Memories…unless cursed with Dementia, no one can take it away from you!

4.Hopefully, Shingleman is on his way to losing the title! Yay!

5.The pollen of spring has beautiful colors accompanying it…

Have a wonderful weekend!


A big sigh

We are on our way back to the city.

A nice weekend, complete with walks to the Ferry, Flyers wins,and gorgeous weather .We had a friend over for dinner Saturday night and we had a fabulous time.

The flip side: I had a buddy from work retire this past week , and my bud,Duch,retires the end of the month. I get to go in and back to the playground of fifth grade mentality…hopefully drama is minimal this week .