Too Old for This

I spent the morning in an oral surgeon’s office, getting a tooth out.

As I lay back in the chair, remembering people wiggling teeth to get them out when they were younger***ah,those were the days** but the sharp jab of a needle or two or three snapped my mind right back to reality.

You think back to days where, as a kid, a crown went on a king or queen, and then fast forward to college years where you followed British royalty and saw tiaras and crowns on basically everyone you saw on BBC.

Now, at 54, the crown is going to go in my mouth…**sigh**

Time has a way of catching up with you.


For all my menopausal friends out there…

If you have been following my recent biopsy….

1. No cancer.
2. Fossamax/Boniva strikes again

The white spot on my palate was not cancer but it would appear that, true to its current
advertisement, if the medication prevents bone loss, evidently, it can cause your jaw
to wear down.

The white spot was bone!

I always wondered about the 5 miles of warnings that they squeezed in 10 seconds on an ad.
Hmmm…now I know why!

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes.

I am still here….for now!

Toothless Cyberspace-the dental saga contnues

So I went for a dental check up to my old reliable dentist yesterday.
You know, cleaning,check-up, the whole nine yards. But I had a spit ball thrown at
me during the visit.

I have an appointment Friday morning with an oral surgeon for a BIOPSY on the roof
of mouth.Very happy that my old dentist caught it. My question is why didn’t
the state of the art dentist catch it? God knows he was racking up enough dollars
and was working right there.And if I can prove it went back to last fall, well,
cyber dentist can get ready to meet cyber lawyer.

Prayers and good thoughts will be highly appreciated on Friday…
I’ll keep you posted.


Hell getting old…

(although the options are crap…)

My dentist who I had faithfully gone to for the past 15 years is on the verge of losing it. He was bringing in more and more people to do specialty work.

I liked the old guy. I felt he knew his craft. I mean, who ARE these people and what are they doing in my mouth? Hmmm?

I bit the bullet and left my old dentist for my husband’s, who he has been seeing for the past 28 years. He just moved to a new office not too far away from the house.

After sitting in the chair yesterday, I can see how he afforded to move to the new office. Obviously, going to old reliable guy for 15 years had me shaking my head when I left the office yesterday with a computer print out of my “treatment plan”,enveloped in sticker shock,or as I kindly put it, how to pay his office rent for the next year or 2.
You know it was kind of extreme when my husband joking asked, “Uh, maybe you should have asked him if it was cheaper to pull them.”…..

Did I mention my Shingleman has near perfect teeth?**SIGH**

The things a 52-year-old will do to keep these teeth happening…..