So out of touch

I am watching the Golden Globes on television tonight.

I have seen the show “Transparent” and also it’s star, Jeffrey Tambor win.The show isn’t even on television.I believe it’s screened on Amazon primetime.Amazon primetime? What? I mean I realize that I know about Netflix and shows on there. I am so one color, I guess, that I had no clue that there are new ways to watch out there.

No, I am not going to end this that I used to walk 5 miles to school uphill in the snow.I just am watching this awards show and realizing how behind I am. Perhaps during this new chapter of my life, I might actually catch up.

Sorry, Wrong Number

For all the bitching and moaning I do about people talking on cell phones on transportation, the gods conspired against me last night.

I got two calls in succession from my sister-in-law,Joanna. The first one, she said she got a busy signal.When I answered, I could hear her, but she couldn’t hear me.The second call she made, she said she got voice mail right away Again, I heard her, but she didn’t hear me.

My carrier? Verizon.

I was on their trouble line two times, and basically camped out unit 11:45pm.They finally, after bouncing me around and around, escalated me to a second trouble level around 11:00 PM.**sigh**
I got off the line with the at 11:45PM. I couldn’t see straight, I was so tired.

Allegedly, my phone is fixed.

***shh…don’t tell anyone…my phone is back in my hand.***


Needing my head examined? Maybe…

I just came back from an errand.

The mission was to buy a screen protector for my iPhone5c. We had met someone at a friend’s birthday party. We started talking about phones, and he said, “You know, the iPhone 5c is one of the most expensive phone screens to replace.”


So good owner that I am, I went and got the screen protectors for my phone. You know, the ones that last about 3 months before really looking questionable? I couldn’t look at the one on my phone any more and went out to Verizon, instead of 5 Below, and found a premium tempered glass screen protector for $25.00.It comes with a limited lifetime warranty against damage while protecting your device.They offer a free replacement for as long as you own your device.

It was more than I am used to paying but the principle behind it seems good.

Stay tuned, gentle reader, for updates..


Computer Illiterate

So I thought I knew a thing or two.

I operate on a MAC, and also have an iPhone.I, all of a sudden,I couldn’t sync my phone to my trusty MAC.I couldn’t believe it. Me, Ms.Apple, couldn’t do squat all of a sudden.It was if I were brain dead.My former neighbor is an Apple guy, so rude person that I am, I bothered him.
Jim was very understanding and trying to help me out and all of a sudden, EUREKA!

Moral of the story?

Update all your programs……**hitting self on forward**

Thanks Jim!

Red leg anyone?

So I decided I had 4 hours of my life
that I had nothing to do with.

My left shin cooperated and turned scarlet red, trying to bring some color
for the party. Throw in 2 replaced knees and , uh, hello? ER ?

The concensus was maybe cellulitis or a clot/ get thee to ER… So far technology, via ultrasound, has determined no clots, so now back to linger in the waiting room until they get a room,

It’s as if I had nothing to do…lol


Never Boring

Today, at the office seems to be that way- at least in respect to my phone.

I got turned on to a headset as it relieved a ton of pressure off my neck.
Well, today, my line was really full of static, so the IT guys came in with batteries to fix it. First call I get after they walk away? The caller cannot hear me through the static,

I had to make a service report to come back and try to get rid of the static, and guess what?

Now I have no dial tone……

But I have to say my IT guys are trying and they are the best!


Capping it all off

I made a mistake.

I loved my old Dentist. He is a good guy, but getting up there in years and sometimes his “sthick” was a little much.
So I wondered who to go to, and Jim said go to my Dentist.

Big-g-g-g-g mistake.

It’s like having a 1988 Ford Fairmount and limping in to a new care dealer and seeing all the shiny
new models and thinking,” Yeah, I like this.”

New technology =Good =Pricy

New Dentist having to PAY for his new technology based on what was in my mouth? Not such a good idea.

I lost a 3 month old real molar cap this morning and fortunately, was able to be fit in at the new guy.

I found out today that, he kind of let it slip, that the tooth is fractured and…

Nothing has happened in those three months, pal.

There shouldn’t have been a cap put there IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It goes without saying I will be back to my old guy for anything else…

I’ll gladly limp around in the old ford any day.