She’s Back….

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…”

Sorry, can’t help the analogy but “Jaws” is playing on the television as I type this.

Anyhow, I am back in the midst of students again, only this time, so I can get home quicker to Zush, I am dealing with 5th and 6th graders. Oh my God, what was I thinking? Most of the students are nice and/or civil, but God spare me from 6th grade boys and their answer for everything. It’s incredible how, some forty years plus after my time in that grade, that you forget how boys are.

This was, although I will agree with you, the usual wait for me to take them out this morning, because Jim won’t, but it is awfully funny that they KNEW this morning when I was up early and told them we have to go for a quick walk because Mom has to work, well, I really felt the guilt in their eyes. I never said dogs are stupid, and especially not my girls, but they won’t eat until I come home, or pretty much do anything normal to routine until Mom is back.

It is safe to say that I do indeed feel the love!

Springtime in the classroom

What they say about children keeping you young is true-especially if you are young.

Now, me, someone old enough to be their grandparent, well.. I don’t know if they keep me young, but they do keep me moving. This is a good thing until I stop, when the pains reappear.Then I wonder…

Today in class the children painted their flowerpots. They will be planting things in them on Friday. I really have enjoyed having continuous time with the children: I think it is safe to say we have become attached to each other.

It’s a good thing!