Twilight at the Homestead


As you can see by the sun coming through the window behind Nurse Zush, I took this picture in the beginning of the afternoon.I did everything a little later today, due to the fact that my medication screws up my sleep.I did the wash today in early afternoon, not really comprehending at an 85 degree day,that it is now autumn,and although I know the days are getting shorter, I didn’t realize how badly I misjudged the sun on my clothes line.


Nurse Kasia is, as usual, guarding her window to keep anyone away from the house. I laugh because our last home had a knocker on the front door, and we didn’t need a doorbell because of Kasia. Now we are in a home with a doorbell, which people don’t have to use because Kasia still does her job.


So as the sun sets over the bay,we are still homebound and chomping at the bit. We catch the sunset from the front porch for now, with hope that we three will soon be sprung and can get down to the beach. It’ll still be there for us, and I am sure we’ll be happy to walk it again!

The View from My Porch

… Brought to you by the letter S for sun and sick.

Yes, I am still sick. I am still here, at home.Today we were joined by a special guest star, the sun. It allowed me to get some fresh air, and a much needed walk for me and my girls. We got out a few times today, and it was nice!

I am taking another day tomorrow to make sure I am well enough to be with the kids, with hopes I won’t be walking in to any more contaminating situations and maybe, just maybe, if I play my cards right, I can work out the rest of the term.

Unfortunately, they are calling for rain again tomorrow. The girls and I are going to go and get some more sunshine.