Nothing left to give.

The antithesis of a holiday weekend is the day after.

The day after ham, sweet potatoes, carrots, string beans, deviled eggs, cole slaw, and so on and so on…Even though I managed to crack 10,000 steps today and I just feel like a Mack truck ran over me. I made 15,618 steps and why legs are fine.My head is feeling the weekend. I proudly can announce I had no alcohol,due to medication I am taking,and yet, I am afraid I am going to collapse in the Jim column of ” its gotta be the pollen”.My head is exploding.

We have this week to kick back a little before we gear up for upcoming events. In two weekends, we go up to the big city and celebrate the 50th anniversary of my cousin and her husband.Two weeks after we have company coming down here.

The season is gearing excuses..gotta get ready.


Shellac/ Gel Manicure

I had read about this and having a “social” weekend coming up, I wanted to see how my nails would hold up.

I used to have acrylics done for a while and when it came time to trying to get my knees done,the nails had to come off.It took 2 and 1/2 years to get them back into serviceable shape.This shellac manicure is just supposed to keep you with fresh looking nails for 2 weeks.

Below is a shot of the nails that got done on April 9th…I’ll keep you posted.