Haven’t a clue….

Allegedly, the office is going through a housecleaning. Hopefully, I won’t be swept up with the trash. The drama doesn’t even go away any more: it just tapers off and then picks up again. All this makes me wish the house gets sold rapidly, so I can pack up and get to the Undisclosed and get on with my life.

Meanwhile, I am glad for the knee replacements, because who knows how long I am going to have to tread water. I can’t wait until I can hang out with Zush.


Keep on keeping’ on

So a zillion people are coming to me, telling me how sorry they are to hear that I am going through stuff…, gee, good news travels fast- now if only someone would tell ME about it.** sigh**

It would seem yours truly has been drafted to move back to an area and they need an old body to fill a desk. Nothing like being treated like an old tire that no one wants. Shingleman says , hey just count the days you have left there.

Hell, I’d sooner be gone already!


Have you got something for a headache?

So it’s been the first week for new hires here in the office, as well as promotions for those who took the Supervisory test and passed.

I laugh and laugh, because, just like high school, those who fit in cliques are now in cliques. People who have been here under ten years are now so “professional” and won’t shut up. So ideally, you try to busy up, and take care of paperwork, and making sure your own area is in order.In order to do that, however, you make your ENT Appointment because you know your eardrums are compromised by the earphones you are wearing to keep the noise out. I have to laugh because even as I speak, a co-worker is pontificating in the hallway outside of my cubicle and if he realized how STUPID he sounds, well, I imagine he’d shut up

Working on my first cup of coffee and grabbing for the headphones…catch you guys later!


A drama-less life

This week has been chock full of drama on the job. **. Shaking my head in amazement**…

It was enough to have me take a precious vacation day, kick back with my girls, forget about slackers and the office, and get ready for the “Undisclosed location.” Hopefully Jim will be feeling a little better, and I will get some walking in with friends and the girls.

Have a nice weekend!


Do I LOOK like your mother? Seriously?…

I have had the good fortune to be employed steadily since I was 22. That makes me have 30 years under my belt of office work.

In this latest address of our office, we have two “kitchenettes”, where there are sinks and refrigerators to keep your lunch in, you know, and so on.

When I came in this morning to put my lunch away, the picture below is an accurate shot of what I stumbled across.


It’s a sink that is NOT at someone’s home, and yet there are dishes that have been sitting there soaking for a bit. Maybe they are waiting for their Mom or sister or better half to come in and wash them? There are close to 200 people in this office and they may think someone might have pity on them and WASH their dishes.


**holding my breath in anticipation**


This little piece of paper

Is a leave slip that you have to submit when you take a day off in this government.

OK, normally I would have done that without question, but guess what folks, uh, my Mom is in the midst of taking a long one way trip and , uh, can we just say other things are on my mind?

This morning really just had me rolling my eyes in the back of my head- I received a SECOND NOTICE that I have not returned the slip in. Never mind the fact that I have been going steady back in Human Resources, getting and filing out FMLA forms,but, NO-O-O…they are going to hunt me down  for this one stinking slip.

They say that government is a bureaucracy overrun with paperwork.

‘Nuff said…………..

Hurry up and wait..

….for an over-whelmed IT department to show up so I can actually do my work. The picture in this post is a plot plan for a proposed sub-division of an area which I am responsible for. I am trying to actually accomplish work and have oh-so-politely submitted a request for assistance. Unfortunately IT is everywhere but where I need them, which is here. Never mind that things are just doing a Hodge podge through the office, with management’s priorities being everywhere and on everything but where it needs to be…gee, detect a trend?

There are folks who actually want to buy these two houses. It’ll be interesting to see if I can get the accounts set up sometime before I retire or the properties go back up for sale.**sitting here NOT holding my breath**….