The Price for Being Home

So stuck in the house as I have been, I have been doing a lot of stuff.

There’s You Tube, Netflix, Facebook, the actual cleaning of the house, believe it or not, and reading books and magazines.Oh yeah, and I forgot, there is shopping on line.There…I said it…shopping on line.

The hard part of being cooped up and not moving like you normally would,in my case,shoulders and neck have tightened up.I am sitting here with a heating pad around my neck even as we speak.I know my pillow is not a help, so I went and ordered myself a My Pillow, with hopes that it will help my neck.Then, as I was watching a movie on Amazon Prime, I realized my volume is not too hot, so I bought desktop speakers for my laptop.These are two things that were on my list of things, eventually,to get.Being home just pushed the list up a bit.

Hope this runs its’ course soon.I really prefer to SEE in person what I purchase.

Yup, I am a senior citizen…..

I really couldn’t believe it.

I don’t know how I happened to see this, but today, in Walgreens, was “Senior Tuesday”.If you were 55 or older, and show you AARP card with your Walgreen’s card, you had 20% off all regularly priced merchandise.It was displayed on the bottom of their circular, so I am not sure if it something they do once a month or every Tuesday.

I also was wondering if maybe it was a South Jersey thing, but I will be trying to stay on top of this for my city and retired friends.

Stay tuned.