Saturday with the Former Shingleman

If you enjoyed reading about my better half, aka “Shingleman”, then you’ll love his new persona, “Compostman”.

We are trying to put together a growth tower so we can put together some organic vegetables. A large part of this is an introduction of something new and exciting in our lives***read heavy sarcasm here*** and that is composting.

Now we are reading up on what can go in for composting and what will not break down. Never mind the fact that I put a ton of veggie scraps together for the pile, but obviously I am a composting trainee. Compostman followed me and cut it all down to manageable size for the growth tower.

It’s going to be a long summer.

Stay tuned.




I feel as though I have stayed too long at the campground.

The area we spend 2 days and nights in is small. There is no room to put anything else in.
Yet Shingleman wants to bring another tomato box in to store things…**smh**

I have said all along this was a Shingleman project and indeed it is.
To paraphrase Shakespeare, all the wives and fur children are merely players.


So the past two weeks have finally come to an end, and mercifully, we all are at Undisclosed .

Shingleman is gently snoring away, and Zush , Kasia and I are enjoying the quiet. I don’t know when the next time we’ll be down, so the energy I’ll try to suck back while we are here is going to have tide me through for a bit. I know,as usual, I’ll savor every second.

Have a good Saturday!


May Be so? May Be no…..


The Shingleman household is still clenching teeth to start of the month of May,
waiting for stuff to get moving.

The wonderful conductor on my morning train this morning was having a rough start
to May too .He announced a wrong stop…gotta watch so his trolley doesn’t fall off the

May finds me still dealing with a zillion hours in the office dealing with issues,
and wistfully looking out the windows in the afternoon as my Queen Elizabeth solar doll
just waves on and on and…..

Here’s hoping May is a good go for us all!

Friday Five

I’m thankful that the guy Shingleman hired to cut down trees at Undisclosed worked while we all
were not down there. I’d probably have nightmares of limbs cracking drywall…

I’m thankful for low-fat vegetable cream cheese, as it does a bagel good!

I’m thankful that even though I have to work today, Undisclosed Location will always be there.

I am thankful I got a few hours of sleep last night, albeit not enough, since whatever I have been
typing ends up having to be corrected…my eyes are tired…**sigh**

I’m thankful for one of my BFF’s Denise…maid of honor, baby sister, fellow pet mom, Jack of all
trades…Happy Birthday( a little early!)kiddo!

Have a wonderful weekend


Happy Valentine’s Day!


With the help of my nephew, Greg, I managed to bring in some brownie cupcakes I made for co-workers today,because doesn’t chocolate work?

I am missing Mom and Dad today, who were my first Valentines. I still feel their love every day.

Happy Valentine’s day birthday to my retired pal, Duch, who I hope is having a helluva good first birthday away from the”home”.

I am lucky to have my two furry Valentine children, and of course, my one and only Valentine, Shingleman!

And you, my reader?

Happy Valentine’s day! Thanks for being here reading this. You guys are my daily Valentine!

Pity? Party of One?

Shingleman is out at a family function.
The dogs have been out but not far.
I have a load of wash in the dryer.
And I am feeling a little low.

Yeah, I know-pity party for one.

We were due to go out and visit out in Lancaster initially today but then I got the bronchial tube from hell and, quite frankly, I don’t want to be around me. I am, quite frankly, tired of this lingering on and the general malaise that is accompanying it. I was thinking back to the ” old days”, i.e., pre Shingleman, and don’t ever remember being laid this low quite as often. I think part of the stress of care giving for Mom has not totally left me and my system needs to get some more juicing in it to bring it up to par.

Oh, and I forgot the big one….here, in the city, for the weekend….

Anymore being here has the appeal of a big wet washrag. I can think of 1 million other places I’d like to be and I where I should be- @ Undisclosed…

Have got to GET and STAY healthy first.


Friday Five

It’s been a while since I did my thankful Friday five, but at year’s end seemed appropriate, so….

I have never been so happy to see a year-end, and that my immediate family and friends got through relatively unscathed. I am hoping that 2013 picks us all up and finds us well.Thanks God we got almost all the way through it.

Did I mention Jim? aka Shingleman? How blessed am I to have him in my life. We have been getting through things together for over ten years, and I can think of no finer guy to have in my life. He is my love and my rock.

I’ve had a few significant people pass out of my life this year, who were suffering with illness for a while. I am sad that they are gone, but they are, I am sure, in their heavenly reward. My life had been enriched from knowing them.

They always say friends are family that you pick yourself.You KNOW who you are-I am thankful you are in my life. 🙂

Finally,I am thankful to you, my reader. Hope you have a happy and healthy 2013.


A lot of grapes

“…a lot of grapes…”

That’s what Shingleman just called in from the kitchen.

We are on day 17 of juicing our one meal a day. It’s been an awakening. I for one, hate to write this, let alone say it,**whispering**… I feel good!

We have been doing kale, celery, cucumber ,grapes,lemon, carrot and apple. Our “desert” is raw I salted walnuts, unsalted shelled sunflower seeds and flax seed. We eat the seeds as if we were eating a small custard cup.

This has been an accomplishment. I think we are going ok!



We are going through a lifestyle change, the Shingleman and I.


Yup, we are trying one meal a day as nutrition via juicing. Yup. I know. Nutrition, skin, pulp… but guess what? We are giving our dining menu a rest and I, for one, haven’t had this many veggies since before my radiation, close to 19 years ago. I fancy myself a decent cook, but heartburn has been hanging with me for a while. I’ll try this.

I had a thought tonite while Shingleman was doing the juicing. I know I am going to burn in hell for it.

The pepper, celery, kale, cucumber, broccoli, carrot and apple juice was really tasty…..

Just needs a shot of vodka. LOL



We decided to stay in the city this weekend.


We are long overdue for an ophthalmologist appointment, so we scheduled that for Saturday morning. We intend to work on the house over the weekend, trying to clean stuff up and get it into order.

It’s really weird when you spend three-quarters of your time in one spot and a quarter of your time in the other spot. Inevitably, you end up dumping belongings in transit between the two spots, and when you need something, nine times out of ten it is in the other spot. Needless to say, a little organization is also in the works.

It feels strange to “plan” a weekend for here. We’ve lived “here” all our lives and together we have been here ten years.

It’s just that we have gotten so comfortable at Undisclosed. We have taken like the duck to water while at Undisclosed. We look forward to when we leave for there. Shingleman would say to me in the car on a Sunday afternoon/night that we are going home to which I promptly retort,” We WERE home.” Shingleman always says, ” I know.”
In the meanwhile I have sick calls to make for Church tonite, and the girls need some attention.

Friday will be here before you know it!


Bake one, knit two…

As the storm has moved from Hurricane to Nor’easter, so have I…

…from baking to knitting.

I have washed my last measuring cup for the day and have gone back to my felted scarf I am in the process of knitting. It is  a nice ombre of pinks and such, as I needed a pop of color to go with my black leather jacket. I couldn’t wait to start it, and have gotten a third of the way.

It’s funny how a storm gets different actions from different folks. Shingleman is out checking in with neighbors, and is making a list for himself for chores to do in the morning, since he is off too.

Me? I am arm-pit deep in Sandy. I remember storms past, if my folks were around, or I was on my own, and watching them on tv. I think I have kept the tv on in the background to serve as a soundtrack to the memory, as it were. The girls and I get out to walk, and , as mentioned earlier, I bake, blog, or knit. ….and relax.

Don’t get me wrong: I am praying for friends and neighbors who are riding the storm out, but with the travel restrictions and time off?

Life is good.

Infield fly what?


So it’s Friday night, and with the death of my Phillies, Shingleman and I are watching the Atlanta-St.Louis game.

Two of the St.Louis guys were supposed to catch a ball, and they didn’t. Atlanta got mad, and all of the people in the stands started, or seemed to, throw things down on the field. The announcer just announced how embarrassing the action was…I am waiting for someone to mention Philadelphia fans, but nothing yet.

All of a sudden I am waiting for football! **sigh**

Infield fly what?


So it’s Friday night, and with the death of my Phillies, Shingleman and I  are watching the Atlanta-St.Louis game.


Two of the St.Louis guys were supposed to catch a ball, and they didn’t. Atlanta got mad, and all of the people in the stands started, or seemed to, throw things down on the field. The announcer just announced how embarrassing the action was…I am waiting for someone to mention Philadelphia fans, but nothing yet.


All of a sudden I am waiting for football! **sigh**

Say Cheese….

no, …no pictures, just say cheese.

A few of us are going to a wine festival on Sunday at the Undisclosed location. My “homework” for said event was to bring cheese.

Unfortunately, in conjunction with the homework, the National Weather Service is starting to make Sunday look iffy. If I buy cheese on the way home today, I have got to keep who will eat it in mind.

Shingleman is not a big devotee’ of cheese. In fact, it wasn’t until this year that he actually got around to enjjoying a grilled cheese and fresh tomato sandwich. Whatever I buy might have to be for me and one of my BFF’s,Denise, for lunch on Tuesday.

I guess I’ll just close my eyes and hope to pick something good-stay tuned!



The morning after….

My belly is black & blue, or as Shingleman says, it looks like I got hit in the gut with a ball.

I tried no to bend today too much, and things are healing, but it goes without saying, I am sore. I’ll air it out later, and hopefully, by keeping it clean, we’ll be out of the woods.

I’ll keep you posted….


Ten Years….

It was ten years ago today.

Remember it? Wish I could say I did:it was pretty much a whirl to me. I remember tripping coming up the aisle( AS IF I could ever forget that!),sitting in those big red velvet chairs at Mass, Jim walking on my train and hearing seed pearls go crunch, coming out of a “coma” on the Atlantic City Expressway and a few other choice tidbits….

Happy tenth anniversary to the Shingleman ….can’t remember life without you!


Kicking on back….

…which is easy on year old titanium knees….lol

I have taken a few days off in anticipation of the Shingleman and what he calls “the big event.” Part vacation in that I get to actually get to sleep until 8am for a few days, part entertaining the Shingleman’s family, which is nice, and the rest, well, we’ll just roll with the punches…

The weather is irrelevant, because family will be all together, and having my brother left on my side, it’s a little bittersweet that there are not that many folks left on my side. Being with Shingleman’s family makes me appreciate them even more, as no one knows what tomorrow brings.

Looking forward to a nice couple of days..**here’s hoping**

The longest year

On August 31, I’ll have been Mrs.Shingleman for ten years. On our ninth anniversary, I had made the comment that the jump to double digit years was going to be rough.

I was recuperating from double knee replacements, my Mom passed away, Jim got shingles….and these are only the highlights….lol…

I have 51 days left to make 10 years…anyone want to go to Vegas and check the odds? Oh yeah, I’m odd enough…lol.



So here we are, kicking back, and what, to my horror, is on television?

Mr.Majestyk, with Charles Bronson.

Can you tell who had control of the remote? Yup…Shingleman..What is it that guys of a certain age have for Charles Bronson movies? I just don’t get it. I have had to suffer through this movie before. The only name I recognized was the guy who played in the Flying Nun- Alejandro Ray. Even as I type this, Jim declares it’s one of the best movies ever.

Men…go figure ..,,


Back to our spot

Finally made it back to the undisclosed location ,and the weekend went by too fast: don’t they all?

Shingleman just serenaded me through the screen on the accoustic guitar, the friends I have here had me back on the weekend walk, for which I am thankful , and Zush and Kasia got their walks and joined me in the peace and quiet. We dodged some of the heat, and all that’s left to conquer is traffic!

It’s good to be back!


We’re off( no wisecracks,please!)

We are on our way to “Undisclosed Location”. Thank God!

The girls are ready to swim and play and get some quality walks. Shingle man has some things on his “wanna-do” list in the house, and we have a ton of sunscreen.

Away from the office, from traffic, from juries, from city heat** rubbing hands in anticipation**….ah, almost home!


Be it ever so humble….

…After a two week jury hiatus, we’ll be heading off to “Undisclosed Location” tomorr0w: I can not wait.

The flowers I planted( yes, Shingleman, I know I shouldn’t have) are probably wilted, and the house hasn’t been open in two weeks, but right now, I am waiting for the “little piece of heaven.” Away from trials, the city, to where my girls can swim in the bay and probably Mommy too!

See you when we get back!

Recuperation Station

Shingleman is out being a guy at Home Depot. I have the Food Network on for cooking, the girls are gently dozing, breeze is blowing….

Welcome to my recuperation station…aka., Undisclosed, as I kick back and relax!

Sure I am still hacking, but not quite as bad. I am forcing fluids to beat the band, and Zush and Kasia figured out Mom doesn’t feel good. It’s a beautiful day out,I am feeling a little better with less wheeze….

It’s a good thing!


Storage wars

In order to step away from the Katdashians, Shingleman & I have found Storage Wars on A& E.

It’s kind of good, kind of strange and kind of sad all wrapped up into one. I mean, you have people who have to pay to store their belongings. When they obviously hit hard times and default on their locker, it goes up for auction. Then, folks come in and bid on someone’s entire home, or someone’s business….you catch my drift? There are characters who buy who are on the show weekly- Dave, a pompous sphincter who constantly talks about his ” hands of gold”, Barry, an eccentric collector,Daryl, who buys for swap meets, and Jarrod and Brandy, who own a second hand store.

It’s not murder and mayhem; if you want a reality show with an occasional chuckle, try Storage Wars.



I decided, about four years ago, to plant a clematis. If you never saw the plant, the picture in this post is my neighbor’s from down the street-I took the picture today.

Last year, in a trimming fit, I thought Shingleman ripped it out. To say I was upset was putting it mildly. Jim has no head for flowers, or should I say no clue….fast forward to this spring.

Shingleman is out of trouble- turns out he only trimmed it- not ripped it out.

Men…** sigh**


Drama? I ain’t your Mama….

Well, I figured I’d spare you the shot of me holding my head again, since I seem to be blogging about headaches/drama a lot.

Someone just saw me in passing and vented to me about  the workplace/ a current co-worker .**sigh**

My mistake was I wasn’t busy doing the current minutia mandated to be done by the office. Yup, I said it. I was taking a break, trying to abate my carpal tunnel symptoms.

People take a break sign as ” the doctor is in.”

Really? Do I look like I give a rat’s butt? Just let me alone, please?

There is no happy medium, it seems. Fortunately, Shingleman and I and the girls will be on the road to Undisclosed tomorrow.

Maybe I better put up a sign that says ” The doctor is out.”

Enough said.

A rainy 200

This is kind of a big deal for me.

Back in October, I started this blog as a therapeutic outlet for me while I watched my Mom on her downward slide with dementia.

Today, she is physically gone from me, I am still writing, and this is blog number 200. From Food network gripes, Mom, Shingleman, Undisclosed location, life working at a government agency , and, of course, my golden girls, you have been there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to the next 200!


It’s been one of those weeks.

Anything that can be somewhat off-center is.

My retired buddies are gone. The inmates are ruling the asylum in the office. Though we have had a good stretch of weather, now it’s been overcast/rainy and my sinuses can work for the Weather channel. Shingleman has painted part of the interior  of the house and the faint stench of paint remains.

On the flip side, Shingleman’s birthday is this Sunday ( the girls and I each got Daddy a gift-sssh…don’t tell), we’re expecting Shingleman’s oldest sister and brother-in-law for the weekend, and I get to make a birthday/anniversary cake. We have a birthday Friday night, an anniversary Saturday, and Shingleman’s special day is Sunday.

If the pressure in my head would drop off for a wee bit, things would be good.

For now, I’ll take what I can get.


Thankful Friday Five

1. I am tired of things going on in the office. I am waiting patiently for my retirement. Until then, Shingleman says look at it as entertainment. I could, if the knot in my gut would untie. I am thankful I am almost done.

2.I am thankful for the ability to take the current health opportunity and have a partner like Shingleman who is sticking with our healthy lifestyle, which is a whole week old.

3.I am thankful for the patience of my girls. They know their schedule and are so good.

4.I am thankful for the ability to email resumes. I don’t know how I ever did applications without it….lol

5.I am thankful for romantic comedies, because sometimes, the couple ends up together in the end and you might actually laugh along the way.

Life is too short not to laugh!

Happy Friday!