It’s That Time…

Thursday has me going back to work with the school children.

So it’s gear up time. The hand sanitizer comes back out into my bag, and I am getting cramps in my hands from sharpening the pencils that I know will be busy, either used by me or those who conveniently lose their pencil.I usually bring a good box of 16 crayons and a baggie of extras for those in need of just that shade of red. Of course, there’s my large bag of cinnamon hard candy and cough drops because being with the little folks, you just never know.

I’ll let you know how I make out.**fingers crossed**


And So It Begins….

Ah, the joys of Memorial Day weekend.

Cars overloaded,lines at any local establishment,and even opting for a 7am Mass today, we found a Church that was full.


My mother would always warn me against wishing my life away.

The summer and its’ heat, and the absence of tranquility here makes me once again long for the quiet of September onward.That will be a novel twist for me this year, as I will be waiting for school to begin.

I guess things have gone full circle for me.

Day 3

So like a nervous little kid, I am ready for day 3 at school tomorrow.

Of course, I have to watch “The Voice” tonite first.

I went out to Walmart and got my dry erase board and markers, pencils, Star Wars stickers and other things any other class aide should have up their sleeve,I went today and took my picture for my ID tag so I guess I am in this for the long run.

I’ll have to get up early to get my girls situated and give them a ton of love before I go.

Stay tuned.