Biding the time

Every day that I get up, get washed and dressed, make the trek down to the bus, I think,” X amount of days left.”

What they should really do is like they do in prison-that is, give you time off for the sentence served. In my case, it would be the amount of time I spend in a bus on the Schuylkill expressway.It has gotten a bit better lately, as school is close to being let out for the summer.The bus in the morning currently is a little more civilized, and much quieter.

The parking on the expressway gets to me. I have never realized that the driving skills of my fellow city residents have gone so far down the skids.It’s the equal of the first snow of the winter and people getting panicked by the first flurry.It just makes me nuts.

It makes the sanity clause something I really am hoping to embrace once retired.


The longest week

In my attempt to enjoy time away from the office, and psych myself up for changes in the new year, I’d been spending leave times on every Friday, in order to bask in peace and quiet.

There’s only one problem with this: eventually time runs out, and I have to figure out quiet time for Shingleman and myself. Fortunately, there’s no jockeying time this week. The flip side is this is the first full week I’ve worked in a while.

No worries- next weekend is birthday weekend.


Kasiagirl…the saga continues

Well, I figured out how to reward Miss Kasia for coming out and being around people.

When we had “the big event” weekend, if you’ll remember, she was keeping pretty much to herself and even hiding. What would bring her out of her shell, if you’ll forgive the turtle reference, was a walk.

A big one….

A 4.2 mile walk roundtrip. Just Kasiagirl.

Quality time with Mom. Whoo-hoo!

Zush was sadly excused because I knew the distance was going to be rough for her, so she stayed behind, pouting until we returned. I am sure that having Kasia come back and run to her, as if to say,”nyah-nyah!…I got to go with Mom and you didn’t.” was not taken too well, although Zush’s pout disappeared when we came back. For the record, Zush got some prime Mommy time and was most appreciative.

Love my gals and am blessed to have them!