The Morning After

In light of my blog post yesterday, I actually got a response from Mayor Michael Beck of Lower Township, who made sure I knew who didn’t vote for the dog restrictions.


Your leadership is SO strong that the new pretenders to the throne see no problem in ignoring your decisions and leadership, and you all just quietly voted the law in.People who had no life to go home to, who could afford to sit through all of your blow hard politics, were left scratching their heads wondering what happened ?

You should be ashamed of yourself.You lead people to believe that it would be taken under advisement and actually enforce the law already on the books.

Oh yeah. Let’s ENFORCE a law already on the books by writing a new law.And the hell with residents here: I’ll sell a ticket to watch you all collect the fines you are going to collect from those with open containers on the beach, along with dirty diapers left behind with Wawa hoagie wrappers.

Let the games begin.


So surreal

I had been looking for something on YouTube and came across JohnF.Kennedy Jr.

It’s almost 15 years since he took that fateful plane ride that cost him his life, along with the lives of his wife,Carolyn Bissette and her sister,Lauren.

Fifteen years…wow!

One can only stop and think of what could have been if the outcome had been different.Would he have embraced his heritage and run for public office? Would there have been children? Would he have been the first Kennedy to escape the “Kennedy curse”? Might we have had someone different in Oval Office?You can only wonder.

How difficult it must have been for his sister Caroline. As a practicing Catholic,you take some comfort in knowing he is reunited with his parents, but I know that the surviving family member can be very lonely.You are grateful for memories, but there comes a point that they are bittersweet.

He is in a better place,and his place here with us is left with a giant void.