For Love of the Game

One of my favorite movies starring Kevin Costner is called “For Love of the Game.”

The premise is that before a baseball game, a long time pitcher for a team gets news that he is going to be traded by the team’s new owners, or the old owner gives him the option he should maybe retire after 20 years in the major league. Kevin Costner goes out and pitches a perfect game, and then retires.

Cole Hamels hasn’t been pitching 20 years, but he had come up through the Phillies farm system.He was the MVP of the 2008 World Series.The 2008 team has fallen apart with only a few players left. Cole’s last two starts were shaky-in fact, he lost.

Today,in Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Cole pitched a no-hitter.It was the 13th no-hitter in Phillies history.

There has been talk about the possibility of him being traded and post game interviews with him have him being coy about that matter.

No matter what happens, well-played, Mr.Hamels…well played!



Terribly sad

All of a sudden Ryne Sandberg quit as the Philadelphia Phillies manager.

The Phillies originally drafted him in 1978 and he was a class player in his day;in fact he is a hall of fame player. It’s just a shame that the lousy players left couldn’t get their act together for this guy. Reuben Amararo Junior just said that Sandberg should shoulder all the blame, as it is a team action.

Phillies? Last I looked there is no “I” in team.


Oh the weather outside is frightful


No, thank God it is not the perfect storm, but the way the girls are shaking, you would think it is.

It started an hour and a half ago, when the storm was 18 miles west of us. Kasia started pacing, feeling it in her paws. Our power went out and we ended up going to McDonald’s’ for dinner, as you really can’t do dinner without a working stove.

We hurried back to be with Zush and Kasia-Zush who pushed me away from the computer so she could hide under my feet.Kasia is about two feet north of Zush. Totally apathetic Dad? He’s watching the Phillies and the Yankees game.

I am going to try to wrap this up and then huddle with my gals on the floors so we can calm down.

Here’s hoping.


It is really hard to watch the Philadelphia Phillies.

It’s a cycle.

The world series was in 2008. Things were still kind of good, in 2009 and 2010.That was it.Eventually the team turned grey.Pitchers left, some of them not willingly but their condition forced them to go.They were,to put it kindly, a shell of what they were.

It would seem that the Phillies have won their past two games,and with this one that is currently on the television, they are trying for their second sweep of the season.It’s June, and they are only looking for their second sweep.

It’s going to be another LONG season.


Stick a fork in them…

Yes, the sound you heard at the beginning of the baseball season was yours truly falling off of the Philadelphia Phillie bandwagon.

I was on board since 1973,kept fingers crossed whenever they got close, and rejoiced when they won the world series in 1980 and 2008.Even I learned how who is being traded, what teams are in the cellar,watched the local station for the sports round-up.

But not this year.

Don’t get me wrong: the game is on in our house.Jim is watching it, not me.When we go out to our watering hole at Undisclosed, the game is on there, and I admit, I do glance up on occasion, but not like I used to.

The games are no longer fun, The motivation and movement of the players, well, some American Legion teams play better than what the Phillies have put on the field this season.It’s as though I am watching a team that doesn’t even care.They can phone the games in more times than not.

I am ready for football.

Sorry Phillies. Better luck next year.


Not a creature was stirring..

I am sitting alone at our breakfast bar.

Jim is asleep on the sofa in front of the Phillies game,the girls are sprawled out on the floor and I am waiting for some wash to finish.

We have grass coming in, although right now it resembles a kind of peach fuzz.Thankfully it is raining right now:Jim was happy as he said it takes up a lot of time to water.I think the long stretch of the week mentally has caught up with us because we would probably be, dogs notwithstanding, cast for the cast of the Walking Dead- we would be pretty good zombies.

Hopefully, we’ll be snapping out of this.Between the juicing and moving around more, we’ll get there-I have faith.


The wayward wind

I worked late tonight.

Add onto that the fact that the regional rail system lost power for a bit due to the weather. There were 1,000,000 people, or at least it felt like this, with me on the platform, waiting for the train.The last time I was on a train that crowded was when the Philadelphia Phillies won the world series in 2008 and people flocked to town to their victory parade.

I hear the wind howling as I sit here by the window typing.I have to get up early tomorrow so I hope this wind isn’t going to keep me up .

.014I’m beat!

So just to spite me…

After yesterday’s post about the steroid usage and bans in baseball, don’t my Philadelphia Phillies go and actually win a game 9-6 over the Chicago Cubs last night?

It was bittersweet for me, as I was on the laptop, and Jim kept yelling into me what was going on,and
sadly I didn’t care.They are so far below playing .500 baseball,and the team they were playing was even further below them. For me, it was as if the game didn’t count.

When we were driving up on Sunday night,we listened to sports talk radio, with the Phillies being the major topic. One caller, I feel, summed it up for the best. You get a great team with a shelf life, and after that, the bill must be paid.

Guess we are doing that now.

Jamie Moyer,Carlos Ruiz

Take me out to steroid hill.

As a kid growing up, I loved baseball. In part it was due to my Dad taking me to games.

My team still is the Philadelphia Phillies and win or lose, they will always be my team, We stuck by them in good and bad years, and even though sometimes it hurts to listen to the game when they are doing poorly, they are still my team.

Watching the games when I was younger, either in person or on television, the player looked like an athlete: a regular guy, not like a muscle man straight from a circus tent. I remember Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire battling for the home run crown, and being disappointed when McGuire’s name came up with steroid allegations. Watching Barry Bonds have his normal size head when he played for Pittsburgh and then, in his San Francisco years, watching his entire body blow up like the Michelin man. That was like, “Whoa, what’s that all about?’ My Phillies had Carlos Ruiz, our catcher, suspended for use of a substance that he allegedly bought in a Mall health store in a neighboring state. When the baseball writers had their ballot, it HAD been said that this was Bonds and pitcher Roger Clemens year to get in. “Excuse me”, said the baseball writers with their ballots, ‘No steroid users getting in on our watch”. Now, the New York Yankees third baseman, Alex Rodgriguez, is suspended through 2015, and it is said his suspension will cost him $34 MILLION dollars. Wow! Really?

I guess the Black Sox scandal back in 1919 was the loss of baseball’s innocence times one. They managed to somehow get back on track. How baseball is going to pull the rabbit out of a hat from this one, well, I, for one, will be waiting to see.


Ah, August….

For all its heat spikes and the like, I love August, as it gives promise to the fall.

In prior postings you know I had many life changing events in August..a couple of good Phillies seasons…started a job 28, almost 29 years ago which I still have…went on childhood vacations every year with my family during the end of August..God sent my Dad on his final vacation August 24,sixteen years ago,which was fitting as our vacation week he always took was the last week in August…and Jim and I were married on August 31st, almost 11 years ago.

I am thankful for all I have experienced in August, for they have matured me in a way that nothing else would. I have come out of it realistic, albeit slightly hopeful.I have a light heart when windows are actually opened and I hear the crickets outside, and when I am at Undisclosed I and II, I look up at a beautiful summer sky filled with stars like promises,just waiting to come to me.

Enjoy the month, faithful reader, and may it be kind to us all.



It truly is trying times for anyone who considers themselves a Phillies baseball fan.

After the excitement of 2007 and, naturally,2008, it’s kind of sad to watch the glory team you remember get older, make mistakes both personally and professionally.

It’s all part of being a Phillies fan.



I was getting some weird issues with WordPress that were annoying enough that
I reloaded it to my iPhone and uploaded it on my Kindle.

Problem is…I forgot my password, so I ended up going on the Macbook to
write this.


The girls are lying low and we are kicking back watching the Phillies
versus Indians, and trying to take advantage of a little break in our current
on edge life. All that is left is bringing clothes up out of the dryer, a hot
shower, and off to bed!

Good night!


Freaking Amazing…not..

So greetings from Undisclosed, where we are currently on computers while the TV has the Phillies game on.

….The Philadelphia Phillies….

….from Philadelphia…

…broadcast via cable from a local station… would think it was coming from MARS!

It is really annoying, as the TV is annoyingly chopping every third..out of…and you have to catch what you thought went down.

It has crossed my mind to put a satellite dish around Kasia net, as it might help with the reception.
Funny, we never had this issue before from Comcast, er, Xfinity, er, whoever.

Might be time to change horses in mid-stream.


Wednesday shuffle


Well, here we are mid-week again.

The codeine is doing its job, although I am getting an AWESOME**read high sarcasm here** sore throat to keep me guessing how run down I must be.

My nephew Greg is coming to the end of his winter break** sorry Gregory** but I know he is ready to get back to Temple and his classes.

The day being somewhat dreary, I can only let my mind go to hopes of spring and my Phillies pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training in a month.

At least time is marching on!

Friday Five

This week….

I am thankful for my entertainment as I am working on this post-The Phillies vs. Mets game, where the Phillies are currently shellacking the Mets 16-1…enough said!I am grateful the Phils are on, making me want to stay up and listen-hopefully I’ll get a good night sleep.

I am thankful I have the opportunity to work and entire Friday and, as much as I’d like to leave early for Undisclosed, know that it’ll be worth my time.

I am thankful for the foresight to make a crock pot of chili this week, thus giving me something for lunch tomorrow.

Although I’ll work all tomorrow, I thank God Jim and the girls are picking me up to head for Undisclosed!

Have a wonderful Friday!



You know how there are signs of seasonal change?

Memorial Day
Super Bowl
Phillies baseball……

I guess, after being spoiled for the past five years, I had to shake the shock off when I saw the tell tale sign of the end of the Philles season…..


The last few years,people were buying Phillies shirts at Christmas , as they would during the good years.

Good years must be over….I saw this today in a K-Mart.



Took my fur children out for a walk tonite-it was a beautiful night. Coming back in to watch the Phillies, I got a phone call from Jim, who was up the street at the neighbors.

“Any reason while Lola is on the porch?”

Lola is the sweetest gal on earth, next to Zush. Fortunately, we knew this old girl was waiting to get in, so I invited her in and she said sure, she’d love to come in and catch up with her pal Zush. I think Lola is a year or two younger than Zush.

It’s always good to have buds!


Just waiting patiently for new announcers

After last night and the graduation festivities, we are home tonite watching the Phillies game on television.

We can’t stand the one announcer, Gary Matthews. Just listening to his voice is like scruffy sandpaper, and it really has gotten to be annoying over the years.I think that there are various pages on Facebook petitioning to get a new color play-by-play announcer, but there seems to be nothing more than a superficial movement , which is  even more frustrating. I always was all for turning down the volume on the television and listening to the audio/radio announcers, but unfortunately, unless it is for a world series, the two never seem to be in synch.

Oh well, there is more than one way to get around this :   am going to get washed, go to bed, and put the game on the radio.

Might as well enjoy it!

On the rocks..

Oh my Gosh!

I can’t believe I was out to dinner tonight with Shingleman and was swept away by, not my Phillies, but the Philadelphia Flyers, our ice hockey team. I was watching on different televisions but the action on this game , well, it took my breath away.

As I am typing this, there’s one minute left and it’s 7-5 Flyers!!!

Go Flyers!