Party’s almost over

My co-workers in my unit threw me a combination retirement/birthday luncheon today.

As with a lot of offices, when you are there as long as I have been, you have seen a lot of office politics go by. I had specifically asked for no party, because they leave open the chance for people from other parts of the floor to participate. People who would sooner bad mouth me one day would come and ” wish me well”?

No thanks.

My friends made a lovely little luncheon for me in the office and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.They are wonderful people to work with, and I will miss them, as they definitely had become a second family.We have gone through a lot through the inception of our unit, but we do a boatload of work.

They will forever be in my heart.



To Paraphrase Seinfeld’s George..

The expressway was angry that day.

Well, not actually the expressway.

I left work at 5PM.

Where my bus would take the exit, there was a major back-up on the expressway because the accident closed the main road up to my current homestead.Fortunately,my nephew Greg was there to save the day.

Zush isn’t feeling well: she’s in some pain. Greg was able to go to the vet for me and pick up her medicine.We were going to meet and I was going to pay him and then we’d part.Little did we know from the texts we exchanged and I exchanged with Jim that I would still be on the bus at 6:24 and not able to get off until 6:35 by Greg’s phone.He was the one who found out what happened and I was able to relay the news to my new friends on the bus.It was like being on a lifeboat.You let your loved ones know you were ok and put dinner in the refrigerator because it’s going to be a while until I come home.Then there were the “Hello Dr Soso? I can’t make my 6:15 appointment, as I am parked in a 9 bus on the Schuylkill expressway.”There were no useless conversations on the bus today.We were all tired and frustrated adults who just wanted to get home.

Retirement looking really good right now.


When the Going gets Tough

I was ready to pack it in today.


There comes a point when you are tired of being the work mule. When people are displeased with me, I hear about it.Work need to get done?**Raising my hand** gets dumped on my desk.But there comes a time when you get tired of being dumped on.

I have people telling me don’t say anything,you’re almost done.

Enough is enough.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Welcome to the beginning of my work slow-down…..

Maybe folks will get the message.



Tomorrow is the thirteenth anniversary of the 9/11 disaster.

I am back where I was then.

9/11 happened eleven months before we were married. I was here as a single living with Mom. I was at work that Tuesday morning and remembered seeing the image on computer news feeds, thinking, is it a new simulated game or what? I wasn’t used to seeing pictures and news feeds back then.We all went home, and I called Mom to make sure she was all right and to let her know I was on my way.

When I got home, my neighbor from across the street, KJ and I met and had prayers on the front lawn, and we later had prayer with my Mom.Such a terrible day, and such tragedy for so many people.

All I can do is pray that we all manage to stay safe, and the souls of 9/11 are in eternal rest.

God bless America.

Working for “The Man”

I had a chance to work overtime tonight and did. I worked an additional four hours and boy am I beat!

One of the benefits of working overtime is I can earn time to use as I wish. This is really the reason that I do this, as it allows me to continue taking Fridays off through the end of the year.

Just wanted to share a quick picture I snapped from my window tonite of the skyline at sunset.As much as I was really tired and didn’t feel like staying, and as much as I wanted to be home with my family, the sight was really pretty. Knowing I probably won’t catch it again was bittersweet.Mind you, I won’t miss the city, but being blessed with vision to take this view in is something I will warmly press in my memories.



There is nothing like working a few hours extra in the day and coming home late.

I am not bragging,only lamenting the fact that my ridiculously early bedtime has to be pushed back a wee bit because I hadn’t eaten dinner yet.Truly, not a run-of-the-mill situation for me.It can never mimic how truly physical labor wears you out, but I am pretty beat.It makes me the appreciate the fact that this time next year this will hopefully**or not** be only a memory.I know that when my head hits the pillow tonight, it will be a great feeling.

Fortunately Jim stepped in and took care of the girls, but there was nothing but love for me coming through the door: nice to know they miss me.

Good to be tired, but even better to be home with my loves!


It Was Thirty Years Ago Today**

** with apologies to Lennon and Mc Cartney

It was thirty years ago today,
The city of Philly started giving me pay….

Nah, I can’t twist those lyrics that badly, especially since I like that song.


On this day in 1911, a dispatcher in the New York Times office sends the first telegram around the world via commercial service.On this day in 1977, NASA sent the Voyager II, an unmanned 1,820 pound spacecraft into orbit.On this day in 1984, I became a full-time employee of the city of Philadelphia.

Thirty years.**shaking my head**

I can’t believe it.

I am truly blessed, especially in the day of companies relocating, folding, high unemployment….

My nephews Matthias and Gregory weren’t even born yet.My parents were both alive and I was living in the home I grew up in.I was probably**gulp** 80 pounds thinner and a lot more optimistic.I know I was scared. I left a small publishing house to work for the city.And now, thirty years later, I work a half city block away from the home of that first post college job.

Full circle? Yup, it certainly seems that way.

I thank my brother Bob for kicking my butt into getting this job.Without this job I’d probably not be here writing this blog.My medical plan from this job got me into a protocol for my first cancer.Without it, I might have died.When I started this job, my Mom asked me to call her in the morning when I got to my desk so she didn’t have to worry about me here in the city. Toward the waning years of her life, I called her every morning to make sure she was ok.The circle of life strikes again.

It’s funny.I appreciate being my age, but that melancholia can envelope you when you stop to think about back then.I’d like to think I have learned from my mistakes I have made, and with what I have learned, stare the future down and say ,”Here I come.”

Thank God!


Daily Public Transit-The Good,The Bad, The Ugly

I am climbing on my soapbox again to talk about my daily commute.

Back in my prior life, when we lived two blocks away from the train station, life was sunny. A nice morning train, a brisk walk to work;in short, no worries.

Then our house sold and we moved two miles further from the train.There lies the rub: the bus.

I honestly hate the commute. In order to get into the city I take the bus onto an expressway, where I lose forty-five minutes to an hour one way.It irks me because it is time I’ll never get back again in my life.Traffic usually sucks.If you aren’t entertained by someones’ blow by blow description of how their life is going, how their **fill in the blank here: sex life, date life,third marriage is going, well,I know, I know, read or something** Well, there’s only so much to read or listen to. I refuse to be chained to Verizon and use my hot spot to be on-line. Then, when the bus reaches center city, I get off the bus and wait for a second bus.

Did I mention I hate personal trivial conversations on a cell phone on public transportation?

Fortunately, I hope to God I get through this last stretch before I retire taking public transit. Pretty sad when I get to “treat” myself, thanks to my Flip Fitness class and physical therapy,and walk to the train station to get on a train that spares me the expressway.The indignity is I have to get OFF the train to get back on a bus to get home.

I won’t miss this at all.




I am tired of folks walking into me with cell phones.

It started today, rather this morning, when I was on the bus.People getting off the bus looking at their phone when they get up from their seat, walk toward the front and bang into me because they have no clue of what is by them.Really? Candy crush and you tube are that important?

I got onto the train and got off in center city. Instead of folks walking through the air-conditioned mall to go to work, they are reading Facebook as they are walking, or something of that nature.Really? Your office is how far away that you can’t wait?

The lobby of my building has college age students in they’re coming in to test in the morning.Plugged into phones, staring at them…now the infamous purple Kool-Aid has dialing abilities?

What I’d love to see are the statistics for broken bones and injuries for this new addiction.

Life is short, folks. Take a minute to look up from your phone and take in life.

Biding the time

Every day that I get up, get washed and dressed, make the trek down to the bus, I think,” X amount of days left.”

What they should really do is like they do in prison-that is, give you time off for the sentence served. In my case, it would be the amount of time I spend in a bus on the Schuylkill expressway.It has gotten a bit better lately, as school is close to being let out for the summer.The bus in the morning currently is a little more civilized, and much quieter.

The parking on the expressway gets to me. I have never realized that the driving skills of my fellow city residents have gone so far down the skids.It’s the equal of the first snow of the winter and people getting panicked by the first flurry.It just makes me nuts.

It makes the sanity clause something I really am hoping to embrace once retired.


This Monday


I have a rough job at times,as anyone who deals in customer service knows,and/or anyone dealing with billing people for government services can tell you, folks get awfully frustrated.

I sit here at a desk and it’s kind of obvious that I have been around the block once or twice, but especially when the older citizens come in, it gets really frustrating. I understand what they are trying to tell me, but I am not giving him the answer he wants; that is, an answer in his own words.More times than not,I know what folks are telling me and I try to use what contact information or general information I know. Some folks you just can’t please, though.Being senior citizens, I feel sorry for them.

It’s bouts like this that make me just shake my head. When I hear on the television or radio that people are frustrated with government, I know what they are referring to.


All I can just do is try my best. I am older and more spent on tilting other people’s windmills.I just can’t do it like I used to.

Today’s show brought to you by ” Mouse”

We are in an old building from the 1800’s that has been modernized>**translated, we look old on the outside but are contemporary in the inside.**

Once in a while, we get mice.

Desks get cleared out, things get thrown away, and it is quiet for a while.As I type this, though, the buzz of the ultrasound pest repellant is quietly whirring away in the background.

They tell you, don’t keep food in your desk: I don’t.Unfortunately, we have a ton of new hires who bring stuff in and have never had that oh-so-special mouse experience.

Guess what?

They will now.


Back to life as we know it.

It was kind of nice having five whole days in a row not checking in at the office.

It’s over.

I would like to make it in to work tomorrow,and it will truly be challenging, as they are calling for an inch an hour snowfall between 3 a.m. and 11 a.m……uh-huh..AGAIN! In honor of this forecast, I am calling it a night in order to get a good night’s sleep.By the way, throw in a dental appointment tomorrow ,too!

Catch you in the morning.

All those holding the short straw say “I”


…or else please stop feeling, as I do, that I have to put the finger in my eye.

My boss informed me she is out tomorrow, meaning today.

I come in today and the person due to man the front desk**can you feel what’s coming?”**

The second line supervisor asked if I would go out and take the front desk. I guess this
is one way to cut down on the noise factor.

We’ll see…..

Lifes’ Soundtrack

..for me right now is Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.

You know,the one where in the King’s Speech,where Colin Firth is giving the wartime speech and
they go with this Beethoven’s 7th.

It fits the malaise of the office, the week before a holiday where everyone is making pretenses
about working. Kind of almost funeral dirge music.

I love my iPhone and Itunes. I get to put music on there reflecting my states of mind and, even
if you don’t catch it again, it’s there.

Think I am going to download some tunes to get me through this day, and yeah, maybe even a
book or 2 to occupy my mind when going home.

Apple? A tip o’ the hat to you, late Steve Jobs….you’re saving my day!

light at the end of the week’s tunnel

Egad! I am beat.
We have been busy as all get out, as taxpayers are coming in from the corners of the city and
they aren’t happy.
Smile, answer questions, give directions, a sympathetic ear.


Thank God for Thursday!

Undisclosed Part two tomorrow!



Can’t escape it anywhere

So after nightly moving and packing at the old homestead, I am in the office.

What do you think is going on? Things are getting all moved around here. File
cabinets, mailboxes, cubicle walls….makes you wonder why.

Anyhow since there is no rest for the weary, I am going to tread on through
this 90 degree heat today with my Time-Life operator headset that STILL has
me sounding like I am talking through 2 tin cans, and carry on.

After all, isn’t that the British thing to do ?

Keep calm
Carry On.


Just hating every minute of it.


I always took pride in having some patience-not a lot, mind you, but some.

I am working on a system that I read in the paper “may be delayed”…uh, telling staff
is not an option?

My radon house with a whopping 4 that had to be corrected seems to be pulling water out
through the stone of the cellar floor, and we don’t know what this is going to
mean to us time wise.

We got a survey done and again, we wait for returned phone calls.

**tapping my foot on floor while typing**

Is it Thanksgiving yet? Just wishing….

Zero to one hundred and then poof!


The past couple weeks have been non-stop for me and they went by in a particularly
quick rate.

Once again work is keeping me busy, but there seems to be no rest for the weary.Have
to attack my Mom’s house, finally and get rid of a ton of stuff. It’s going to be
hard, but I know I can do it.

Flip side is maybe I’ll br too busy and will forget to eat…hah.

Please hold good thoughts for me, as I try my best to get through the next few weeks.
Prayers, if you so inclined, are always appreciated.

Thanks, gentle Reader.

Busy is as busy does…


Well, things are going a million miles a minute between home and work, so I have just been trucking on.

On my way home yesterday, knowing I’d be in the office this weekend, I got a little something to pick me and
my co-workers up from our never-ending duties…CHIC-O-STICKS!

Sure we have fruit and natural goodies but when it comes to the treat to beat rescue…

Need I say more?We are good to go!

It is absolutely incredible….

..How an agency treats dinosaur workers.
I don’t mean Dinosaur in a bad way, but those of us who have been through the trenches and worked our asses off.

Well, this dinosaur has decided to start x-ing off the calendar blocks and keep my head low and wait.
Just wait….
Until the house is sold and new house is built.

Older office workers aren’t given credit for following the protocol when working a certain section
of the office. You give a genuflection and bow to someone whose brother-in-law got them a patronage job,
and stop the work YOU are doing and wait on the person who thinks they are “it”

HAH….that’s ALL I am going to say.

Sure could use a drink of…

There was a deadline at work today …so I could stand a chug of antacid.

We actually found out via the press that the deadline was officially extended:Isn’t it incredible staff are last to know? Bad enough you could have had sympathy for every teacher who heard excuses. It is remarkable to me, that as adults…well, the only thing I didn’t hear was the pet chewing on homework. The phone calls were non-stop and pens on the counter walked away a mile a minute.

Get some new material, folks – the excuses are pretty lame. Now I get 30 seconds before the next phase starts….lol. Where is that Powerball win when you need it?

Just wondering…..


Push me- go on, I dare ya!

The morning is off to a bang.

Work I had completed came back with someone crying that I told them something completely different.

Uh, let’s go to tape, er the document.

If the document were observed, it could be seen that NOWHERE on it does it give the person a negative
answer. You’d think that someone was feeding them bad information to make it as if she really,
really was given a negative answer.

Thanks, middle level person who claims they work for the “people”.
Those of us who “do”, well, we don’t need people like you “helping”
us out.

Go play in the traffic.

‘Nuff said……..

Not feeling it today..

It’s a beautiful day today.

We are still busy, but dealing with a possible 590,000 people will make you busy.

I’m still hacking and at work.

A BFF is having newly hatched-possible caregiving issues with her Dad.

Another buddy is on the verge of having to put a fur child down….

I don’t know if it’s the medicine or what but my nerves are shot and I feel as though if here was the edge,I’m THISCLOSE to it.
Adding insult to injury is the fact that I am here in the city this weekend and I HATE IT.

**Climbing down from soapbox**

Thank you for your support…lol


Long day hacking

It was a long day in the office today: probably due to the arrival of daylight savings time.Once again, it was dark in the morning, but working later, I had the added perk of having sunlight, or should I say twilight? Either way you slice it, it was swell coming home with the light!

The hack,a.k.a. I”ll walk a mile for a Camel cough, is doing somewhat better…instead of hacking every five minutes, I can actually go 1/2 hour without coughing~ a major feat!

Now,with no offense to my fur girls, if only the cough would no longer sound like it belonged to a cocker spaniel….lol



Jim is still hacking, I guess, to keep my tubercular lungs company: after all, that’s what marriage is for, no?
I am counting my mercies that the girls are well.

The city of Washington D.C., has shut down due to a storm that is hitting there. Wussies! It’s a little snow.
I shudder to think what they would do if they were in the northeast!

Work is busy…too busy…I never knew I was so popular…lol

Time to run for undisclosed: this week it will be deeply appreciated, despite the amount of cough medicine ingested!

Anything to escape the city….Even Queen Elizabeth II was at the train station, looking happy to be leaving..**see disclaimer below picture**


disclaimer ***this is a cut-out that the local transit system has in honor of the British themed flower show running currently in town.

Excederin headache #5,344,999

It is rough to be sociable when you feel like crap.

You have to paste a smile on your face while your teeth clench and the
aching muscles stay knotted and scream for medicine. You can
bear no noise. And yet there you are.

In the middle of it all.
With the phone ringing again as soon as you put it down.


Yes, I know I am grateful to have a job, but sometimes, all you
can do is shake your head after you are done massaging your temples.


Sound of one hand clapping

Always good to have no support.

Go to “A” for assistance? Uh, the system is down.

Try “B” for back-up? Ditto.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to email folks who have brought you this message…..

Uh, ok…in my spare time, since I am busy dodging verbal missiles thrown at me through phones and in person.

Didn’t anyone ever hear the old chestnut about preventing things from occurring?

Obviously not….


Laughing all the way

So funny…
Overheard while walking back to my desk…

“I’m going to press harassment charges if I have to do x and Y.”

Because you are over 55, you don’t want to do the work assigned to you? Uh, you’d like to file your nails and do nothing?
Did I miss the job posting for do nothing title?

Times like this, I wait for karma and sip my seltzer, waiting for stronger bubbly on the day of departure….LOL

Oh, BTW, if you have worked with me, you know who I’m talking about.

‘Nuff said.


After the ball was over….

…don’t worry if you don’t recognize the title as part of a 1930’s-1940’s song…I can’t recall the actual title of it, as it dates back to my Mom singing it to me as a child.

I just figured that the holidays, for all intents and purposes, are done, and now it’s back to work,**ugh** and fighting off the winter sinus visit, cough of the century tours, etc…I am sure you catch my drift.

I made it back into the office today and for someone who had no liquor through the New Year’s holidays, I felt awfully hung over. There wasn’t enough caffeine to snap me out of the fog of the day.

Here’s hoping we all make it through the rest of the winter, relatively unscathed


Ugh, ugh, ugh….

Just got off the phone with a resident.

We are told how to answer the phone.
Hell, anyone in an office for the amount of years I have been in KNOWS how to professionally answer a phone.

This person said, “Oh, is that your name?”
I had answered the phone with our department name.
I said,” No, and repeated the greeting.”

**pregnant pause**

They said,” Interesting….”

……. is it time to go home yet? My head can’t take too much more….


So really…

I try to be a nice person.

Really….I do, albeit sometimes TRY is the operative word.

We have returned to the working world after our GI/upper respiratory interlude and I am back on phones talking to people, trying to assist them. I must really be a good salesman. I take the calls and try to troubleshoot them in the most time-efficient way, and try to keep the caller updated on progress.

I got off the phone just now and damn, I wondered while hanging up the phone…..WAS THAT ME?

It must be time for me to retire because I sounded cheery, helpful and the caller thanked me profusely and wished me a happy holiday.


I get it.

First time back on the phones since Friday……lol



The longest week

In my attempt to enjoy time away from the office, and psych myself up for changes in the new year, I’d been spending leave times on every Friday, in order to bask in peace and quiet.

There’s only one problem with this: eventually time runs out, and I have to figure out quiet time for Shingleman and myself. Fortunately, there’s no jockeying time this week. The flip side is this is the first full week I’ve worked in a while.

No worries- next weekend is birthday weekend.


Eels and Snakes oh my!

Thought I’d have a break in the reference to my psychology 104 class that I end up using everyday-the class was ” Adults, Adolescence and Aging”.

Talked to two of my BFF’s last night and after hanging up with them both, I am quite sure that they, along with me, were shaking their head laughing.

I am tired of saccharine, smirking folks. They think no one can see through their veneer, but guess what ? Your emotion has raised its’ ugly head, so we all get to see you and your five faces. Your neck should be tired carrying a head so big.

It’s Friday.

Thanking God I get a break out of here until Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

A change of view

Things are a little busier for me right now at the office.

We have a lot going on, with notices and phone calls coming out the wazoo. We are all busy, and it’s interesting about what Mom and Dad always said: more work you have, busier you are, day goes quicker. How true!

I come home over the past few weeks and my eyes are so tired. It’s good to be worn out tired. It only shows me one thing~ I need a vacation….lol


It was twenty years ago today…

…or so the beginning to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band goes….but for me it was 28.

Twenty eight years ago, this T Rex of an employee was green around the gills, walking into the  first day in a big government agency scared half to death. By the grace of God, here I am 28 years, 3 cancers, plus Shingleman, minus parents later, and I am still here.

Go Figure.

The benefits I received from this job saved my life, for I surely would never have been on a protocol for my first cancer. The friends I have made and KEPT along the way are choice-with them I am truly blessed. So today I am tuly thankful to those who guided me to the finding of this job, guided me during my early years, and on the bad days, guided me away from darkness.Those of you have been with me along the way know the road has been bumpy, but it has been great sharing the bumps along with you.


Ode to salt water taffy

One of my BFF’s, Kathy, was back in work Monday, after spending time at the Jersey shore. She brought salt water taffy back, from Douglass candies, on the Wildwood boardwalk .

Ah, Wildwood and childhood summer!

I remember we would go there, Mom and I , and my Mom would buy the biggest plaited white mint. It was the size of four ponytail braids put together.Mom said my grand mom, or Babci, would love it. I remember the salt water taffy. They would have the molasses taffy and form it into a paddle pop and then dip it into dark chocolate.

When I was at my desk, I unwrapped a lime piece, as it was a favorite flavor for me and Dad, and a molasses piece also. Ah, amazing what the taste does to memory recall.

Those were the days!


Cell Block View

It was a beautiful day today.
It was the kind of day that you needed to be out in….of course, after

My building is a beautiful old building, housing various contemporary offices during its’ current lifespan . When I first was hired, 28 years ago, the building I worked in had beautiful big windows like this: of course, being a government building, the windows were always filthy.

The current building is privately owned: I keep the blinds up to savor the natural light!


Bittersweet Pleasure

When I come and go the office, my train is called the Norristown line.

For four years, I’d hobble with my bad knees, sometimes to the bus when caregiving for Mom, but ALWAYS in a hurry leaving the office. There was a husband to talk to, and also care for, fur children to take for a walk, and of course, chores to do. When it would be my night at Mom’s, I’d have to hurry to relieve the caregiver .

When I got off the train, it hit me. I was in the next chapter. Mom has been gone for 2 1/2 seasons. I can take my time walking home to my family. I don’t mean to make it sound that I don’t want to hurry home to Jim and the girls: I do. It is the highlight of my day.

I just realized the mad dash of caregiving being done equals a leisurely walk home.

Truly, a bittersweet moment…..


PS-I used a shot of Shingleman for this post….he’s my rock and reason I come home!

Facebook follies…

So nice that people have nothing else to do with their lives but troll people’s Facebook pages so they can stir things up. Maybe they should start paying attention to their own lives and things might, God forbid, be going a little better for them and they won’t be so nasty to the rest of the world.
Just saying’……..


So it’s Wednesday, and I have finally lost the relaxation I came back from March mountain. I had to work a late shift today and go regular early day tomorrow. I think my eyes are confused as to if they are supposed to be open or closed.

The work week is dragging, and it doesn’t help that being in the office and watching the show there gets your head dizzy. Day-dreaming about Undisclosed only gets you so far-all I can say is come on Friday!!!


Drama- the saga continues….

So I truly laugh at people who can’t stand when you move on in your life.

I had something from my office past re-visit me. I really didn’t care about the issue, but evidently, it had one last gasp of air in it. I feel as though I was supposed to be upset, and disappointed folk when I was a little cavalier in my attitude. Oh well, eh?

I believe things happen for a reason, especially stuff out of your control. When things are over, they’re over.

What part of over don’t folks get? Glad my friends get it!


It’s back

Just when I thought it was safe to be content in the office,well….it’s back.

Office drama.

It seems that I have some aura that must be triggered when things are quiet. ” Hey, it’s time to get Mar’s gut in a knot again.”

Guess what? I am not going to let it happen. I don’t dump on considerate friends, so my “psychiatrist is in” shingle is in the trash.

Drama? Got no time for it!



It was a little difficult, but I am fortunate enough to have this to complain about…I am beat.

We left Undisclosed location at 9pm, and even then got in shore traffic. I know: I am lucky to have the Undisclosed to come up from. As I get a wee bit older, crawling into bed at11:30 means it’s rough getting up in the morning! A double cup of coffee today was of little help. I think pollen and allergies had something to do with it, but when you have to take medicine ,well, it’s what you have to do.

Hopefully an early night tonight will help me play catch up.** fingers crossed**


We’re off( no wisecracks,please!)

We are on our way to “Undisclosed Location”. Thank God!

The girls are ready to swim and play and get some quality walks. Shingle man has some things on his “wanna-do” list in the house, and we have a ton of sunscreen.

Away from the office, from traffic, from juries, from city heat** rubbing hands in anticipation**….ah, almost home!


Back at the Office…

I’m ba-a-ack!

You do not realize how much you miss a job until you are given a “darker” job, which, in my case, was a juror in a double murder trial. It finished yesterday, and I never was so glad to come to work as I was today.

I had an extra bonus surprise: my nephew, Gregory Miziorko, accompanied me in this morning. He is attending Temple University, and since he was early, came with me to the office before returning to school.

Co-workers are happy to see me, and I them.

It’s good to be back!

Above, a photo of my nephew, Greg.


I am done jury duty and treating myself with a pedicure.

We wrapped up with a mistrial of 11-1 guilty,3rd degree murder. Yup, you heard me- murder.

The picture shows a woman looking down at her lap.She was the holdout and was playing games the whole time and no one stopped her.She copped an attitude if you called her on it.

Sure,we all had cell phones, and were getting disgusted at the end of the trial with this girl.She wasted taxpayer money, along with everyone’s time.

The ok side of this?The defendant goes back to jail, awaiting his new trial.



View from deliberations

I never thought I’d say I miss my office and co-workers…I do.

Here on day 8, aka the third day of deliberation, I have learned:

1. Judges will hold you tight if they feel they can get a verdict: mistrial is a word they aren’t fond of.

2. The deliberation lunches used to be better, so I am told, but then the city fell behind on their bills.

3.Although we laugh once in a while, you can cut the tension in here with a knife.

4. We are all tired of deliberating, as of 1 PM day 3,

5.It’s been a good experience I can’t wait to finish.



After jury this week, I am working this weekend in the office, and enjoying the quiet in order to get work done.

The jury process has me feeling mentally beat up , so I end up coming home, making dinner, showering and then bed.How people deal with court on a daily basis, I’ll never know!

Work mañana , then vegging before court on Monday….good night!


Special Guest Star

It was weird going to the office today.

I was in town.
I went to work.
Monday and Tuesday I was in town.
Went to jury duty… Mentally didn’t count.

Tomorrow I serve on a jury. I am sure within the hour it’ll feel like work. I just pray that it goes ok. It is, as I mentioned in prior posts, quite a daunting prospect.

After 28 years with taxpayers? Hopefully I can handle it.


Clearing the deck

Actually going to work tomorrow….for one day!

If you remember, gentle reader, my prediction of working three days this week made in a prior post.

I was wrong.

I am clearing up the decks getting ready for my first day on the jury, which is Thursday. Little things like putting a message on office email, etc.

And then? Time to worry……

Stay tuned!!


Change of address, part deux…

Well, today was the day that, to quote Susan Sarandon in Thelma and Louise, I returned to “the scene of our last crime.”….in other words, I was back at my original cubicle in the office.

I can’t lie- it felt good.

My computer is 75% connected, and I am unpacked . I know it is quiet now, but it’ll get crazy when notices get mailed out. In a funny way, being back will get me a little more focused, which can’t hurt .

The picture below is my unpacked cubicle.

Change of address

Well, all the drama in the office has hit the fan for me today. I was informed mid- morning I was getting transferred back to my prior position.

I had worked that position for five years. Quite frankly, I left to make a lateral move to another area that was short staffed. Now that all of my buddies retired, there was no one left to do my original job.

Hopefully, things will quiet down for me on the job, and that would be a good thing! ** here’s hoping!**

Haven’t a clue….

Allegedly, the office is going through a housecleaning. Hopefully, I won’t be swept up with the trash. The drama doesn’t even go away any more: it just tapers off and then picks up again. All this makes me wish the house gets sold rapidly, so I can pack up and get to the Undisclosed and get on with my life.

Meanwhile, I am glad for the knee replacements, because who knows how long I am going to have to tread water. I can’t wait until I can hang out with Zush.


Suffering through the week

So having left Undisclosed location last weekend, I knew that it was going to be a long week… Boy, did I call that!

I suffered through a clown college** read office here* meeting yesterday. My nephew Matt receives his Masters’ degree tomorrow night- I would not miss that for the world! Saturday will be hard, physically and mentally, as Jim and I will be working on cleaning up Mom’s house. Sunday I ‘ll be stopping at the cemetery on the way to my mother-in-law’s.

Did I mention I miss undisclosed?…….


A rainy 200

This is kind of a big deal for me.

Back in October, I started this blog as a therapeutic outlet for me while I watched my Mom on her downward slide with dementia.

Today, she is physically gone from me, I am still writing, and this is blog number 200. From Food network gripes, Mom, Shingleman, Undisclosed location, life working at a government agency , and, of course, my golden girls, you have been there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to the next 200!


Just too damn beat

Trying to fall back to sleep, and oh, how I wish I could…

Sleep is the only escape from the drama of the office which currently is on the upswing …when we last left ” British Petroleum “, he had come to me to ask a question AND bitch and moan at the same time,regarding a current office request. I felt like reminding him that he wouldn’t be in the fix he is currently in if he wasn’t such a horses’ butt…** wondering how to tattoo I don’t give a rat’s ass on my forehead under my bangs for use on such occasions**

Fortunately, Shingleman and we gals are shipping out to Undisclosed, where the only drama will be figuring out the time of the sunset.

Thanking the Lord for small favors, let’s see what today will bring!


A drama-less life

This week has been chock full of drama on the job. **. Shaking my head in amazement**…

It was enough to have me take a precious vacation day, kick back with my girls, forget about slackers and the office, and get ready for the “Undisclosed location.” Hopefully Jim will be feeling a little better, and I will get some walking in with friends and the girls.

Have a nice weekend!


This little piece of paper

Is a leave slip that you have to submit when you take a day off in this government.

OK, normally I would have done that without question, but guess what folks, uh, my Mom is in the midst of taking a long one way trip and , uh, can we just say other things are on my mind?

This morning really just had me rolling my eyes in the back of my head- I received a SECOND NOTICE that I have not returned the slip in. Never mind the fact that I have been going steady back in Human Resources, getting and filing out FMLA forms,but, NO-O-O…they are going to hunt me down  for this one stinking slip.

They say that government is a bureaucracy overrun with paperwork.

‘Nuff said…………..

Truer words have never spoken…


This is a church message board in the vicinity of our “Undisclosed Location”.

I really can relate to this. Many times, after having opened my mouth and inserting foot, I would think of this statement. When I saw this I thought someone else goes through what I do. Then, after looking back on a 27 + year government career, how many times I wished people actually would THINK of this and that I would benefit from this…

Nonetheless, I came across this and thought it was worthy a post for the New Year. Here’s hoping you enjoy it and maybe this will bring a smile to you. Hopefully, someone will make a gift of this to you today.

On the flip side from yesterday..

…When I am at home with Jim, as opposed to watching my Mom at night, I get to ride the train into the office. When the train pulls into the station, I am able to walk underground up to a block before my office , so it’s not too bad during the winter.

I was walking through the mall area this morning when I came in, and walked by a Dunkin’ Donuts, where a guy, who I had recognized, had turned first, looked at me and said good morning. I, naturally, wished him a good morning back. I really don’t know this guy outside of riding the train for the past almost ten years, but the mere fact that he recognized me and spoke to me not only made me feel good, but started me thinking.

There are people I know from an almost daily commute on the train. Take, for instance, my friend who is a physician’s assistant at Hahnemann hospital. Do I know her name? No, as we sit in the quiet car every morning and on the way back. We pantomime our good mornings and smile, and when we are frustrated at something about the transit authority, we’ve been know to pass notes back and forth. An acquaintance from, of all places, my brother’s street, who, I am embarrassed to say, for as many times as I talked to him on the train platform, well, have never asked his name. Then there is Jim, who I have been getting the train with since I first got married-he works for the transit authority and loves to tell me stories, while waiting on the platform, about inspecting train tunnels..**shudder**..but, entertaining none the less.

Outside of maybe two handfuls of true “friends” that I have met working at the same spot for 27 years, I’ll miss these guys too. Not enough NOT to leave, but there will always be a warm spot in my heart for you all.

Oh, for my buddies Juls and Duch, here is a sunset of shot of my hopefully future transportation- the Ferry. 😉

Waiting, part deux…

If you loved me waiting for IT on Monday, well, you’ll love this entry-it’s like I never left.

There are many different facets to my job, as I am sure there are to everyone elses.

After my entry the other day on waiting, well, eventually, IT got to me to assist me with my PC problems. Yesterday, I worked on a different report that needed to be done. My error for this morning is that I returned to what was fouling me up on Monday morning figuring that I can get it out-of-the-way.

Fat Chance.

Don’t I go to start the sub-division and get yet the same error message that allegedly was fixed on Monday? I remember I had the fore-sight to have the guy attach me to a second printer, where the sheets eventually came out from. HOWEVER, the menu for completing this job is on a different program. The mistake I made? I tried to access it only to find that my PC conveniently can not access the alleged drive that is on.**grabbing my head while reaching for Excederin bottle**. I am determined to get the bulk of this project done today, but , without prompt assistance from the IT guys, I guess quill pen, parchment, and carrier pigeon may be the way to go.

Hurry up and wait..

….for an over-whelmed IT department to show up so I can actually do my work. The picture in this post is a plot plan for a proposed sub-division of an area which I am responsible for. I am trying to actually accomplish work and have oh-so-politely submitted a request for assistance. Unfortunately IT is everywhere but where I need them, which is here. Never mind that things are just doing a Hodge podge through the office, with management’s priorities being everywhere and on everything but where it needs to be…gee, detect a trend?

There are folks who actually want to buy these two houses. It’ll be interesting to see if I can get the accounts set up sometime before I retire or the properties go back up for sale.**sitting here NOT holding my breath**….

Wednesday is cancelled for lack of interest..

..boy do I wish!

Didn’t watch the weather last night**mental note to self-watching the weather may NOT be hazardous to your health** so had to pinch a rain coat/jacket from my Mom’s closet to make sure I got into the office relatively There is something bittersweet about having to raid my mother’s closet for a jacket that I know she will no longer have to wear. Plus, add the fact that I am 5’6″ and my mother is a whopping 5 foot, and yet amazingly, the arms fit me. Figure that one out. So I trenched off to start the day in not the most light-hearted of moods.

Then, to come into this government agency where I call home for 8 hours a day where it is dreary as all get out, most of us just are thisclose to going completely off the track and payday is the only saving grace…no, wait, ..I had a hot K cup of coconut coffee to push my mind’s button to ON.

Well….Thursday is around the corner….