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A friend of mine gave me an idea for the “pork” based New Year’s Eve party.

I made barbecue beans,which have ham and bacon in them, along with some vegetables to
balance it out. I’ll be babysitting it through the night and it’ll go with us to the party tomorrow.

No matter where you go or what you do, I hope your New Year’s Eve is a safe and happy one.
I thank you for following Thereisnosanityclause and hope you check in with me in 2014.

Happy New Year!

Rockin’ & Rollin’

We are out west at March Mountain, celebrating the end of the old year and start of 2013.

What is interesting is that my friend, Juls, has her son and his band, Capture the Crown, also staying here. I think it’s neat, even though I am a little old for Tyler and his Aussie band mates, they are great guys. It truly is a change- hanging out with a screaming band!

It’s good to be together with friends, and to share special times…laughter is great!

I’m blessed!



This morning, I would say the winds here are blowing a minimum of 25 miles per hour.
25 mph….


The girls and I will go out lunch time to see our friends, but I think we are going to stay in and stay cozy. This is not necessarily the way I wanted to leave 2012 in Undisclosed, but I KNOW 2013 will rock.

Happy old year memories and a happy new year full of promise to you all!


Should old acquaintance…

…be forgot….in light of my Mom and her dementia, here’s hoping everyone holds on to their mental abilities in the years to come.

We are seeing our buddies for New Years and it is good to be with our contemporaries. We commiserate about the same stuff, hell, I think our fur children even commiserate about the same

Be safe this New Year’s Eve!

Good health, happiness, and prosperity for you all in 2012!

See you next year!

These boots are made for walkin’….

Behold…my right foot.

For those of you who “know” me, you know I have been through the whole knee saga and would say, “Mar? A heel? What’s up with that?”

Well, I figure it’s time.

I am hopefully going to see my other “Juls” over New Year’s Day and in Carlisle PA., it’s known to be a little frosty. So I looked in my closet last night and said it’s time.I haven’t worked a heel on a shoe for about five years-not that I was ever a big fan of a heel. In fact, the Naturalizer heel was as high as I went. If only I didn’t have a belly in the way  when I put them on, but, that’s another story that I am working on…on that note, a shout out to my friend Joanne, who knew my coffee was a little lonely this morning- the baked goods were fabulous!

So, I am going to work these boots into the new year,hoping to start the year in an upright position.

Here’s hoping you do the same.,