Phantom of the Opera

I ended up coming home from work sick today, victim of a 24-hour bug.

While I was crashing and burning in bed,I had Netflix on the phone and found the 25th Anniversary of the Phantom of the Opera, that was taped from the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Oh, those were the days.

Princess Diana of Wales, in photos with the cast opening night. Later, Sara, Duchess of York in New York in pictures with the New York original cast. The romantic story of Andrew Lloyd Webber and his wife and leading lady, Sarah Brightman. Who could forget Michael Crawford as the original Phantom.

I finally pulled myself up to finish things around the house and am moving a little gingerly, but the words and music of The Phantom of the Opera really soothed the soul, and made 24-malady a little more palatable.

So out of touch

I am watching the Golden Globes on television tonight.

I have seen the show “Transparent” and also it’s star, Jeffrey Tambor win.The show isn’t even on television.I believe it’s screened on Amazon primetime.Amazon primetime? What? I mean I realize that I know about Netflix and shows on there. I am so one color, I guess, that I had no clue that there are new ways to watch out there.

No, I am not going to end this that I used to walk 5 miles to school uphill in the snow.I just am watching this awards show and realizing how behind I am. Perhaps during this new chapter of my life, I might actually catch up.

First Position

Since living in limbo, aka, my mother’s house until we move, I have been looking at Netflix.

A lot.

it has been awesome to catch up on old favorites like Columbo and my favorite of the L&O series, Law and Order Criminal Intent. There is one movie that I have been watching over and over when I have a need for background distraction. It is an independent film called First Position and it is, you guessed it, about ballet.

I had futile attempts at ballet as a youngster. Let’s just say grace was never my strong suite, as my brothers can attest. When I was single and when we were in different offices, I really got into ballet music. I enjoy classical on occasion but there is something about the story behind the different ballet stories.

If you appreciate ballet or follow it, and you haven’t seen “First Position”, give it a try. It is a pretty good independent ballet film.


The Producers

In order to stay warm, the girls and I are in watching Netflix.

I grew up on Mel Brooks, and saw the original “The Producers”, so when I saw the remake on my browse list, I figure why not? Somehow, though, Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder made the movie memorable for me. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane, well, I guess I have to tear my mind off the original in order to get into this.

Blanket and bed are next.

Stay warm, friends.