Red Shoes Dancing the Blues

When I woke up yesterday morning,I was shocked.

Granted, I pick up a People magazine once a week, or watch the E channel, but as they say, the family kept it quiet.

The death of David Bowie is a loss for the music world. It also hits a timeline in most of us 40 and overs lifetimes.Some of us never had a chance to see Bowie at the local theater when they came in town. Most of us knew of him through the radio, or MTV videos for those younger than us.Duets he did with Freddie Mercury and Queen,”Under Pressure” were one of my favorite performances.I love when he did Dancing in the Streets with Mick Jagger. Remembering the music brings me back to my youth, to a carefree time in life. I remember Space Oddity..I had never heard anything like that before.

R.I.P. Ziggy Stardust… You will be missed!

Ringo Starr

We were out for dinner tonight at our neighbors and during the course of dinner, we put the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2015.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts and other were inducted into the Hall of Fame, and now that I am home, we put it back on, who is getting inducted but Ringo Starr.Paul McCartney is introducing him and inducting him, and I am like, whoa….these guys are getting older.Then the camera pans from Paul’s grey hair to Ringo sitting there with his short hair cut and dark head of hair.

I need the number of his hairdresser….lol

Fishin’ Boat Lovin’

One of my best buds, Juls, has a very talented son, who records as Ty March.

Ty used to be part of the Capture the Crown band, and left them to go off on his own. He is blessed with a wonderful voice.He has tried his hand at writing more in a country and western slant, and one of my favorite songs that I was lucky enough to here him perform in person was Fishin’ Boat Lovin.Ty played it for me and Jim back in February and from the first time we heard it, we thought it had hit written all over it.

He has been putting in his time and you can hear his heart and soul in his lyrics. He’s like something you can become addicted to and want to hear more and more of.Trust me, you will hear from him a lot in the future, and it will only be good!

To think I knew him when….***chuckling**

Storage Wars

I have not really followed Storage Wars on A&E for a few years, since the guy named Barry left and they tried to give him his own show.

For some odd reason, like background noise while I am trying to start my flower seeds in egg cartons,I put the show on.It really hasn’t changed too much.Basically, anyone who has stopped paying on a storage unit in California, well, this couple contracted by A&E travel to auction the units off. Jarrod and Brandy and Darryl and Brandon are still there, and some newer folks who I really can’t follow. One girl, Mary, was all excited about a mirror that would have been on top of a dresser, when I watched her empty the unit, there were more pricier things that she had no clue what they were.A man named Ivy just paid $550 for someone’s unit and the first three things he pulled out of the storage unit? Empty baxes…it’s a game that I just can’t see why people would play it.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time to listen to music instead…more relaxing and not watching people spending money on junk.

Diane Sawyer -Beyond the Sound of Music

I got back from the city tonight in time to see Diane Sawyer and Julie Andrews talk about behind the scenes at the Sound of Music.

They are blowing wide the story, telling of how Grace Kelly and Doris Day were up for the role of Maria, Mia Farrow auditioning for the role of Liesel,the giggles in the gazebo scenes between Maria and the Captain,Julie Andrews reworking the wedding march…quite good stuff.

It does intrigue me this movie.Perhaps it is the classic perfect life that you know it will never be.Perhaps it is the love that you never thought you’d have, with Maria and the Captain.I read that when Maria Shriver was marrying Arnold Schwarzenegger, she wrote to get the permission from the estate of Oscar Hammerstein and Richard Rodgers, to get permission to have the wedding march played as she was going down the aisle.There’s something about this movie.

I have never gotten to Salzburg, but I’m sure I would have joined one of the Sound of Music bus tours.I read that the Sound of Music sites get more tourists than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace…SERIOUSLY.

It takes me back and makes me wistful for both of my parents,an easier life, none of the weight of being grown up.For an hour tonight,I “must have done something good.”


” Self Praise Stinks.”my Mom always said…

..except the subject of my last post, the band ALL TUNED UP, actually pulled my post and put it on their Facebook page.That really made my day, because I think that was the first time a subject did that for my post.

Diane and George started the band, and I owe George an apology for calling him Gary yesterday. There are five members all together and I can’t begin to tell you how amazed we were to see a band that actually played music.Sure, there are a lot of groups that play down here, but they usually have their background music on computer.They sound like they are a bigger band, but it is really the computer playing the music.

We laughed last night, because Jim and I normally wouldn’t have been a fan of the song” Uptown Funk”‘ because we really don’t pay much attention to new music, but the tune is so catchy, we had no choice but to really get into it, because the tune gets stuck in your head.Jim always likes It’s All About The Bass, because he felt Megan Trainor’s voice was different.I used to play the song all the time on You Tube because it got me through the workday.When we heard older standards played, we felt that this what a well-rounded group does.They cover the whole thing.

Anyway, this morning I was beat.I hadn’t danced that much in a long time and that was a good thing.We are looking forward to the next time they come on down and play.


Friday Night Date

We went out tonight to the local fishing club for dinner with our friends Dottie and Al.They are leaving tomorrow to go to Arizona.

We had seafood for dinner and were so busy having a good time that we didn’t realize the band for Friday night was tuning up!

The group was called “All Tuned Up”, and they were awesome. A female lead singer named Diane and her husband, Gary started the band.They were five all together, and in an age where a lot of musicians use computers to play back up music, there were NONE with this group.Pretty impressive, I thought. They played a great mix of music: from Zac Brown Band, to Megan Trainor,thru 50’s, 60’s and so on, everyone loved their mix.Even the oldest of diehards were bopping along to their cover of Uptown Funk.

It was a fabulous night.Most fun we had in a long time, I would say, with wonderful company.

Life is good.

The Voice

I have watched American Idol in the past.

(Past being the operative word)

There are only so many times you can watch singers, good, bad and in-between,fight to get recognition and win competitions…until now.Sure they might win the contest but outside of Kelly Clarkson and maybe Jordan Sparks, where are they now?

I admit when The Voice came on the air, I kind of hung on it as another American Idol.Until this week,when on Monday night, I never thought I’d be watching a competition again.Now I have found The Voice.

What really intrigues me is the concept of the blind auditions.The ability to judge someone by their voice, not how their appearance.It really makes me appreciate that music is universal when you listen first and then look.I was pleasantly surprised. They have gotten me as a convert.I’ll be following the show through this season.

Hot Date

Since we had no company this weekend, Jim and I decided to take ourselves out to dinner.Last Sunday was our anniversary and we really didn’t have a chance to celebrate ourselves. Tonite was our delayed celebration.

We went to a local eatery here at Undisclosed, and they had a woman singing and a guy on guitar playing for her.The music was nondescript, but what we thought was funny happened halfway through our dinner.

A guy went up to the musicians wearing a holster.I know- I write holster, you read it and go, gun?Nope, he had seven, count them SEVEN different harmonicas in the holster, and evidently he shows up to help the musicians out.I was thankful there was no gun in that holster.It made for some interesting evening.

Below, a shot of holster man….


Lifes’ Soundtrack

..for me right now is Beethoven’s 7th Symphony.

You know,the one where in the King’s Speech,where Colin Firth is giving the wartime speech and
they go with this Beethoven’s 7th.

It fits the malaise of the office, the week before a holiday where everyone is making pretenses
about working. Kind of almost funeral dirge music.

I love my iPhone and Itunes. I get to put music on there reflecting my states of mind and, even
if you don’t catch it again, it’s there.

Think I am going to download some tunes to get me through this day, and yeah, maybe even a
book or 2 to occupy my mind when going home.

Apple? A tip o’ the hat to you, late Steve Jobs….you’re saving my day!

Whale of a day

Our town at undisclosed location was founded in 1680 as a whaling village .
Traditionally they celebrate their history with a street festival they call Whale of a Day. It is traditionally celebrated the Saturday after the Fourth of July.

Jim and I cranked up the air and left the fur girls in it while we walked down to take in the street fair. The heat was tremendous, but we had lunch and listened to a couple local musicians perform. As we walked back, you could only fry in the heat, and savor the air conditioning you went back to.

How sad. It makes me wonder how man screwed up the atmosphere to have such heat. Then again, I am always one who wondered whatever happened to spring.

Beyond the Candelabra

I don’t know if anyone else caught this movie made for HBO starring Michael Douglas as
Liberace and Matt Damon as his lover, Scott Thorson.

At first I thought, ugh, two male actors in those roles, but as in the teaser they
give for the film, Michael Douglas says you quickly forget who they are as actors and \
how well they pick up the relationship. Both Douglas and Damon are married, so they
portrayed the dynamics of the relationship quite well indeed.You followed their ups
and downs, and the sadness was unavoidable at the end.

It was an awakening for me, as a Polish American girl, who grew up watching
Liberace on the various talk shows, like Mike Douglas and Carson. I mean he
was Mr. Showmanship.I felt this took you into his life and brought his actual
humanity to the forefront.I always enjoyed his music, but now I appreciate
his life.

If you get a chance to see it, it is pretty good, IMHO.

Saturday wedding… Part Deux

So here we are at the beautiful reception. The food is abundant, drinks overflowing…

Oh.. What’s that you say? I can’t hear you. ** Disclaimer- Jim and I married in our 40’s **. This band is good and loud. Pardon me if I embrace my middle age cloak of snarling, but, you can dance to music that is low enough to have a conversation with the person at the table next to you. I probably will have trouble hearing for a day or two.

Thank God we don’t hear music this loud all the time…,I am sure if I was in the bridal party I’d love it- but that was 20 years ago…

** whew**


An Easier life..

One of the two hundred level stations on Comcast is airing a Queen concert from 1981 from Canada. A time where things weren’t so bad,…yet…It’s incredible how the music of our youth comes back to bite us in the butt when we least expect it. The new wild, hot songs we used to bop too now have a slightly faded edge to match the slightly fading vision in our eyes as we get older.The spring in my step that had me out at night clubbing to the music, and had me coming in the next morning humming the tune as I came into the office now only get a little chuckle and my step to the office is just as leaden as it has been for the past fifteen years.

Queen, I’ll grant you, is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you know what? The dreck from the office today is swept away and I can try to fall asleep and feel slightly more optimistic about tomorrow.