If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About Anyone…..

I have read some blogs where people vent about siblings or children or spouses, and usually just figured that they were blowing off steam. When people do this, sometimes, they don’t realize how ridiculous they come off.

I really could use a good venting session right now, really I could.


Instead of that, I’ll insert the picture of the Cape May Lighthouse and meditate on the water.

Have a good night.


Last Rose

It never ceases to amaze me.

We live in an area bordered by a bay:the Delaware Bay to be precise. You see weather roll in over the bay, sunny skies, stormy seas,…you get the idea. In the winter, when it is cold enough, I have seen the bay frozen over to the point of resembling an Alaskan tundra.

When I walk the girls during the day, I meditate, pray, and take in a ton of sights.When the weather changes, you’re used to seeing falling leaves, dead lawns and the like. You can imagine how pleased I was to come across this gem this morning.

Nice to see a beautiful remnant of this summer.