Something for nothing

It never ceases to surprise me.

Give people an inch, they want a mile and a half. If the shoe was on the other foot, they would be charter members of the
“what have you done for me lately?” club.

In the meantime, I am here treading water getting a cramp from it and these folks would be the last people to throw
someone else a line.

In the meanwhile, the noise factor of the drone bees goes buzzing along.


Pardon me while I jump down off the soap box and resume treading.


I have given it a shot.

The Encore movie channel is running the Thorn Birds miniseries over the following three nights, in addition to tonight.

I have read the book that it was adapted from, my good pal Duch named her oldest daughter after Meghann, the heroine. I have only seen the miniseries a ton….tonight, I couldn’t do it.

Life is real- happy, sad, trying times…whatever. I just couldn’t handle the underlying sadness tonite.

What have I opted for?…..

ESPN and the Houston-New England football game. With any luck, I’ll be sleeping soon… Lol