Leaf me Alone..

..or the end of the 2016 Leaf Saga here in “Amity”.


The leaf men, or arbor technicians…lol…actually showed up around 8:30am.



I was ready to have heart failure because I couldn’t believe they actually came close to the date on the flier.They started down our street ,but it was not without a glitch, though. It would figure that they got to our next door neighbor’s house,and,what do you know? I watched the guys and the one who was operating the vacuum hose informed me it stopped picking up because the truck was full. “We’ll be back.”


I’m from Philly. I believe that..NOT!


Didn’t they come back 20 minutes later? Color me chagrined. I leashed the girls up and got them out for our morning walk so they could read the rest of their leaf mail for 2016.

Bring on the snow!

Late November Disappearance

I really have not entered a post since Thanksgiving.
Here’s why.


“Amity”‘s little secret is that we turn into leaf city in November, as that is when everyone gets together and gets their leaves to the street, where our nonexistent curb would be:that is where the township comes up and vacuums the leaves with a couple of stray workers to pick up straggling leaves that would be left behind..lol.The joke is today is the first day listed of a “possible” pick-up, but hey, they gave us the same day last year and they were picked up December 14th. HAH..politics seldom change wherever you are.


This picture is a shot further up our street, showing our house and the avalanche of leaves waiting to be picked up.I had nothing to do with this, although I had offered to help Jim.He ran with the challenge of this, and I for one, will just be happy when the leaves leave, as the dogs can stop scratching from running through them. Yes, I know, I am a bad dog mom, but, I just can’t deny them their pleasure of sniffing who was there first and digging for buried treasure.


Aloof, er, A Leaf


Leaves are, pretty much, a big thing around here.


This picture of the barest of trees equal one thing: a pile of leaves on the ground.Unlike the big city, here, you are told to bring your unbaked leaves to the edge of your property and, on an assigned date, the township comes up and collects them. Don’t dare to add any branches, twigs or the like, or pull out your dead summer plants to add to the mix, as they will not take them. They are quite adamant about leaves alone.

The trick is that the leaves start falling late September or early October, and our leave collection isn’t normally until the second week of December.Until that time, usually, the trick is to keep other people’s leaves from blowing back on your lawn that you just raked. It is a never-ending vicious cycle.I have learned since I have been down here, that the oak are the last to lose their leaves, so the dead leaves still remaining on the tree seem to tease you as you look up and see them.

No worries,though.Snow will be here soon enough.