Toothless Cyberspace-the dental saga contnues

So I went for a dental check up to my old reliable dentist yesterday.
You know, cleaning,check-up, the whole nine yards. But I had a spit ball thrown at
me during the visit.

I have an appointment Friday morning with an oral surgeon for a BIOPSY on the roof
of mouth.Very happy that my old dentist caught it. My question is why didn’t
the state of the art dentist catch it? God knows he was racking up enough dollars
and was working right there.And if I can prove it went back to last fall, well,
cyber dentist can get ready to meet cyber lawyer.

Prayers and good thoughts will be highly appreciated on Friday…
I’ll keep you posted.


Jury Express

I think it’s almost over.

The endless cups of hurried coffee, more lawyers than you want to meet up in your lifetime, heartburn from hurried breakfasts….

The witnesses are getting whittled down. I can honestly say I’ll be glad when this jury stint is done. I have enjoyed and laughed with fellow jurors, but you know what?

It’s time to get back to as close to normal as it’s going to get.

** I hope **


Still chugging along…

Another day on the jury under my belt.I even tripped on a rug with my sneakers for added entertainment and spilled my coffee, but fortunately the trial reigned over my clumsiness.

I have to laugh today because they have bombarded us with experts, and the cheesy lawyers for the defense try to knock them down. The judge no sooner announced that both attorneys,i.e., prosecution and defense, agree that they are experts, but give it a half beat and here goes the sleazy defense attorneys trying to undermine their credibility.

A few friends of mine said that I could be up in Bellefonte, for the P.S.U. sex scandal and on that jury. At first I thought it would be great to be on that jury, but the stuff down here just makes my head swim. I guess God did give me what He felt I could handle.

A bona-fide F.B.I. person is on tap for tomorrow, to dazzle us with more technical double stepping. When he/she is done, I am sure I’ll be longing for the days of two tin cans and a piece of string;that is, for a simpler time,

Hopefully things will be wrapping up soon, but who knows?

Can you hear me NOW?????????

Had the occasion to be on public transit yesterday for a brief bus ride that was  louder than an Aerosmith concert.

The culprit?

A lawyer!

So as he is on his hands free phone on the bus, screaming( I mean, dude, seriously? It was 4 adults over 50 and YOU) and talking about all his business, I could only think of he did what he did for a living to draw attention to himself. He obviously was a ” cog” in the election wheel, dropping city commissioners and former city commissioners names AND home phone numbers at the top of his lungs. I’d say he was compensating for other ” short-falls” in his life. If I had been someone disenchanted with the voting system, just listening to this guy on the bus would have solidified my opinion of why they should NOT vote. If I were the city commissioners that this guy was blasting phone numbers of, well, I mean he might as well just written them on street corners all through the city.

Me? I just laughed at his over-compensation, grabbed my head, aching from his voice, and got off the bus at my stop.

Politicians and political wanna-be’s…gotta love ’em.