Now that the weather is working its’ way down I would love to pick up my knitting needles and get back at it.

I am embarrassed to say I have a pile of yarn that is by my rocking chair,and I really need to keep my hands busy. It gets kind of rough though, as I had gone through a spell with carpal tunnel about twelve years ago, and I always get apprehension about waking up a sleeping giant,as it were.

My friends Kate and Juls are master knitters and their skills are quite awesome and make me green with envy. I know I will never quite get there, but hey, I will let my hands do the talking.




Knitting is something that was taught to me by my Mom.

I am ok at it, but I am not as proficient as I would like to be.When I knit,once in a while I’d drop a stitch or two and have to rip whatever I am knitting and start over.

It gets frustrating after a while.

Back in December I decided to try a new approach to knitting;I bought a loom.

A loom allows you to knit,but you have something more solid to work off of than just knitting needles.You are working off of a wooden or plastic formed loom, which basically holds the stitches for you.It has been a rough start for me though. I just started it this afternoon, and I have to rip what I did.I tend to have a tight hand while I am doing it and it’s not necessarily a good thing. I am going to rip and start again tomorrow morning and I will post progress shots as I get along.


Drop a Stitch

Before my Mom became ill with dementia, I likely had her review knitting with me and I was so grateful that I did.I have made a few things and admittedly, I struggled trying to make them nice.

I picked up a few skeins of green chenille yarn and decided to run the other way. I embraced my roots: I crocheted.

As a kid, I used to watch my Mom crochet me a hat to wear for school. She would do it on a Sunday night between 7 and 8PM, when Wonderful World of Disney was on.I was fascinated how she could do that in such a short amount of time! And it was a pretty hat to boot!

As I got older, I made my oldest brother and his wife an afghan as a wedding present , with some help from Mom, I made scarves, I made myself an afghan.I think that is why I got back to crocheting.It is like comfort. I can’t finesse knitting needles like my friend Julie can, but I can make my way with a crochet hook.

Thanks, Mom!


Nudge by Greg

My nephew Greg paid me a visit to me today.He was kind enough to pick up a prescription for Zush.

During our visit, I started busting on him about Words with friends.They give you an opportunity to nudge a player when they are not playing the game fast enough.

I said to Greg,”I hate when you do that.”**meaning hitting the nudge thing on Words with friends**

Then I showed him my knitting I am working on, and I told him that,” Here, now I am going to nudge you with my knitting.”…lol. I am working on a chenille eternity scarf. It is keeping me busy in the car when the light is good.


Yay for buddies!

Our friends Juls and Tim are here for the weekend and it is awesome!

We don’t get a chance to hang out with company and Juls is knitting, I am blown, our pups are playing and two of our pups are chilling. Tim and Jim and hanging out on the sofa and we are relaxing. So nice to actually kick back with buddies.

The weather is due to be a little wet tomorrow, but rain or shine, friends rock! We need to get together more often!

So there’s this house, see..

.and I am here hanging out.

First wash and dryer loads were done successfully today.YAY! That marked a step in the right direction. It was as if I kind of said this is my house, and I am here. It was kind of a liberating thing.

The only weird part is when you are used to old stuff and noises and now you have new equipment and noises and you realize how behind the times**kind of**you are.Plus the fact that I never really paid attention to noises because they were pretty much the same.

I have been on the laptop futzing around and I have knitting in the corner I should be working on, books I can be reading…I’d go outside but the polar vortex tells me otherwise.

Stay warm, friend!

Felt like

When we last left the “knoble” knitting and felting world, I has started on my pink pure wool scarf, in order to jazz up my leather jacket that’s black.

Well, it’s getting there.

I have to rest my thumbs now and then, but I figured I give you a current shot to show how it’s doing. It’s been sitting for a week or two, as I had picked up crochet hooks while feeling Mom around me. I started working on some acrylic yarn, but would like to actually wear this scarf sometime soon.

Here’s a general shot: next one when it’s done and felted.


Bake one, knit two…

As the storm has moved from Hurricane to Nor’easter, so have I…

…from baking to knitting.

I have washed my last measuring cup for the day and have gone back to my felted scarf I am in the process of knitting. It is  a nice ombre of pinks and such, as I needed a pop of color to go with my black leather jacket. I couldn’t wait to start it, and have gotten a third of the way.

It’s funny how a storm gets different actions from different folks. Shingleman is out checking in with neighbors, and is making a list for himself for chores to do in the morning, since he is off too.

Me? I am arm-pit deep in Sandy. I remember storms past, if my folks were around, or I was on my own, and watching them on tv. I think I have kept the tv on in the background to serve as a soundtrack to the memory, as it were. The girls and I get out to walk, and , as mentioned earlier, I bake, blog, or knit. ….and relax.

Don’t get me wrong: I am praying for friends and neighbors who are riding the storm out, but with the travel restrictions and time off?

Life is good.

Rain or humidity is a zillion times better

The rain everyone has been experiencing is everywhere but here. Mind you, the humidity is absurd and grey sky fights the sun, but anyday here is better than being in the city!

The girls are each chomping a dog bone as the three of us try to veg. We have had some good walks today, but I am always mindful of Zush in this weather.

Early to bed for us…we can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!


New obsession

While winding down the “Big Event” weekend, I wanted something a little different to do, basically to give my soul some comfort.

When you knit with a 100% pure wool yarn, you are able to felt.Basically felting is taking what you make, and then you wash it and the wool takes on a feeling of felt. It also helps keep Mom with me, as she taught me how to crochet and basic knitting stitches.

As this is my first 4 day week,after two 3 day weeks, I figure I’ll have something to keep me thinking. I will post the end result when done.

Have a good week!