Healthy Eating


I had fruit for breakfast this morning, which, sorry to say, I didn’t bring in from home.

We have a small cafe in the lobby and they serve up quite and assortment of fruit such as blackberries,
strawberries,blueberries.apples and tiny bits of brown sugar type granola to give it a softer crunch.
Considering I had class last night, this might be a new thing to work into my daily life.

The exercise class is great:flip fitness is awesome. When I have left the class, I know my body was thankful for the workout.
Ideally, I’d like to get to a point when I go to yoga.

All new

You’ll never guess where I am.

Nope.Not at my usual corner where I try to type this at.

I am in Undisclosed Deux, sitting at my Corian counter in the kitchen and it really feels great. It also feels a little surreal, knowing all of the angst that we put into this place, but it feels great.

We stopped at the local grocery and I bought some staples for here and there is actually stuff in our brand new refrigerator.Not one like we bought twelve years ago in a scratch and dent spot that looked pretty good, i.e., you couldn’t tell where we got it but my brand new, freezer on the bottom, refrigerator on top appliance,

It’s kind of funny that when we first moved here into the old house it was a blizzard and here we are on the first weekend** kind of** in the new spot, there is snow on the ground and temperatures that I don’t even want to think about.

Guess a new journey has begun.


Missing a lot

Being out of a home you lived in for eleven years and “squatting” for six+ months has been a rough gig.Sure,it’s great to have a roof over our heads.I am tired, though.

I admit I miss a second television.I have turned to this computer for entertainment for the mere sake of staying married.I really miss a full kitchen.I made broiled pork chops tonight in a toaster oven-not an easy feat and they managed to turn out good.I miss a good “stay in for 30 minutes” shower.

Jim reminds me that this will be over soon enough.



We had a few bumpy days.

When the ice was dominant, we both had slips and falls that we are both feeling.The only way that we’d feel better is staying in a hot show for an hour or two.We keep trodding along, though,talking about our newest angst that the builder has stirred up for us.

I will be glad when things are over and we get settled in our new digs.We can only do so much here and it’s time that we actually had a real kitchen again.I am sure the dogs wouldn’t mind running in a year behind a fence to play.Jim and I wouldn’t mind relaxing on our deck. I can hardly wait.

**Hanging by the end of my fingers**


I miss my kitchen.

Sure I have my “temporary kitchen, but I miss mine, where I could
cook, bake, make coffee in…mine!

Eating out is one thing. How people can do it all the time is beyond
me.Pretty sad when my idea of a comfortable meal is a bowl of
cereal here at Undisclosed.

This house will be done.

**not soon enough**