Here an Eagle, There an Eagle…

….I had kindergarten two days last week, and there were Eagles 🦅 everywhere.

Sure. There was a classroom.

But in addition to little ones in Eagle shirts, hats and scaves; each class made their own handmade Eagles hat. To give credit, the back part of the hat had the groundhog on it. The air was buzzing with electricity, and it was hard to believe you weren’t in Philadelphia.

This was the highlight of the day.



Halftime Score ; Mar- 0 Kindergarteners- 5,000,000

It was rough telling this sweet face that Momma had to go to work today.

Yes, indeed. I had returned to the scene of my first kindergarten job, albeit a different room. I had about 25 boys and girls in the class and when you haven’t dealt with the wee folk for a while, well, let’s just say this. I came home and napped: they wore me out. I also learned a new kindergarten trick. Don’t wear loafers when they want you to play with them in the sandbox. HAH!

Another day awaits tomorrow, so it’s off to bed for me, waiting for another offensive launch by the 4-5 year old brigade. Hope I remember my helmet and crayons…lol.

Last Week/First Week

It’s the last week of school and such a bittersweet time for me. On Friday, I found out one of my associates is getting transferred to another school where her student will be in first grade.

Where we work is a great spot, and my co-worker is justifiably sad.People are actually caring of others where I work. There is none of the politicking that happens at other places. I just hope they kind of over-look me and leave me where I am.

Friday is my day off.

Saturday my vacation commences with my mother-in-law, who is 97, coming to stay with us for a week here.Hopefully everything will begged and she will enjoy staying with us.


Below is a shot of Jim and my mother-in-law from 7 years ago on her visit down here.


Good night….

Turning in early tonight, because tomorrow is the big day…I am going to try to get back in to work for the rest of Teacher Appreciation Week. LOL

We had a rough night sleeping last night, as the fur girls always have issues when the thunder and lightning do a number in the neighborhood. I was a bit afraid, I admit. I was watching a documentary on channel 12 and they broke with a National Weather Service Bulletin, advising folks in most of Delaware to head for higher ground.Egad! That was the first time I ever heard that warning televised.

So it’s time for some early evening television, hot shower, laid out clothes for school tomorrow,my medicine, and shut-eye.

Fingers crossed I make it through the day!


More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys


There’s something about the joy of dealing with the kindergarten class.I am sure that it has something to do with the age.Sure, all kids, especially boys, like to flex their muscles but it is the teacher and aide’s place to gently put things into perspective.I can honestly say that when I have the chance to work with them, my day is awesome.The older kids already have their ways set and don’t really, well,maybe, rarely,listen.

Give me the little kids everyday.

Give me the youngsters…..

I had a culture shock today.

Third graders.


I forget that in this society that has spawned Kardashians, hair extensions, Botox, super jocks, that third graders are not immune to this.I worked a full day and tried to assist them as I caught their outfits,the athletic shoes, hell…part of me was looking for personal trainers.Don’t get me wrong: the teachers I worked with were all on the ball. It’s just that media really has sunken into the 8-10 year old minds.

I am looking forward to Tuesday when, hopefully, I’ll be back with the kindergarten gang, and,maybe, just for a heartbeat, life is just a little simpler. It won’t be for long, though, as I will be back in third grade on Wednesday.


I got home from work today and managed to get a good walk in with the girls at the tideline.The walk at the shore is good for my meditation and peace of mind. It was a gorgeous afternoon for me and the girls.



I am truly blessed!