Give me the youngsters…..

I had a culture shock today.

Third graders.


I forget that in this society that has spawned Kardashians, hair extensions, Botox, super jocks, that third graders are not immune to this.I worked a full day and tried to assist them as I caught their outfits,the athletic shoes, hell…part of me was looking for personal trainers.Don’t get me wrong: the teachers I worked with were all on the ball. It’s just that media really has sunken into the 8-10 year old minds.

I am looking forward to Tuesday when, hopefully, I’ll be back with the kindergarten gang, and,maybe, just for a heartbeat, life is just a little simpler. It won’t be for long, though, as I will be back in third grade on Wednesday.


I got home from work today and managed to get a good walk in with the girls at the tideline.The walk at the shore is good for my meditation and peace of mind. It was a gorgeous afternoon for me and the girls.



I am truly blessed!


Traveling the beauty aisle..

…in search for different color polishes.

I was struck by the fact that I am old enough to remember going to a F.W.Woolworth and buying a bottle of Cutex nail polish for .69 a bottle. Obviously not a winner for them, but they still keep pumping out nail polish remover.The early colors were clear,light pink, coral, white frost, and red.End of story.Five colors.Today I bought two bottles of Revlon for what I could have opened a store with stock of Cutex nail color back then. I went back to the oh, so popular, purple and a light pink. I figured I’d give the blue nail color a rest for a wee bit.

While in the store, I saw the Kardashian line,Essie,Opi, and so on, and so on and enough colors to make a box of 64 Crayola crayons blush with what they were missing. Who thinks up these colors? More importantly, when I wanted an Essie shade that I used on my wedding day, I had to resort to eBay, yes, eBay, to find it.I guess light colors are for us old timers and you aren’t with it unless you are buying “Dealers’ Choice”, which was the blue shade I was wearing, or my new purple color called, “Up the Ante”.

Those marketing people know how to keep themselves in a job…lol.


Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Kris and Bruce?

Fortunately, last night, I was watching the “E” news channel and saw that Kris
and Bruce Jenner are NOT going down in history with the fore-mentioned love

They are separating. YAY!

I think back to Bruce Jenner in the ’76 Olympics, and recently on the E show
“Keeping up with the Kardashians” and shake my head at what he put his
face through.He doesn’t strike me as the plastic surgery type.
After seeing the series, I figured it was probably his wife Kris that
talked him into it, but abuse is abuse, be it physical or verbal.

I don’t think any couple should have constant ridicule as a part of their
daily life, and it just appears that Bruce had gotten more than his share.

Run, Bruce, as fast as you can and get away from that witch.You’ll be
so much happier!

Save the Drama for your Momma..

…Well, since Mom isn’t here, I have been trying to help my brother Bob get seen at Pennsylvania for his knee, which is killing him. He didn’t realize that when, God forbid, it would come to a chance of surgery, the Doctor wouldn’t touch you until  you lose the weight. Bob is morbidly obese. “How am I going to lose 100 pounds in a month?” I told him you aren’t necessarily having surgery, and at least they would get you started on the road to healing your knee. Stay tuned for this one.

…On the other hand, there was NOTHING worth blanking out my brain on Sunday night more than the Kardashians. Having gone through the week I went through, I could only snicker at their drama. It’s making public television look like the only way to go.

Here’s hoping we all have a little less drama this week………( outside of the beauty of this dramatic picture)