My Sister

We met around 11 years ago on line in a weight lose group, Spark People.

My” sister” Juls, is truly the sister I always wanted and I love her to bits.

We don’t get to hang in person as much as we’d like. But she’s here with her husband Tim and their pups and we have had a blast. This is one of the times where you get to pick your “family”, and I got to get my BFF and sister, Juls.

I announced, last night, after seeing Momma Mia 2, the Juls was Donna and I would be the one who gets the cake…..

I love her and am blessed to have met her and become “sisters”.


Company’s Coming


We’re on our best behavior.

My pal Juls is coming for a visit this weekend and it means a familiar face for all of us. We last saw Julie and her crew over the winter, and although it is technically fall, this would be her annual summer visit. We can’t wait.

Juls took a series of classes and is certified in horse and canine massage.She has started her own business and is quite successful at it.She has two horses of her own and two pups of her own. Zush is hoping that Aunt Juls will work some magic on her! The weather is due to be rainy tomorrow, but hopefully the weather will be ok enough for us to get out a little and for me not to be on my leg too much. We were due to start knitting together, but the yarn I ordered hasn’t arrived yet.

I know a visit from Juls will help move me along the road to getting better.It’ll be good to see her!