Healthy is as healthy doesn’t….

I was off this morning so I had a chance to sleep in a little which was great.

Jim made a fresh vegetable and fruit juice which we had with poached eggs and rye toast, or at least I had the eggs and toast.

We went on the road and took the girls with us for a good hike back at Ponderlodge, the walking/nature area by us, and then went to our annual trek to buy mums. It was a great afternoon except for one thing…we got hungry.We had a coupon from McDonald’s for a free medium soda and fries when you buy a new buttermilk chicken sandwich.


We got junk for lunch….

There is always room for a healthy dinner.


Todays’ secret combo


Since the birthday weekend, I have been back juicing fulltime.

Todays’ combo is kale,carrot, celery,cantaloupe, watermelon,chia seeds,banana and grapes.The fruit was basically left over from the fruit
I couldn’t finish from yesterday’s lunch.

I have to admit it is rough sitting at the front reception desk sipping this while seeing a parade of folks go past me with their goodies.
I have to remember that I was one of those folks and I can’t be one of those folks ever again. The sharpness of my sciatica pain in my
right hip tells me there is no turning back. I want the makers of Aleve to lose me on their best customer list.

Today’s menu

I made my juice for this morning,which has more of the consistency of a slurpee.

I have spinach, kale, cucumber,celery, mango, strawberries and blackberries in my juice and I am nibbling on some dry organic corn cereal**channel Kix**.The day seems to be starting off in a relatively brilliant way.I have a frozen container of stony field for a snack and cottage cheese for lunch.

I took a day off from juicing and I have to admit I missed it. It is a kick in the pants to have to get up early and get things ready, but thanks to my Flip Fitness class I actually had some energy this morning to do it.

It can only get better!


My own combo

So Jim, aka Mr.Juice, wasn’t interested in one this morning,so I made mine last night.

This morning, I am enjoying the combo of kale, spinach,celery, strawberry, mango and blueberry, made with the press of my own little finger…lol. I can actually say I am enjoying it. Jim tends to be a little heavier on the greens than I am but I figure in order for me to drink it, well, it better be palatable.I think Jim gets a little annoyed, although he has been know to chuckle, when some of the juices he gives me make me turn toward him after first sip, and pronounce-needs vodka!

My other go to is Stoneyfield’s organic fat-free chocolate yogurt.I put it in my freezer and as it defrosted, I eat it.Not a Hershey bar, but it does scratch the itch.


A Juicing we will go

Jim made us juices for dinner last night and there was enough left over that it is my breakfast this morning.

I also have fresh fruit with me and a banana and spring water.

Short of probably having to put my desk on rollers to the ladies room, it’ll prove to be interesting to see if this will add to keeping my legs on the smaller side.

They say it takes a scare to get you back on the right track. Sausage legs were indeed scary.

I’m back!


Starting all over

Adding all natural one grain dry rice to a smoothie made of kale,carrots, and apples is this morning’s breakfast.Part of me still jokingly is looking for vodka to turn the juice into a bloody mary. You have to get through all this stuff so the system will be cleansed thoroughly.

Why is it that “finding religion” of weight control is always in the spring, when you start moving around and the social season starts up again?I am going to give it a shot and try, and perseverance has to be a stepping stone to keep this going.The Flip fitness class has given me some movement back, and I know one thing.

It didn’t get on there overnight.20121128-193737.jpg

Nobody here but us chickens

The office is running on 1/2 capacity today, as those who aren’t here quite as long as I am, along with the new hires, are out on training leave. I have to admit I do miss it, as the brotherhood of we who taxpayers hate**joking** is a large one, and when we would get together, boy, did we have stories to tell.

Instead I am here working until five and then running home so I can get out to my flip fitness class that I missed for the past two weeks.I think my body has gone through revolting, waiting for me to get it back there.It’ll be good to be back with my buddies, having a laugh and sweating in the process.
The local library is also having a program on tonight about juicing,I think, and organic farming. Jim and I will try to meet there when I am done and see if we could catch it.

Time for playing is long over;time to resume kicking butt is back!


Exercise class

Every journey begins with a single step.

My friend, Kathy, talked me into going to Exercise class- my first in a long time.
It was wonderful! The personalities were great, the exercises got the blood moving and
I actually got up this morning with minimal discomfort.

I am going to make the committment to go and get back on track,for I feel with the
juicing and walking and the class, I am going to do and feel better!


Jim made juice from the power bullet last night and we had them for
dinner..they actually were rather tasty and pleasant.

We had enough that I brought one into work today for breakfast and guess
what?The kale,cucumber,carrot and apples make a great combination and
I really even don’t have the urge to go to the Keurig and make a tea.

We need to get back to where we were before the move, when we were
actively juicing. It made me feel more energetic,calmer, and my stomach
handled it well.It is hard because when everything is rush and you
are stressed, it’s the last thing you are looking for.

All I have to say is that it’s worth it!

My Kingdowm for a blankee…

I’m beat.

We are juicing again and it always ends up like a movie theater.Seatings at 1,3,or 5 a.m.
We are up letting the juice do its work. You are always happy that it is working,your
plumbing, that is, but to have the juice do it’s work, well…hi ho. it’s off to work again.

Have oral surgery tomorrow, so probably a little time away from the computer.

Have a good weekend!If you are in the areas of the nor’easter blowing through, be extra careful,ok?

Long day hacking

It was a long day in the office today: probably due to the arrival of daylight savings time.Once again, it was dark in the morning, but working later, I had the added perk of having sunlight, or should I say twilight? Either way you slice it, it was swell coming home with the light!

The hack,a.k.a. I”ll walk a mile for a Camel cough, is doing somewhat better…instead of hacking every five minutes, I can actually go 1/2 hour without coughing~ a major feat!

Now,with no offense to my fur girls, if only the cough would no longer sound like it belonged to a cocker spaniel….lol


Sunday morning update

It’s Sunday morning and my hacking has gone down a bit. Thanks to Kate’s contribution of cough syrup, with a Sudafed chaser and an anti-biotic to boot. What amazes me is this was a mid-throat cough for three weeks and NOW decided to manifest itself as a sinusitis attack.

Now I am drinking some green tea and crossing over to the Pioneer Woman on Food network. I have kind of forgiven her for throwing oil over a sunny side up egg.I think I have come to appreciate her style of cooking, and wouldn’t mind if I could cook half as well.

**No coughing during the typing of the blog! Pretty nice!**

Anyway, Pioneer Woman is busy making Cajun chicken pasta…gotta go.



The 90’s hit “You’ve had a bad day” came home with me tonight.

Jim is sick with a hacking cough. Hot soup for dinner~ he doesn’t want to eat. I went up with the girls to see my friend who is very sick.She fell off the toilet because her legs are getting worse. Now I have to go down to my friend whose husband is in rehab. She is scared about caregiving: she has been married 55 years and is afraid to see what happens down the road.

I try to help, but after a while, it’s a rough gig!

A P.S.- to cap dinner off, my husband just dropped a roast beef, albeit a small one, on the floor ….

Did I mention Zush is happy? 😀

Sunday blues

It was a good and active weekend: the kind of weekend that makes you dread Monday.

My friend and her husband came down and it was as though everything was go- go-go, not that it was a bad thing. The fact that Jim and I are both hacking like we are cigarette smokes doesn’t help. You are active but your speech comes to a halt when you start hacking.

Good sign when you need to rest all week after the weekend!

Have a good week.


Cuddle up around the fire

…that is, if we had one here.

Jim brought Kasia’s bed downstairs so she could have something to cuddle up in: her belly fur is considerably thinner than Zosia’s. We put together some chicken soup last night that we tweaked up with extra veggies to make it a little more nourishing.

Tonight we’ll be juicing and finishing up the chicken, and I think there will be a bit of hot beverages sprinkled in for good measure. Our girls are in, and if you have fur kids, make sure they are protected from the cold. Cuddle up a little closer and just remember that…

160 days until summer!

Picture 029

Chef Jim

Last weekend, we watched the Food Network.

Due to our juicing, we started paying attention as Giada DeLaurentis was doing promos for her meatless meals.

Chef Jim perked up right away.

He made her lentil burgers ….and I was impressed! He really was getting into making them.
He even was talking, as we ate them, on how he’d tweak the recipe.

It would seem that our juicing days have moved up a level.

At least we are trying!



Today I have been staying somewhat quiet, since I have to work this week and want to make sure this bronchitis gets knocked down pretty well.

I made Trisha Yearwood’s crock pot macaroni and cheese, because it’ll be for lunch during the week, and my friend Sue, and her husband both enjoy it. I’ll go up to see her this afternoon and bring then up some for dinner. I really don’t feel like doing too much. Fortunately Jim juiced our lunch, so that made things a little better. It’s funny that without juicing, well, I can feel the difference in regard to heartburn and sleeping at night. I have to admit, though, the cough medicine with codeine is always a deal breaker as far as heartburn is concerned.

We’ll hope for a low-keyed week, so we’ll manage to have a “normal” weekend this coming weekend!

Have a good week!


On the 19th of December

Today is day number four.

Jim and I have been fighting a bug for a few days. Headache , GI issues,and I went to an upper respiratory issue.

Yes we are juicing: well, we were until we caught the bug. We hope to go right back to it, but for now, we have been working to get back on our feet. Personally, this hacking makes me nuts.

The girls have been good during this, but hey, we are trying to work to get us going.

I’m hoping to get us back on our feet soon!


Well, well…

Juicing is working its mojo.

I got blood test results back and called Shingleman.

My blood sugar is 95. All my other numbers have taken a little dive, and I feel pretty darn good.

I am not going to lie to you and say I am not hankering for a steak or other red meat, but I seem to be getting through ok and that is what matters. I know Jim’s support of me in this  has been vital and I think we are both feeling better for the effort. It was a little rough there, as we were a bit hungry. but learned that adding the walnuts, flax-seed and shelled unsalted sunflower seeds got us over that hump.

Today is day 31 of juicing.It’ll be interesting to see how far this can go.



So the end of this week brings almost a month since we’ve been juicing.

We have been running the gamut; from oranges, apples, strawberries and blackberries to lemon, ginger, spinach, pepper, celery, parsley,and kale, with a few things in between.

We have been feeling better and actually have a little spring in our step.

Change is good!


Ron Burgundy

It’s been that type of day.

So now, after helping Shingleman prep our dinner, what would I find on HBO but Anchorman, starring Will Farrell. This movie is so funny, and it actually transforms me back to that era. I also laugh when how I see how many stars “started” out with some sort of role in the movie; be it supporting or guest star.

We’re having lemon, ginger, strawberry, orange, cucumber, kale, parsley, apple and carrot juice for dinner . We’ll enjoy it while watching the rest of the movie.

You stay classy, Sam Diego!