The dentist from hell saga, continued…

So you will recall reading a back post about me going to my husband’s dentist.
You also read of the fiasco that followed…i.e., the cap that he admitted he shouldn’t
have done, and how I should fork a grand over and get a tooth implant.

Today I have a dental appointment with MY dentist to fit the cap that has now fallen out
for a second time, back in. I have come to the conclusion that all the work MY dentist has to do to correct this dentist of Jim’s, I am going to keep track of and present him with the bill.

An appointment today, two next week….the things that have to get done before one retires..

Toothless Cyberspace-the dental saga contnues

So I went for a dental check up to my old reliable dentist yesterday.
You know, cleaning,check-up, the whole nine yards. But I had a spit ball thrown at
me during the visit.

I have an appointment Friday morning with an oral surgeon for a BIOPSY on the roof
of mouth.Very happy that my old dentist caught it. My question is why didn’t
the state of the art dentist catch it? God knows he was racking up enough dollars
and was working right there.And if I can prove it went back to last fall, well,
cyber dentist can get ready to meet cyber lawyer.

Prayers and good thoughts will be highly appreciated on Friday…
I’ll keep you posted.


Back to the dentist

If you recall from a prior post, I left my “old” dentist and started using
Jim’s. After having the experience of looking through my mouth and hearing
the cash register go off, I left him at years’ end, much poorer for the

In the meanwhile, I have had his handiwork “flare-up”, so what’s a gal to
do? I have an appointment with my old dentist today,who hopefully can go
and dance around the alleged high-tech solutions and just use common
horse sense to get my mouth straight.

What have I learned from this experience?

Quite frankly,if it “ain’t” broke-don’t fix it!