Short and Sassy

I graduated from high school in 1977.This means, like a lot of girls who saw the 1976 Winter Olympics, I wanted a Dorothy Hamill haircut. Alas, it was not meant to be, because I was told my hair wouldn’t lay right.

Well, I had to go in and get my roots done today, and although I normally, for about 15 years, wore short hair, I grew it long last year.I was retired.I figured, why not? Well, I was done with growing that hair back in October.My haircut today, though, kept the style I had of my last haircut, but tapered in the back reminded me of the Dorothy Hamill haircut from the Innsbruck games.

The dogs knew who I was. I have to say I looked and thought who was that? It’s, as Jim says, the first “nice” haircut I had in a while.

Now, just to keep it that way!

Hair today, not Tomorrow …

Despite our beach walk this morning, I have managed to sneak a hair appointment in for this afternoon. It’ll be kind of weird because Diane, who normally does my hair, won’t be there.

She is home recuperating from a knee replacement : ironic, isn’t it ? Unlike me, she only needed one. However, she had to be out through January, as she is on her feet all day, so they have to make sure her knee is ok.

The girl doing my hair today, Diane assures me, is good…we’ll see.

**fingers crossed**


Figuring it out

So when you are on a new job and your weekend is mid-week, you figure your days out, right?

I had a hair appointment which I made before I got the job.Now, my free time has changed and I needed to make a new, different appointment. My weekends were Wednesday and Thursday, so I figured I’d make a Thursday appointment.No problem,they fit me in, I am good to go, right?

My weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday this week, wouldn’t you know? It goes without saying I have to make a new appointment.

I know how fortunate I am to have this job. I do realize that.What is difficult is that when you could plan your life for 30 years, you have to make yourself remember that was then and this is now.

It’s hard for this old dog to learn new tricks….lol

Lament for an Earring

I lost an earring today and I am ticked off.

I am convinced that earrings are the devil, as far as I am concerned. I mean, seriously,how many earrings can a woman lose in a lifetime? I had backs on the earrings and yet I lost one.How many times does this happen. I happen to have short hair.OK, so I am feeling a little sassy and wanted to wear a little longer earring.It doesn’t matter. Long hair, hot hair, winter coat collar or no coat,I lose an earring.

Is there some male run company the makes millions whenever women lose and earring? I have two holes in each ear.You still have nothing to do with the earring left behind the one that is lost.I lost earrings when my ears weren’t pierced.Pierced and lost, yup.When I first moved down here when I retired, I went across the street and would talk to my buddy Rita.She asked me why I didn’t have earrings in. Yet a week ago she was sad because she lost one of her pearl earrings given to her by her late husband.

Maybe the secret is to wear ugly earrings or earrings that you don’t like so if you lose them you aren’t ticked off.

Neither hair nor there…

What is it about hair?

I decided to try to let mine grow out a little bit.An end result of that is I went to an interview looking like a rag mop.

Well, not really, but you get the idea.Time to visit my local salon, called “Cuttin’Edge.

I went and got my hair done today and it is incredible what a trim will do, and I also got my”skunk stripe”, as I affectionately call it,covered.It is amazing what a little bit of TLC to the body does to the soul.Even out of a” working” environment, you get wrapped up in a daily grind and even a pass at a mirror brings your thought to “tomorrow”.

Well my tomorrow was today.I went to my salon and hung out with a few of my buddies and had a blast.I find it ironic that you, regardless of length of hair, go to a salon to”let your hair down”, as it were.

Here’s a view of the back of my bob in training cut.We’ll see how I make out.


Judging by the calendar

This morning I had an appointment to get my hair done. I like the way my friend does it, so I have been sticking with her.

Jim had said why do I need a hair cut: it really looks nice. Never mind that I sweat profusely when the humidity goes over 85% and needed a hair cut. In addition, the ever popular hot flashes always seem to sway the vote for shorter hair.

True to form, the moment I got out of the salon, the humidity is at 85%,so it was a good call, in my humble opinion.The past year or two, I have been betting a little heavier with the blond highlights, to at least mentally make me feel like summer.As it is August,well, I kept them for one more round. We probably go out later to get the girls our swimming os they’d feel a little better.

At least my fur girls and I will feel pretty good about ourselves-that’s all that matters…lol.