It’s Not Wheel of Fortune

In a feeble attempt to keep my mind sharp, I’ve been playing words with friends with a few of my closest buddies. I enjoy playing it, and usually learn something each day until ….today.

I made the mistake of hitting something on my IPhone that completely switched my version of words and, as a result, I lost my games in progress. Arrgh!

I was never an IT professional, but had some classes along the way. Usually, I had programming pals who could steer me in the right direction. Unfortunately, I am, as of January 2nd, retired from my 30 year position I held SEVEN years. Yikes!

So now, I play the “contact us”game. I research on line, trying to find out how to fix up what I messed up. Good thing I am retired, right?



Crushing some candy with a saga to boot..

Yeah, I admit it.

My name is Mar Cil and I have become hooked on Candy Crush Saga.

Why? God only knows…

When it was Rubik’s cube, I was maybe in 4th grade and had no patience. The same could be said for other things along the way-I just didn’t have the dedication to master them, well, except for some games like pinochle…

Candy Crush Saga intrigues me as a 53 year old.I have a mind, I should be able to use some problem solving to get these things down to the bottom.It’s like, mentally I have become the little engine who could….I think I can, I think I can…

I will be laughing my socks off if, in ten years, they find out working this puzzle game out decreases your chance of Altzheimer’s…but I don’t see that coming.They might just find me in a mental hospital muttering..”let me get the cherries down.”

For a game/puzzle that seems pretty harmless, as in its’ resemblance to the old warhorse Candyland, but remember the movie “Ghostbusters”? They turn the monster into something harmless, the Stay-pufft Marshmallow man and what happens?

They still got messy.

Happy Friday to you all!