Flea Market Flip

It took me a while to find this unscripted jewel of a show.

Flea Market Flip is shown on the GAC (Great American Country) channel on cable, and basically, I watch it for three reasons.Lara Spenser is the host, and in addition to being an excellent television anchor, she also is a Penn State University graduate.Secondly, four people are put in two teams of two , given $600 to buy things at a flea market, and then get a day to redesign them or repurpose them, and finally, these items have to go back to a different flea market and they have to try to sell them. The team that makes the most money wins $5,000.

Now, ideally, I am in a new home, with new furniture.There is no reason for me, right now, to run on out and try this. I have to admit that it is interesting to see people’s ideas of designs and also the idea of what money people are wiling to spend.I have to admit it is my current favorite show, and if you are doing any rehabbing of items,you might like this show.

Working out the glitches

We are going through the house and trying to put some things away this weekend.

There’s a pile for the attic, and we have made a few bags of donations to the local church, but how can you work at putting things away when you have to be a math major? Sure, there is common sense that x amount of handbags can only fit in such a spot.As my work career is not that far behind me at this point, and maybe, just maybe a job will be in my future, how do you figure out what you’d need without hiding it out in an attic.

You can go on-line and find out storage solutions and, honestly?There are the two of us and two dogs.Then there are 12+years of marriage to weed through and prior life things to keep.

I’d like to think that I don’t have to hurry about this, although it would be nice to have the house shape up a little better. A few short tables or bookcases, things of that sort, but in the meanwhile, working out the glitches seems to be the next step.

Stay tuned.

New House Syndrome

Of late, I have been telling anyone who asks me about the Undisclosed Location II and its’ construction that if they ever are thinking of building a new home, talk to me and I will talk them out of it.

Of course, I won’t, but the road has been a long one.

Jim is meeting with the builder now in the house and I am out in the cottage.The two of us reviewed what has to be brought to his attention: I am of the mindset that if the builder was on top of things, he shouldn’t need to have it brought to his attention.Jim agrees with that, but he has more finesse with the builder than I do.

One of the things that really is a hoot is we spent a couple of hours each day looking for new furniture and found stuff we liked,only to realize when we got back that it wouldn’t FIT into the new house.**sigh** So we have to go back this weekend and tweak our choices again.

Jim says we’ll look back at this and say we got through it one step at a time.

I, for one, will just be glad when it is finished.