Pre-Game Jitters

Well, thanks to me still being somewhat under the weather, it looks like we’ll be watching the big game tomorrow here at home.

In a way, that’ll not be a bad thing, as it seems that being close to my bathroom and being able to lay down when needed is an excellent idea.The girls and I will hobble along as needed, so the excitement for the big 50th game will be enjoyed from the sidelines.

I have some classic nibbles on hand for the game, and unfortunately, I think hot tea or ginger ale might be my beverage du jour.I have a chip and dip mix that I bought from Penzey’s Spice house, which is now available on line, so some veggies, Ritz “everything” crackers’ and some chips might be on the board for that.

If you are going out to see the game and are driving, please designate a driver.I need to have every reader I can hold on to…seriously, you are worth more than a super bowl party.

By the way, I leave this post with only one wish.

“Chicken parm you taste so good.”

Superbowl Chill

One of the things that I always enjoyed in the Superbowl were the commercials. I mean, being from Philadelphia, I only remember my Eagles going once to the Superbowl, so basically I had no true root for any other team.

I read and then watched the one commercial that was making the rounds through Social Media this year: it was the commercial about “pizza delivery”.

The premise is the woman on the phone with 911 is making that she is calling for pizza, when in reality she is calling #911 trying to get help: obviously she is in an abusive domestic situation.

Superbowl is a few years younger than I am,yet when I saw this commercial, I thought how many women lost their lives to domestic abuse during the span of the Superbowl existence.How many women are still in an abusive domestic situation.Would this commercial help someone? I hope so.In light on the NFL players going through certain domestic issues this past season,I assume this is their way of trying to put another band-aid on the situation that came to light.

Whatever the case is,I am hoping that this commercial will get some folks to escape their situation and be brave.Here’s hoping they live to leave in one piece!

Football…Packer Football

Yes, right now, technically, I am a Philadelphian.

I am watching the Green Bay Packers on tv.

My oldest nephew on the east coast, Matthias, grew up a devout Packer fan thanks to my brother and his wife sending their godson, Matt, Christmas and birthday Packer gifts.

Now, I have to admit that the Eagles were kind of exciting this year, but fizzled out at the end.Being a Philadelphian, I am used to the disappointment.

This Aaron Rodgers,though,looked like he was having fun playing today. He had a messed up calf, then he goes off the field in the cart. Hearts sink. Out comes Rodgers a little later.

Joe Buck just said that” It’s a well-run machine here in Green Bay.”

I agree!

Football Withdrawl

The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t play football today.

We are sitting here at the breakfast bar trying to move it down a notch, getting ready to try to sleep a little before we come up to the big city and it just is so weird that there is no football.

I walked with Kasia and did 12,000+ steps today with her and did things around the house, but it really is weird, as we have gotten use to watching and/or listening to football on a Sunday afternoon or Sunday night. This is a change from us, as we normally are baseball people.

Zush sleeping as is Kasia, and we are getting ready getting to shower to relieve some aches and relax and try to get some sleep. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the football season is over…lol.

Eagles vs. Packers

Down here at Undisclosed watching my Eagles getting spanked by the Green Bay Packers. The score, at the time of this writing is Green Bay 53 and Eagles 13.

We have a little family dissension in this game, as my nephew Matt roots his heart out for Green Bay and my Sister in law Dawn and her husband are big Eagles fans.She has posted the shot of her husband and their dog watching the game.

I honestly would have been shocked if the Eagles had won this, but they obviously aren’t. I can hardly wait to hear sports radio when we come up for the city in the morning.Should be pretty interesting.


Fantasy for who?

My preference of sport is baseball, but it’s the time of year for fantasy football.

**fantasy?personally? It’s not MY fantasy…lol**

The last time I participated in fantasy football was back in 2000 and since I was the “old girl” in the office back then, guys were willing to give me tutorials on who to pick and why I am picking them. The only football I ever willingly followed ever in my life was Penn State football, so I knew HOW the game was played. I just didn’t know HOW the point system went. I managed to make it through the season back then, and although I wasn’t in the basement, well, it wasn’t too memorable for me.

One of my buddies, Denise, was spreading word of a fantasy football fundraiser for her son’s hockey team so I figured I’d give it a shot again.The only thing now is that it is a suicide pool so you can’t take the same team twice.I took Green Bay last week and won.I took Kansas City this week.My guide now is my nephew Matt, who is helping me navigate the football pool.

Stay tuned.



My “home team” is the Philadelphia Eagles, and as I am typing this, Jim is watching the game.

I watch the game and I wonder why would they abuse their bodies with all these hits to the body and cash the check.Do they worry what will happen to their lives even five years from now.I know they are getting large salaries, but if they keep getting body blows, well, do they even think about it?Don’t they say if you have your health, you have everything.

I remember reading about players from the sixties being diagnosed with dementia and other diseases from all these hits through the years. I know there is a concussion protocol that the NFL follows, but still.What do these players weigh? And they hit down on the field on the turf

I hope they save some of that money for their healthcare.

Beautiful Morning

It is that time of the year.

You know, sweating like there is no tomorrow and going to bed with the air-conditioning on.When you wake up in the morning well, to quote Jim,”I needed a coat this morning.”It goes without saying that Jim tends to exaggerate, but it is nice and cool this morning.

It’s my time of year.

Sure spring and summer are nice, although heat has never been my friend,

I have, for the bulk of my life,loved sweatshirts, pullover sweaters, cardigans…they are,to me, comforting clothes. chrysanthemums? Bring it on.I admit though, my dad used to raise mums, so I always am drawn to them. Despite their recent history, Dad and I always watched Penn State football.It’s another benchmark of the season for me.

I always thank God for two feet on the ground every morning, but never more so than this beautiful time of year.


What season is it?

I grew up in Philadelphia.

The teams were the Flyers, Sixers,,Phillies and Eagles.They are the hockey, basketball, baseball and football teams.

For the last couple of years, the Phillies have been providing the entertainment, having won the 2008 World Series.The following years have been the fan base just hoping despite the amount of major injury to hit key players.Now the tide has changed.The Philadelphia Eagles have a new coach and this is his second year at the helm.Now, all the nay sayers about the Phillies have turned another way- they are looking at Eagles football.This includes me too, unfortunately, because, i my opinion, the Phillies are that bad.

Talk about having your head on a swivel.


The problem with the Broncos?

The best thing I saw so far on Facebook so far was from my girlfriends husband.

The problem with the Broncos is that they are high on pot….


I am sorry I rooted for Peyton because I am the reason he lost. When I root for a team lately, it’s as though the other side always winds. I am a champion for older players, such as Jamie Moyer when he was with the Phillies and poor Peyton Manning.

Congrats Seahawks…you ran over Denver,

Don’t believe everything you hear…

…regarding weather from our local news radio station.

Jim, the girls and I were bumper to bumper in yesterday’s storm, long enough to hear all of the Eagles game. When we had switched briefly to news radio, they said take one bridge home, and not the other.


So we sat and we sat until Jim said,”This is ridiculous”, and managed to cross over to get to the lanes of the other bridge. From there, we got home in 30 minutes.Otherwise, if he never moved, we’d probably still be there.

News radio? Why do you lie?

Long Night

We came up at midnight because, well,because Jim wanted to be home to watch the Eagles play today from the comfort of a room bigger by 10′ by 12′, where there is only a radio.

The fact is we did what we had to do, and although 2 electrical outlets were made functional yesterday,we get tired of listening to the generator, and we are sure our neighbors are too.It feels too odd to be up here on a Sunday, but I am hoping to just kick back and relax..that is, after I get my wash off the line.

Have a good week.

Go Eagles!

The Iggles

…is how we in Eastern Pennsylvania call our football team, the Philadelphia

We came up early from the campground and oh my goodness what a game! It was as
if someone kidnapped the existing team and placed a different one in its’

The last few weeks the team has not been scoring, really. The old coach is
coaching Kansas City and is Undefeated. How bittersweet is that? Well,
yesterday’s game helped take a little of that away…


Sunday at the campground

It’s chilly out today and we all love it.

We’re picking out colors, walking dogs,listening to football,
and working on getting the house together. It’s a job! it’s
the first time we were ever in this situation. There is no
rest when you are sleeping,because you’re sleeping on color

Enjoy your day, no matter what. Be safe.

Good Football game

So we watched our hometown team at our neighbor’s house yesterday:in hindsight,
I said we probably should have went straight home and they would have won.
It was a nice time to kick back with friends and hurl **expletive deleted**
at the screen in unison.

The girls got a good healthy walk at halftime from Mom, so we walked and got
exercise.They admitted to me that they wanted us to leave because they refused to
eat their food until we got back.

Topped off the evening with Miss America viewing**spoiler alert** and although I
was rooting for Miss Oklahoma, Miss New York won.

Now back to the grind…. have a good day!

Football Sunday

I normally root for one collegiate football team.

Professional football I can watch, but it really doesn’t rock my world.
This season my hometown’s team has a new coach.Call me a fair-weather fan,
but we have one win under our teams’ belt.End result of this? We are
going to try to watch the first quarter at a place known for the golden
arches-after all,we are sans electric…lol…at least until Undisclosed
Deux is done its’ construction.

We’ll have some good walking in this sweatshirt weather today, as after
scouting the long-range forecast, next weekend is allegedly in the 80’s.


Enjoy your Sunday!

Back in the Saddle Again

Oh the glorious memories of a vacation…..sand, puppies, trees, sunshine.

Oh the reality!

Phone calls, phone calls with no return numbers, paperwork redux with the
department, feels like I am back on the proverbial snipe hunt.

Jim gets to go down to the house this afternoon, to meet with the builder,
plunber, electrician, contractor, etc. Lucky guy!

At least I got a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts because the Philly
football team, the Eagles, won their game.

It’s not all bad.


Go Ravens


I am spitting in God’s eye by typing that, as it is really seldom that I can pick a winner** outside of my husband, of course, and I like to think my girls “picked” me.**

In order to get a little prepped for tomorrows’ party,it was either paint my fingernails scarlet for 49ers or purple for Ravens.

With fingernails Raven-purple, I wish you and yours a warm weekend.

Be careful and be well.