So here I on a Sunday, watching Football.

Hope against hope that New England loses- it is par for the course for me. After all, shouldn’t every team have a chance at the SuperBowl? Oh, I know, Tom Brady this, and Tom Brady that, but seriously? I just heard a quote from him saying,” I’m doing as best as I can, so why stop now.”

My Mom would say self praise stinks.

Me? I just believe in God working in mysterious ways.

GO EAGLES!!!!! 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

Pre-Game Jitters

Well, thanks to me still being somewhat under the weather, it looks like we’ll be watching the big game tomorrow here at home.

In a way, that’ll not be a bad thing, as it seems that being close to my bathroom and being able to lay down when needed is an excellent idea.The girls and I will hobble along as needed, so the excitement for the big 50th game will be enjoyed from the sidelines.

I have some classic nibbles on hand for the game, and unfortunately, I think hot tea or ginger ale might be my beverage du jour.I have a chip and dip mix that I bought from Penzey’s Spice house, which is now available on line, so some veggies, Ritz “everything” crackers’ and some chips might be on the board for that.

If you are going out to see the game and are driving, please designate a driver.I need to have every reader I can hold on to…seriously, you are worth more than a super bowl party.

By the way, I leave this post with only one wish.

“Chicken parm you taste so good.”

Saturday Night

I am actually watching playoff football.

My Philadelphia Eagles have crashed and burned, so I am watching Houston vs. Kansas City. Kansas City has the former Philadelphia coach, and there are a couple of former players that went over with him. Houston’s team is coached by Bill O’Brien.I was following the series on the Houston Texans that was shown on HBO. He also took Joe Paterno’s job when he was let go by the Pennsylvania State University in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

It is frustrating when you basically have no team to follow.I mean,even though you no longer are living where your home team is from, be it baseball,football or whatever, I understand the agony of having your team crash and burn:it isn’t pretty…

There’s always next season,right?