Laugh riot

I am watching Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network.


I have never watched something so sad and funny at the same time.The people are supposed to follow what the chefs show them to do, and it’s crazy.I mean maybe I was fortunate that I like to try to cook and bake, because these folks on the show have genuine fears about certain issues of cooking, such as starting grease fires, and on the flip side, someone flips out because they have to deal with raw tomatoes and raw onions.Some of the contestants are making strides as they go along and some, well, let’s just say that I am waiting for them to be knocked off this week.

So Mom and Dad? If you read this from your heavenly clouds, thanks for teaching me some basics and encouraging me.If I hadn’t been, I might have ended up on this show!



FYI channel

I was a watcher of the Biography channel. It would stand to reason,as I was a history major in a galaxy far, far away.

As I type this I am watching the FYI network, formerly known as the Biography channel.My tolerance for this is pretty high, as it envelopes some food network type programming,some Home DIY programming, and once in a while, an occasional,believe it or not, actual biography.

I only have an hour and a half to go until the big Cowboys/Eagles game, so we are kicking back and the car is partially packed for our city trip a little later on tonight.Only thing left for me to watch is a show called ” Food Tech” and the guy is talking about Chinese food.

I guess they actually ran out of people to talk about on the Biography channel.


DIY network

I was a watcher of the Biography channel. It would stand to reason,as I was a history major in a galaxy far, far away.

As I type this I am watching the DIY network, formerly known as the Biography channel.My tolerance for this is pretty high, as it envelopes some food network type programming,some Home DIY programming, and once in a while, an occasional,believe it or not, actual biography.

I only have an hour and a half to go until the big Cowboys/Eagles game, so we are kicking back and the car is partially packed for our city trip a little later on tonight.Only thing left for me to watch is a show called ” Food Tech” and the guy is talking about Chinese food.

I guess they actually ran out of people to talk about on the Biography channel.


Top Chef

I, until tonight, was a Top Chef virgin.

We share one television here and I came home deciding I needed to chill.After surfing, I came on the Esquire channel, which was featuring a Top Chef finale.

I recognized a few of the people on the panel from their various appearances on food related channels,commercials or magazine articles.The set up seems to be Seattle, as opposed to Food Network’s New York city.Maybe it’s because I am partial to Alton Brown.It’s as if Top Chef is the Food Network on speed.I think that I am behind the eight ball because I haven’t been following, but it gives me this impression.Top chef is for youngsters, meaning cooks in their twenties and thirties.I think that Food Network aims for me, a cook in their fifties who isn’t interested in speeding around the kitchen.We want chefs who are like us, who show us things that we want to pick up and try in our kitchen.Top Chef is a little bit too serious.

Food Network? Their friendly brother, in my humble opinion, speaks my language.

Sorry Top Chef.


Iron Chef Mar

We’re having friends of ours over for dinner tonight. It was my idea, ever before the hip got lousy. So when I was wondering what to cook, I talked to my friend Kat in work.

Kat constantly cooks for her family and extended family.How she does it I’ll never know. I told her that I needed a pretty good recipe and that the amount of time on my feet would have to be minimal.Son of a gun, she gives me this recipe for ” Aunt Suzie’s chicken”. Sure hope it’s good.

The desserts were made last night and are chilling in the refrigerator.I have started a slow cook on parts of the dinner, and will put the entrée in the oven pretty soon.Jim was instrumental in getting the house ready.He’s out with the girls now, so we all can be ready for our company.

I don’t see myself as an Iron Chef anytime soon, but I am hoping the meal and the company will be memorable.By the way, the only picture I had handy was Jeff Mauro from the Food Network.


Not fair, kind of…


I miss cooking and baking.

I am surrounded by women who are constantly throwing out cooking ideas and recipes.

It’s not fair.

The new house is under construction and the house I am currently in has a range and microwave
but no working oven. It feels so odd not to be able to do what you’d like. Multiply that
by the fact that I subscribe to the Food Network Magazine and A Taste of Home and see their
recipes and I mark the ones I’d like to try…..

The question is when….December can’t come close enough!

In the wee small hours…

So to follow-up on yesterday’s post, the web, being a curse and a blessing,had me icing my sore hip last night and early this morning.It helped alleviate the discomfort a wee bit, but…

Who did I find while I was icing?

Martha Stewart.

Yup, Martha was on PBS at 3am with “Martha’s cooking class”…the things they have on television at that hour…lol.

I was a big Martha fan back in the day, when I was younger and the Food Network was only a twinkle in Comcast’s eye.I watched her show, I had her cookbooks, and subscribed to her publication, Hey, I had to: after all, wasn’t she a Polish girl who made good? I figured maybe some of that Polish karma would rub off on an ethnic sister…lol…as Martha’s motto went.” It’s a good thing.”

It is amazing how the Food network ran over her, and the fact that she had some time in prison certainly gave FN some leverage.Funny, but I remember when she was on trial, and thinking her image was shot in my mind.Yet this morning, here she was, many Imclone years behind her and probably a facelift or two in her wake.Have I missed her? Not really. She will always have played a part in developing my culinary interests, and this morning, she gave me a quick trot down memory lane.

Dzienkuje, Martha!


Friday five

Haven’t done a Friday five in a long time so here goes.

I am grateful for someone taking a chance on my nephew Greg. He’s got a summer job that pays! Congrats, Greg!

I am grateful for our vet: the girls are crazy with heat & itch.. Dr.Simpson to the rescue,

Thank God for the Food Network. They have been my sanity clause that has kept me going during this insane time in my liife.

Domicile Deux has one perk. Around the house, there is a wall with all rosebushes on it. My Dad always planted roses… I miss them both!

And as usual, I am grateful for you, dear reader!

Enjoy the first day of summer.


That Old Time Feeling…

In Philadelphia’s Reading terminal Market, there are tons of wonderful stalls and shops.

Some have Mennonite cooking(try the Rib joint close to the 13th and Arch St corner), a meat counter where
I can getsmoked bones for my girls fresh!,oriental delicacies,Pennsylvania General Store, Bassett Ice Cream,
Iovine’s Produce and the Sweet as Fudge candy shop.

Oh that candy shop!

Talk about feeling like you were 5 years old again, and there was such a thing as a .03 cent Klein bar,
**remember them**, Goldberg’s Peanut Chews, Zintner’s chocolates, the shops’ own made fudge, and above all,
my favorite combo of peppermint puff balls and Chick-o-Sticks. I was there this morning before work,
trying to do some weekend shopping and it is such a wonderful feeling to be taken back in time like that.
The lovely Mennonite girls take care of you, and Paul, the Mennonite owner, is a real Sweetheart.
even he so kindly broke the news to me that he was out of the larger Chick-o-sticks, albeit for a
shipment coming.

With all the Food Network shows on baking, I am going to see if I can incorporate some of my
Chick-o-sticks in a batter or two….

Bring the weekend on NOW! LOL…

Sunday warmth

Didn’t have the chance to post yesterday.

Slow cooked a pork butt and had folks over last night for a pulled pork dinner that was too good, IMHO, although if you were to survey the guests, i don’t think you’d have any nay-sayers.

The previous typed paragraph is the reason that I am laughing,because I have Sandwich King on the Food Network as I type this and he is making a pulled Cuban pork sandwich…looks good, but I beg to differ.Sometimes a basic look at pork, albeit also slow cooked, is just as good. The one thing I am intrigued by, which I have to admit, is the place the Sandwich King visited on his show was putting freezer pickles on their sandwich: gotta find that recipe, because they sure looked good.

Jim is out with his friend Jerry so the girls and I are sucking back the heat and relaxing…a little later we’ll be juicing and probably sucking back the leftover pork for supper.

Stay warm and enjoy your Sunday!


Chef Jim

Last weekend, we watched the Food Network.

Due to our juicing, we started paying attention as Giada DeLaurentis was doing promos for her meatless meals.

Chef Jim perked up right away.

He made her lentil burgers ….and I was impressed! He really was getting into making them.
He even was talking, as we ate them, on how he’d tweak the recipe.

It would seem that our juicing days have moved up a level.

At least we are trying!


Dear Food Network….

I am home from a long day at work.

I am sitting in my chair, channel surfing. Imagine my shock when I find Pioneer Woman on Food Network!

Imagine my despair, when, true to form, the show ends and, once again, it seems to become the all Guy Fieri station.


It’s ok Food Network: I know you wanted viewers for the Cooking channel- just be aware they might never come back!


Next Iron Chef

The next Iron Chef, on Food Network, has rerun the whole last season today, in anticipation of tomorrow and the beginning of the new season.

I had rooted for Alex Guarneschelli, a New York chef and Food network personality last season, and unfortunately, she made it to the final four and got knocked out.

The new season is redemption: they are bringing back some of the participants from other seasons and giving it a second chance. I love this show because I think my closet ambition is to be a pretty good caliber cook. Not that I am, but I think by watching them, I can relate to the possibility of being able to cook. I relate to Alex, as she seems to spout out some of the witticism while cooking that reflects my ideas and philosophies.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night: consider me on Team Alex.

Best thing I ever made… now on the Food Network, and I am watching the burger and dog episode. Once again, the marketers at Food Network figures, let’s have all America try these for their Labor Day picnic.


I laugh because how many people are going to run to their kitchens to make a cherry sauce to put on top? Not me. Granted, if you watch the recipes, you may be able to tweak what you want and get rid of what you don’t. For instance, the next recipe is for a Reuben hot dog,by Adam Gertler, which might be a little more palatable than the hamburger gigantico that was just presented.

So I am going to kick back this week and maybe tweak some of these recipes. It is nice to be able to anticipate having time to do things I have wanted a chance to do.

Bring it on!

Slow start

Slept so-so last night, so fell back at 6 am and missed Jim going out this morning.

Woke up at Undisclosed and woke my gals up, Zosia and Kasia, who were, like Mom, passed out in air-conditioning . We are watching the Food Network and wondering what our day will bring…Olympics? Beach? Naps? How about all three?

Wishing you your best kind of Saturday!


Hate coming up

I hate Sunday nights.

We’re coming up from Undisclosed, I want to see Food Network Star, it’s lightning out and my sciatica is being iced, but not too effectively.Jim is working the traffic pretty well, and the girls are sleeping in the back seat. I pause from blogging a minute to catch the lightning show. Quite impressive.

Nothing like the ride up to make me hate Sunday nights!


Back at the ranch

Got back from Undisclosed Location west in time to get the laundry done and get a cool shower. To me it’s incredible how refreshing that was,after having flop sweat undoing packing from our trip,

I am home early enough to catch
Food Network Star-it’s a treat to be ready for bed and up to relax while watching the show.So here’s hoping that a good week is had by all! Stay cool!


Sunday again

Sitting after Mass with the Food Network, watching Paula Deen and Bobby Flay grilling bananas for s’mores and another recipe. It’s grilling week, but too early in the day to even think of attempting anything so ambitious.

At least it’s cooler here now that the front came through. We are savoring our Sunday before we have to head back up for a week that includes jury duty for me tomorrow.

Happy Sunday from the undisclosed location.


Recuperation Station

Shingleman is out being a guy at Home Depot. I have the Food Network on for cooking, the girls are gently dozing, breeze is blowing….

Welcome to my recuperation station…aka., Undisclosed, as I kick back and relax!

Sure I am still hacking, but not quite as bad. I am forcing fluids to beat the band, and Zush and Kasia figured out Mom doesn’t feel good. It’s a beautiful day out,I am feeling a little better with less wheeze….

It’s a good thing!


Food network strikes again

Relaxing this morning. I had the Food Network on.( yeah , I know: what else is new!)

The show was the Best Thing I ever made. They started off with a next Iron Chef America finalist, Elizabeth Faulkner. She had a killer recipe for chocolate chip cookies, so wasn’t the power of persuasion there for me to run to the toaster oven to make some chocolate chip cookies? The rough thing is my oven is dead, thus, the toaster oven.

I know my toaster oven cookies were nowhere near what this woman made, but Food Network? So many dessert shows? Come on- give my waistline a break!


Next Food Network Star

The Next Food Network Star is starting its new season tonite on the Food Network.

Last season’s winner was the Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro. This year they have three teams, with one led by Giada DeLaurentis, one by Alton Brown, and one by Bobby Flay. It is a twist on the usual show that they offer, so there might be enough here to get me watching every Sunday night.

So far, all of the contestants are either chefs, bakers, or have something to do with food for a living. They have to or they would have never gotten picked up to be on the show. I laugh as I watch this, because some of the dishes I have seen come out would never cut it with folks that I know.

I think I secretly wish that I could prepare a meal fit for Food Network. So far, looking at this, I might not be too far…**joking**


Here’s hoping the season is good.


A rainy 200

This is kind of a big deal for me.

Back in October, I started this blog as a therapeutic outlet for me while I watched my Mom on her downward slide with dementia.

Today, she is physically gone from me, I am still writing, and this is blog number 200. From Food network gripes, Mom, Shingleman, Undisclosed location, life working at a government agency , and, of course, my golden girls, you have been there for me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here’s to the next 200!


This Friday’s Five.

1. I am grateful that I had no ancestors on the Titanic. As I type this, PBS is airing a special on the making and the route of the Titanic and the effect on the families who lost people who went down on the ship. These poignant stories really make things you are worrying about take the right perspective.

2. I am thankful that I have a job that enables me to take a vacation day tomorrow so I can try to catch up on some sleep, hand with the fur girls, and then get down to the “Undisclosed Location”.

3. I am thankful for cookbooks and the Food Network Channel-how else would I know how to make Easter ham somehow pallatable over 4 nights of dinners,

4. I am grateful for all of my godchildren, but especially Frank, the youngest, who celebrates his 6th birthday on Sunday. He is my Sweetheart! We went over tonight to celebrate his birthday and he was happy that Kasia and Zush were standing by and he, for the first time, was able to pet both of them at the same time.

5. **yawn** I am grateful for the invention of the timer and sleep function. It puts me to sleep pretty well!

Off to the Undisclosed tomorrow- have a wonderful weekend!


Food network withdrawl

As Jim’s Mom is still here, I have to bow to company,so as a result, Mamma Mia- the movie is currently blaring from our tv: at least Mom is enjoying it.

I had to get up early to catch Sandra’s money saving meals, and Hungry Girl. It’s all good- I am on my way to do my 4,2 mile buddy walk, only to come back and pack up for the city.

Time flies….


Paula Deen

I don’t know if you had read about Paula Deen, celebrity chef, being diagnosed with diabetes.

I have been a fan of hers for a while, but would only be able to shake my head at her recipes, all of which seemed to include a ” stick of butter**tongue in cheek**.

There was another chef, Anthony Bourdain, who expressed what, I am sure, a whole lot of people thought when she came clean with her diagnosis. She was waiting so she could work a deal with an insulin distributer or some medical company to profit from it.

Really? Seriously?

If she came out with her diagnosis, well, that is her prerogative. I know people who are familiar with her recipes , such as yours truly, have seen the ingredients,and, at one time or another, thought, ” Southern cooking….” To be fair to Paula, I have seen a ton of Food Network television and although everyone seems to be mindful of their health these days, I remember seeing some majorly caloric meals. Paula is merely checking in now via her son, Bobby Deen. His show, “Not My Momma’s Meals” take her recipes and lighten them up.

People in glass kitchens……..

Food network gets me….

The Food network has me scratching my head again and wonder…

Specifically, Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman, follows up her spooning of oil on egg white in the sunny-side up egg episode, with making a red velvet cake, with two other dishes for a church potluck dinner. She lets you know she got the traditional red velvet icing from a reader, and that is not the cream cheese frosting. I mean, why not delve a little deeper DURING the show? Not everyone has a working printer,or accessibility to a computer, or funds for your cookbook ….

“Just saying…”


Food Network Eggs, Part Deux

Yesterday, my April 2012 issue of Food Network magazine came in. It was the classic Easter/Passover issue, with a few other recipes thrown in for good measure. The funny thing was, I opened up the magazine and what do you think I found? It was Alton Brown’s, not Ree Drummond( aka Pioneer Woman) egg recipes! The picture I took was of the Over-Easy eggs, because not even Alton Brown chose to show you how to ladle oil over the yolks of a sunny-side up egg. His recipes included over easy, scrambled, omelette and poached. It was a pleasure to see a minimal amount of oil, if any, being used. I am sorry, but as a non-stick girl, somehow using a 1/4 inch oil in a pan for a sunny-side up eggs is just a little too much….the saqa continues…


Food network’s Pioneer Woman

Yesterday morning I caught the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network.

I couldn’t believe what I was watching : she was making sunny side up eggs. It wasn’t so much what she was making but HOW she made them. She had them in a cast iron skillet with a quarter inch of canola oil! She kept spooning it over the egg white to cook it. I was like , ooh, oil on an egg? Now I will be the first to admit sunny side eggs aren’t my favorite, but there’s something about OIL on an egg….


Next Iron Chef..not… least when it comes to working with chocolate.

For the Undisclosed location neighbors, last year I made chocolate bark in different varieties, and it went over pretty well. From watching the Food network, I tried to learn about melting chocolate. I found out about chocolate seizing, and how to loosen it up. So this year, I decided to something different- chocolate covered pretzels. I made a few different varieties, such as white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and topped then with jammies, brickle pieces,mint chocolate and non pariels. A few have made it out to neighbors so far-three more neighbors to go and then they are out of the house. It’ll be a good thing, because we both thought they tasted pretty good!