Can’t shake it…

I don’t know if it’s unpacking boxes and bags, or getting back to work on Monday but I sit here with a case of the February blahs.

I know I shouldn’t: today is my Zushs’ twelfth birthday, weather was decent, I am out of the city and yet, I don’t know.Maybe I am reading too many sad stores on line.Maybe my mind just keeps racing onto so many topics.Maybe I just need a swift kick in the butt.**Joking**.

We have little furniture in here as of yet,and maybe I am just tired of hacking away on a laptop while sitting bent over a counter. Visions of the old house and my big,roomy desk come dancing through my head.Add onto that the falls from last week, and I think I just need to unwind from the crap I am subjecting my body to.

We’ll see.


February slump

I always loved winter:it was due, no doubt to my December birthday.

My buddy,Juls, from mid-state, is coming up on the anniversary of her Mom’s death. My Mom’s passing is fresh in my head. My buddy from the office just buried his Mom. All winter events…you can’t help when things happen and people pass.

There has been no big snow, things are hanging in, and unfortunately, I am finding myself in the midst of February blues. Jim having the shingles, no doubt, has not been a highlight here.

I had picked up three pots of old bulbs from my Mom’s front yard and the hyacinths are forcing their heads up, along with my tulips.

Come on spring!