Face What?

With my current shoulder issue, pain has done one incredible thing.

I am not on Facebook that much any more. Whoa!

I never thought I’d be able to say that, but the pain in my shoulder, along with an issue in my same side forearm, makes it slightly irritating for me to manipulate a keyboard. I look at the computer, and think I should be on it. A second goes by, and then I think “Nah”. I really don’t miss it. I cruise on Facebook twice a week. It’s enough to read the highlights. I pay attention to my friends and issues that touch me. That’s it.

I’ll keep you posted on this recent development. I’d like to think that, at 57, I can have many varied interests, and not obsess over one or two.

Perks of Being Stuck Home

So since the beginning of September, I have had all my e-mail seen within a few hours of when it got sent to me and the Facebook posts I go through like nobody’s business.


Today is National Coffee Day.My buddies from the city,Belinda and Jen,posted about Wawa giving away free coffee, any size,today.Other places, such as Dunkin’Donuts are selling their coffee for 66 cents to commemorate their anniversary.Krispy Kreme is giving away a glazed donut with their free coffee.It has been hard for me down here, after working in a major city for 30 years.Work had more coffee spots within a block, and down here is cause for withdrawal,with the exception of my Keurig on my kitchen counter.

I got out of the house for 5 minutes and went with Jim to our local Wawa and I got a 24 ounce free coffee.It was also nice because I saw a woman I had worked with last spring in the Acme, and she was so happy about no longer working there. We swapped stories for a quick bit.

Thanks, B and Jenna, for the post.The coffee is going down too easy…lol.