Beautiful day

It truly is a gorgeous day.

I went to get my hair done, and the pampering felt good. The girls and I went out early for our walk, and we saw some of our friends. Jim and I went out for a bit and the girls are gnawing on some beef bones from the butcher. Throw in the comedy, Blades of Glory, for more laughs….

Life is good!


Friday five

I have never been as thankful for spring as I have been this year.Is it me or did it seem like a long winter?

With spring comes allergies: sorry I am stuck going through them, but the little blooming pops of color are well worth it.

I am thankful for the fresh dog bones I am able snag for the girls. I know when we head out for Undisclosed, it keeps them happy!

As much as I get annoyed with weathermen, I am much in their debt: when I get a good forecast, it makes me want to slide walking shoes on and go.

I am stealing a few minutes on a neighbor’s open porch, enjoying the breeze~ here’s hoping you can do the same!

Have a wonderful weekend!


That Old Time Feeling…

In Philadelphia’s Reading terminal Market, there are tons of wonderful stalls and shops.

Some have Mennonite cooking(try the Rib joint close to the 13th and Arch St corner), a meat counter where
I can getsmoked bones for my girls fresh!,oriental delicacies,Pennsylvania General Store, Bassett Ice Cream,
Iovine’s Produce and the Sweet as Fudge candy shop.

Oh that candy shop!

Talk about feeling like you were 5 years old again, and there was such a thing as a .03 cent Klein bar,
**remember them**, Goldberg’s Peanut Chews, Zintner’s chocolates, the shops’ own made fudge, and above all,
my favorite combo of peppermint puff balls and Chick-o-Sticks. I was there this morning before work,
trying to do some weekend shopping and it is such a wonderful feeling to be taken back in time like that.
The lovely Mennonite girls take care of you, and Paul, the Mennonite owner, is a real Sweetheart.
even he so kindly broke the news to me that he was out of the larger Chick-o-sticks, albeit for a
shipment coming.

With all the Food Network shows on baking, I am going to see if I can incorporate some of my
Chick-o-sticks in a batter or two….

Bring the weekend on NOW! LOL…

Rain or humidity is a zillion times better

The rain everyone has been experiencing is everywhere but here. Mind you, the humidity is absurd and grey sky fights the sun, but anyday here is better than being in the city!

The girls are each chomping a dog bone as the three of us try to veg. We have had some good walks today, but I am always mindful of Zush in this weather.

Early to bed for us…we can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Object of affection

Decided to break from chicken today with a stop for a ham steak for dinner.
While I was there, I bought my girls a real live beef bone.

Zush is an old pro-she is hankering down on her bone. The sister, Kasia, 3 years old as of this past Sunday, still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it. The bone is by her , she put her tongue on the bone marrow, ate some, chewed a little, but will guard it just so her sister can’t get at it……hmmmmm, ..we’ll see what happens..stay tuned !



Although I made Zush miserable ** joking-Zush is never miserable** by getting her a baby sister, Kasia has come a long way.

We had friends of ours come over today to Undisclosed location. After her usual barking, Kasia actually quieted down, and came into the room where four of us were, looked around, and quietly stayed and listened to us.

My baby is growing up! I am blessed to have such sweet fur girls. Walking, playing or chewing a bone , the sisters hang together, for which I am happy.


So since I’m here…

…as I am at ” the Undisclosed Location”,this is “Lighthouse Challenge” weekend, a yearly event in New Jersey. I haven’t had a chance to participate the past few years due to my old knees. Hell, I was lucky that I was walking, let alone climbing stairs with bad knees.

Guess what? Because I am here this weekend, I went over to the Cape May lighthouse and climbed it with Jim.Don’t ask me how many steps there were-there were many. However, the knees feel ok, and that’s good. I thought since they are almost 6 months old( as of this coming Tuesday),what a better coming out party? Nice to know I lived to tell the tale.The wind was so gusty-the weather channel said we had 25-35 knot winds and the ocean was truly alive. It was an awesome experience.

It was kind of weird today,as we did a lot of different things and as of 9:55pm tonite( now), we are just getting settled in for the night, as it were. It’s kind of odd, as we are a pretty sedate couple. Yet today? We ran around like 30 year olds…lol.

On the way from the lighthouse, we stopped at a NJ Audubon Society trail and ran across an old farm, complete with pumpkins that probably had been forgotten. Long story short-we ended up with 4 small pumpkins to come home with us. The girls had their share of walks so they too are beat. I had managed to score some “real” authentic dog bones from the Amish in Reading terminal, so both of them had been working on it furiously. It was funny, because Kasia never had a real bone before. She kind of laid back until she saw how Zush was handling the bone. It was cute to watch.

Here’s hoping for a good Sunday and a peaceful week for everybody.