Uneasy is the Head that has a Crown in it

I had a dental appointment this morning.

The joys of old age- I had lost a crown on a molar. To me, if there is anything worse than grey hair, it’s trying to keep your teeth that may not necessarily want to stay with you. The benefit is , thank God, for my retirement insurance plan. The “bite” , pardon the pun, won’t be too bad.

So now I realize why people tended toward softer food as they got older.

On the bright side, I am in a good spot to be in.


..and with a pause in the action…

…the score is storm coming, 2, and us,0.


Here we are, waiting for the next set of storms to come.

The dogs are bananas, feeling the storm coming and barometric pressure falling, and panting to beat the band. I was out at the dentist, and coming back,was busy noticing the twenty-foot mimosa tree on the neighboring street.As a child coming down the shore in the sixties, you saw mimosa trees everywhere. They grew like weeds. I think that’s why I saw so few in the later decades, because people kept having them taken out or cut down.

We have a tree-lined area in the next street, and I noticed this big tree from my neighbor’s yard.Mimosas are actually very pretty when they are in flower, as they are now.The pink reminds me of Mother’s Day pink carnations and the spiny flower reminds me almost of a mum.

It’s easy to appreciate this tree from a distance.I am just glad it’s not mine. I’d be pulling baby mimosa trees until I drop.


Feeling hopeful

Well, our day has been busy so far.

We have a completed vet visit under our belt with both the girls getting shots. Now we are back and they had their second walk, and I am up to bat next with a dental trip.

During the second walk, I took the shot below of the girls.My homage to Joe Pesci’s mom in Goodfellas-” One looks one way, one looks the other”picture.

I am hoping and feel good about the chance that we have to have a good restful, yet working weekend.

Here’s hoping you have the same.


Back to life as we know it.

It was kind of nice having five whole days in a row not checking in at the office.

It’s over.

I would like to make it in to work tomorrow,and it will truly be challenging, as they are calling for an inch an hour snowfall between 3 a.m. and 11 a.m……uh-huh..AGAIN! In honor of this forecast, I am calling it a night in order to get a good night’s sleep.By the way, throw in a dental appointment tomorrow ,too!

Catch you in the morning.

Let it snow…

I had a Dentist appointment today for a permanent filling over my root canal.


I just looked out over the window here in the office.

I called Donna, the receptionist and said…there is no way I can make a 3PM appointment.I am watching it come down at a clip now.I can not hardly think of what will be by 3PM.Long story short? Appointment for next Monday.

Let it snow, let it snow, as I will probably take 5 hours to get home….

Hope not!

Back to the DDS….

I get to leave work early today.

Not for fun, but to go to the dentist. My OLD dentist, not the one who loaded up my dental insurance last year right before the end of the year.

it’s amazing how I can still remember sitting in the high-tech chair,specifically asking him to space some of the work through the new year. My request fell on deaf ears. Add in the fact that he had a technician fit me for my crowns. Oh, yeah, HE designed them on the computer, but a technician put them in. EXCUSE ME? Did I miss the part where technicians got dentist status.

Anyhow, feel free to send me your email in private and I happily will give you the guys name. The old dentist, I’ll give you his name too!

The dentist from hell saga, continued…

So you will recall reading a back post about me going to my husband’s dentist.
You also read of the fiasco that followed…i.e., the cap that he admitted he shouldn’t
have done, and how I should fork a grand over and get a tooth implant.

Today I have a dental appointment with MY dentist to fit the cap that has now fallen out
for a second time, back in. I have come to the conclusion that all the work MY dentist has to do to correct this dentist of Jim’s, I am going to keep track of and present him with the bill.

An appointment today, two next week….the things that have to get done before one retires..

Toothless Cyberspace-the dental saga contnues

So I went for a dental check up to my old reliable dentist yesterday.
You know, cleaning,check-up, the whole nine yards. But I had a spit ball thrown at
me during the visit.

I have an appointment Friday morning with an oral surgeon for a BIOPSY on the roof
of mouth.Very happy that my old dentist caught it. My question is why didn’t
the state of the art dentist catch it? God knows he was racking up enough dollars
and was working right there.And if I can prove it went back to last fall, well,
cyber dentist can get ready to meet cyber lawyer.

Prayers and good thoughts will be highly appreciated on Friday…
I’ll keep you posted.


Back to the dentist

If you recall from a prior post, I left my “old” dentist and started using
Jim’s. After having the experience of looking through my mouth and hearing
the cash register go off, I left him at years’ end, much poorer for the

In the meanwhile, I have had his handiwork “flare-up”, so what’s a gal to
do? I have an appointment with my old dentist today,who hopefully can go
and dance around the alleged high-tech solutions and just use common
horse sense to get my mouth straight.

What have I learned from this experience?

Quite frankly,if it “ain’t” broke-don’t fix it!


I had an old dentist-the operative word here being OLD- he was in his 70’s.
My mouth was full of silver and spit and polish to hold teeth together, but by
God, my teeth held together,

Something had gotten to me,perhaps it was hearing the same old shtick over
and over, and Jim said try my dentist.

What a mistake.

I never had a dentist who made crowns and things and let his dental
hygienist put them in.This guy thought he was something, showing off
what he can do on a computer and how quickly he can “produce” things

.One month later, a cap fell off.

Guess what?When I went to the office he informed me that he
“thought” he would try a cap, but now that it has fallen off, he wanted
me to put out a grand for a new back molar.Uh, I didn’t have trouble with
the tooth in the first place,and you, sphincter dentist, decided looking
in my mouth =$$$$, and this is what I get for your “dynamic” dentistry?


It goes without saying I’ll be going back to the old guy or someone who
does their own work.Leave an email if you want me to tell you the jerk’s


Capping it all off

I made a mistake.

I loved my old Dentist. He is a good guy, but getting up there in years and sometimes his “sthick” was a little much.
So I wondered who to go to, and Jim said go to my Dentist.

Big-g-g-g-g mistake.

It’s like having a 1988 Ford Fairmount and limping in to a new care dealer and seeing all the shiny
new models and thinking,” Yeah, I like this.”

New technology =Good =Pricy

New Dentist having to PAY for his new technology based on what was in my mouth? Not such a good idea.

I lost a 3 month old real molar cap this morning and fortunately, was able to be fit in at the new guy.

I found out today that, he kind of let it slip, that the tooth is fractured and…

Nothing has happened in those three months, pal.

There shouldn’t have been a cap put there IN THE FIRST PLACE.

It goes without saying I will be back to my old guy for anything else…

I’ll gladly limp around in the old ford any day.


Back in following part two of my dental work.

Feeling somewhat cold, but believe it is due to impending weather change. My jaw is a little achy, and the dental work is on a little hiatus for now.

The girls are keeping their eyes on me, so quiet time for all until dinner time.


Gnashing of teeth

Today I has my first dose of dental work I had in a while.

This new dentist is so state of the art, my jaw half hung open. Not from pain, mind you, but from astonishment . Clearly dentistry has come a long way from the dentistry practiced by a 70+ year old one.

So now, Zush is hanging out with me until the novacane wears off. Nice having a home health aid like my girl Zushers.


Now that that’s done….

The price was paid by me last weekend….let things go and you have to eventually do them anyway.

Happily we are done and the weekend will, hopefully be back to normal. We are pulling up the backup juicer so ,for now, it’ll be used on weekends.We might give a go to 2 juiced meals on each day of the weekend: we will see how that fares out. Actually, another good reason to be juicing is I start dental work on Monday: I would sooner have fresh juice than Ensure…lol

I am going to get some fine quality walks in this weekend:for now, it looks as though the weather will cooperate. With it being November, it’ll be more Zush’ type of walking weather, as she has a thick coat and loves when it is nippy out.

No matter what your plans are this weekend, stay warm and enjoy!


"Which way did she go?"

Hell getting old…

(although the options are crap…)

My dentist who I had faithfully gone to for the past 15 years is on the verge of losing it. He was bringing in more and more people to do specialty work.

I liked the old guy. I felt he knew his craft. I mean, who ARE these people and what are they doing in my mouth? Hmmm?

I bit the bullet and left my old dentist for my husband’s, who he has been seeing for the past 28 years. He just moved to a new office not too far away from the house.

After sitting in the chair yesterday, I can see how he afforded to move to the new office. Obviously, going to old reliable guy for 15 years had me shaking my head when I left the office yesterday with a computer print out of my “treatment plan”,enveloped in sticker shock,or as I kindly put it, how to pay his office rent for the next year or 2.
You know it was kind of extreme when my husband joking asked, “Uh, maybe you should have asked him if it was cheaper to pull them.”…..

Did I mention my Shingleman has near perfect teeth?**SIGH**

The things a 52-year-old will do to keep these teeth happening…..