Carrying on with the last couple of posts about the weather, I had the weather channel on today.

Allegedly, the current “named” weather storm is called Helena. I laughed and thought of my Dad. He’s seen below with my Mom. I believe he’s in heaven laughing at this one.

Let me tell you why.

My Dad and I used to dance all the time at church socials. As I am of Polish decent, well, we did a lot of waltzes and polkas. I used to know ALL the names of the polkas, and I’ll never forget some of our favorites.

Daddy’s favorite polka?

You’ve got it: the “Helena” polka.

Sleep warm, Daddy.

Big Ballet

I was cruising through the cable stations looking for something to watch.

The Ovation network is running a series called” Big Ballet”, which is filmed in the United Kingdom. I missed the first episode and came in on episode two. I find it refreshing that they have former ballet students, who obviously knew their steps not that long ago, come back for a role.

This rehearsal and prep was for casting for “Swan Lake.” The twist on this is the dancers are size 14 or larger. Don’t think 300 pound dancers, but just dancers with a few years and pounds under the bridge.At first it was odd to my eye to watch, but hey, I wish I could dance like they do.

I intend to follow this series: it looks interesting.


” Self Praise Stinks.”my Mom always said…

..except the subject of my last post, the band ALL TUNED UP, actually pulled my post and put it on their Facebook page.That really made my day, because I think that was the first time a subject did that for my post.

Diane and George started the band, and I owe George an apology for calling him Gary yesterday. There are five members all together and I can’t begin to tell you how amazed we were to see a band that actually played music.Sure, there are a lot of groups that play down here, but they usually have their background music on computer.They sound like they are a bigger band, but it is really the computer playing the music.

We laughed last night, because Jim and I normally wouldn’t have been a fan of the song” Uptown Funk”‘ because we really don’t pay much attention to new music, but the tune is so catchy, we had no choice but to really get into it, because the tune gets stuck in your head.Jim always likes It’s All About The Bass, because he felt Megan Trainor’s voice was different.I used to play the song all the time on You Tube because it got me through the workday.When we heard older standards played, we felt that this what a well-rounded group does.They cover the whole thing.

Anyway, this morning I was beat.I hadn’t danced that much in a long time and that was a good thing.We are looking forward to the next time they come on down and play.


Friday Night Date

We went out tonight to the local fishing club for dinner with our friends Dottie and Al.They are leaving tomorrow to go to Arizona.

We had seafood for dinner and were so busy having a good time that we didn’t realize the band for Friday night was tuning up!

The group was called “All Tuned Up”, and they were awesome. A female lead singer named Diane and her husband, Gary started the band.They were five all together, and in an age where a lot of musicians use computers to play back up music, there were NONE with this group.Pretty impressive, I thought. They played a great mix of music: from Zac Brown Band, to Megan Trainor,thru 50’s, 60’s and so on, everyone loved their mix.Even the oldest of diehards were bopping along to their cover of Uptown Funk.

It was a fabulous night.Most fun we had in a long time, I would say, with wonderful company.

Life is good.

And we wait….

We just want to accomplish something.

Patience , when warrented, can be my strong suite, but there comes a point, you know? It’s the waiting for the next step to be announced …

The fact that all the overtime in work isn’t helping mentally, either , on the stress. The girls look at me when I come and are so happy to see me~ they thought I left them.

Oh well, another tortuous day- hope yours is better.


For Jimmy, where ever I can find him…

..just a parody on an old Simon and Garfunkel song.

We were coming back from Undisclosed location yesterday, with its’ clean air and bright sky, and with daylight savings time, we were coming up in the light.

We came to the Walt Whitman Bridge and Jim was egging me on,” Take a picture, take a picture…you can do a blog on it.” I said ” Why?”

As a lifelong resident of the city, I think Jim is constantly amused when I call “Undisclosed Location” home. He’ll say we’re going home~I say to him we ARE home. Call me disenchanted with a city that I used to love to be in, with the taxes and violence and general indifference to its’ citizens,but I will happily be a woman without a country until I get established in “Undisclosed” on a full-time basis. I hear the mayor talk to city council, and having the job that I do, seeing the paperwork that gets generated by the political dance that is done, I just shudder.The end result will end up in another end result because they won’t be happy with the first end result.Not that I am  not thankful for HAVING a job, but sometimes you just get tired of watching politicians dance.