Facebook Recipes, Part Deux


For those of you who scoff at the Facebook recipes, remember the peanut butter cup brownies? They came out so well. Well, I made a post the other day, using a recipe for Pudding’ Cookies that I also found on Facebook. I proceeded to make the recipe, since it really wasn’t rocket science. It called for 3/4 cup Bisquik baking mix, a box of instant pudding (I used Hershey’s instant chocolate pudding), 1 egg and 1/4 cup salad oil( I used canola oil). When I saw this recipe, I thought it looked like a 50’s recipe, but in all actuality, I really think it’s a good “You want cookies but Mom has nothing here to make them” recipe.

The first picture at the top of this post is once I had combined all 4 ingredients and they tell you to make a ball for each cookie.By the way, the recipe makes a whopping dozen cookies: enough for me to give nine away to two neighbors and keep three for us.If you have more ingredients in your pantry, I guess you could double them if you want, but the dozen were enough for a test drive, as it were.


What I then did was use a fork to flatten the balls out, making the design that is familiar to folks who make homemade peanut butter cookies. In the oven they went, at a toasty 350 degrees, for a whole 8 minutes.


They were good for a 4 ingredient cookie: I am sure that you could probably experiment and jazz them up if you want a little fancier cookie. Oh, by the way,the original recipe says the 4 ingredients that I listed make three dozen cookies. They sure do, if you want a tiny cookie. The dozen I made are the size of a toll house chocolate chip cookie, normal size.

Try it: it’s not a bad little “empty the pantry” cookie.

The Calm Before the Storm


The next step in getting us and the neighbors ready, as if you couldn’t get a guess by the above picture, was cookies.The neighbors got some hot oatmeal raisin cookies from yours truly. My m.o,when I make cookies, is usually parchment paper. Probably, during the weekend,I’ll work up a small batch of biscotti.

I don’t know what it is about baking as winter moves through,or as a storm progresses.Perhaps I am thinking back to happier times in the kitchen and trying to go back to when life was a little simpler.Perhaps it’s just a little voice in my head that goes back to the old “eggs,bread and milk” chorus of the city.

Sure, I try to make good meals,and cooking and baking I do enjoy.There’s something about baking that serves as balm to my soul during the winter.


Lament for A Chicken

If you read yesterday’s post, you know I made an oven-stuffer roaster, and it was quite tasty, thank you very much.

There’s only one thing that is irking me…

It’s snowing today.


I was originally going to make the chicken today and decided against it.The house smelled wonderful and was toasty warm. Story of my life; a day late and dollar short.The answer to my dilemma today? Either the biscotti recipe is going to get pulled out, or some oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip cookies…something to celebrate the first snowfall of the year!